Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Twilight Tour [Single Race]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Twilight Tour [Single Race]

hello everyone crystal vision here today we are going to be trying out a new Crash Team Racing nitro fuel track we are going to give a red-hot crack of the new level Twilight tour so I'm going to play as I recently just bought there we go Liz which has this 10% it's got this like 10% nitro gauge sort of thing on it which I haven't actually tried out yet but as we can see here here I'm going to play as Liz a new character we're ready to go let's do it here we are so this is Liz this is the first time ever this is literally I got the Nitro Grand Prix like they're everything like that I've got it literally about five minutes ago downloaded it this is the very first time I'm playing in this sort of thing this is not in the actual Grand Prix I have to say Grand Prix it's it's part of my uh you know it's my vocabulary can't say Grand Prix I've got to say Grand Prix and yeah we're gonna give this a go this is a basically a first reaction I thought I'd do five laps because I thought you know I'll give it a give it a you know an extensive look and see if we can find some shortcuts and I'm gonna be doing a heap of stuff with this level I want to try and do maybe every game load so here we are Twilight – beautiful I can I just say like I'm just so excited about this I know that everyone's just so pumped it's just fantastic – actually this is like the first time ever like I'm giddy because we're actually this is the first time ever playing new Crash Team Racing content like properly new well there's a hey this is a British okay this is Twilight tour as you can see it's very you know what it's very well designed for boosting and stuff like that you can tell basically looking at it immediately here you can really tell our man the height that you get the height that you get is fantastic this track is designed to go fast I mean obviously they all are but a lot of people were like oh this track looks little bit boring but here's the thing right there's plenty of boost pads there's plenty of you know stuff going on where I think that you know it is designed to really power slide around these corners and stuff like that you can really gain some speed cooking this boost pads this is absolutely fantastic okay I've missed that shortcut there no one that I saw on video actually made it to that shortcut going to say that so yeah Twilight tour you'll see that as as they mentioned in the Canadian guy a interview where Thomas Wilson he actually talked about how they very much you know took into account crash tag team racing know a lot of people like oh why would they be inspired by that game that game sucks firstly I disagree as I didn't design that first me that's that's the game punishing me for even even saying that but they said that they what they did is they sort of took some inspiration from those levels but then of course they took a lot from warps too which is very very obvious here you can see this is a you know warped concept but crash Tag Team Racing also had you know it also had some cool stuff with that you know that sort of a theme park theme and it was kind of like fake versions of these themes you know it was like sort of a fake prehistoric being a fake you know sort of like to two Egyptians of that thing sort of I know I keep census order I ready we got to get this the Shocker here yes got it oh that's a good bit of boost so yeah very very cool that they've essentially blended two stars as well from the crash crash through wart now thing about that is I think that you know with the next level as well which they also mentioned this is the the prehistoric level with the prehistoric level and also the what's the other level called the pre state level and then you know spyro one obviously we're getting Spyro stuff but then the next one is inspired by again warped but then you've also got it connected to crash tag to racing I wonder what they're gonna do after that I think what they're gonna do and someone commented this on my and one of the videos that's a good point I think that they're probably going to use a lot of you know assets from the original you know insane trilogy slash you know crash two and three and one start as much as they can they they'll go to you I think purely their own original ideas I think that that's that definitely seems seems likely I think that it's a good idea to use these these assets I guess well I think it's a good idea to use these assets because you know if you if they have them there and their concepts that we've haven't seen before in you know a crash racing game then why not you know we've never really played in like a warped style of what we played in that crash taped and racing little but not warped see I am speaking of what I am whooping the competition here right now I just kind of said I just kind of want to look around like the level properly I think I might do like a you know favorite topic like favorite sites or something like that at this level 50 it is absolutely gorgeous is really really picturesque I just can I just love the hang time you get as well it's just fantastic like your proper there properly look at that the lip of that jump there people are going to be able to do insane lap times for this I think it's gonna be yeah it's me pretty damn awesome look at that I'm getting like sacred fire as well so it's you know yeah being had been very quick this race would have been over fire today l-3 laughing but no I want to go I want to go to fool five laps well actually I think you can do seven I'm wondering whether in online mode as well in the future whether you'll be out of my chain two and then that elapsed and it'll be really cool if you do like cups and you could get extra nitro you know extra points by doing that that'll be fantastic that one the final lap I guess there's probably another shortcut I'm missing I swear there was one somewhere where was it like after this if it looks like there's like a little cove but I might the other said I'll do like a proper exploration video a bit later I think however you can you can almost probably jump over that entire thing there so yeah here's another thing there there you go yes that is awesome that is the coolest thing this you can't you can't get any more more than ten but you know they certainly tried do it look at the speed I'm game this is frickin awesome okay that was fantastic Thank You Liz you're a trait a new skin there's pop Liz all right so all grumpy report here we go challenge completing sliding your way through local race completion coming in first fashion show okay so we are almost at the bronze Tess is interesting so I'll do yeah okay I guess bull that's interesting I guess this is not part of the let's play this is just a video I hope you've enjoyed it and I'm gonna be back doing more Grand Prix stuff and when are we doing some I might be like a CTR challenge to this level time trial and everything it's gonna be good fun thank you so much for watching guys really appreciate it I will see you later

15 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Twilight Tour [Single Race]

  1. Dose the back to the race challenge in grand prix its in the pro challenge. Dose it work in private matches with all 8 players ?

  2. What about a Tag team mode, one shoot the other drives, but you choose your teammate for the entire race so that way they don’t need to add the two cars merging animation. Instead of adding tracks of cttr wich were not memorable, just add the lil bit of game mechanic wich was good

  3. Would it be cool if we could change character stats? Maybe if you like the look of big norm but you want him to have more acceleration for example or turn him into an all rounder?? It would be purely cosmetic of course.

  4. It's really cool how the skybox changes from night to day depending on where you are in the track!! can't wait for friday, I'll spend it unlocking all this content

  5. Has anyone else found the short cut? It's next to the second boosted jump in the daytime area. Right by where he is at 2:07

  6. Extra laps online would be nice, I agree. Maybe a no weapons lobby to test your skills with boosting? Or have the option to create a lobby using cheat codes. But that is a bit too optimistic lol.

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