Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Twilight Tour [CTR Token]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Twilight Tour [CTR Token]

hello everyone crystal Fisher here welcome to a new crash team racing nitro 2 video today we're doing the CTR challenge so while it – here it's got a bonus track for now I wonder when they have like 20 tracks with what others call them like extra tracks or or just I don't know like nitro a few tracks or something cause it's kind of kind of feels like a bonus track of minutes at this you're not playing it that feels like could've been in the game from you know from day one so here we are playing as biker tiny which is a new skin I bought because I thought it would let me unlock the next trophy girl but I think unfortunately also nitro squad member but unfortunately it seems like I think it's gonna be like one per day and then there's there was the other one there as well had to do it had to do it to them yes so I yeah I think that that that's fair you know obviously they want you to play multiple times so alright now there I was looking around for where the next like thing I never should've okay so it's actually over here see there nope I've missed it I've missed it nice that is a pathetic display by me there how did I miss that I was placed probably as I was playing as Liz and like Liz has far better hand and than tiny although tiny speed in this summit is fantastic can understate so I was saying yeah like this honestly feels like it could have been in the original game like it is such a good track I genuinely love it like no no no in sincerity here it is really fun I think that yeah as I said in the other video pro players are going to absolutely love this they are going to absolutely dig it it's gonna be a lot of fun right you're not musics good too I actually thought that the music definitely does fit the the overall vibe of of the track like it definitely feels like it's like it's a it's a good track now I'm wondering there was a challenge as a nitro there's a nitro fueled no I'm goodness I'm failing this bad not good lord what is happening in here there yeah that's a great shortcut there that's an awesome shortcut here this one to this one do you see again you can get so much speak um but yeah I'm interested to see what the fastest time will end up being I know that by the way I'm trying to get 20 I don't know how actually collected yet but there's actually a challenge in the Grand Prix that's like get 20 you know what 1/4 fruit in the whole race which is yeah it's just it speed you get there is terrifying I reckon that you probably probably I reckon I already did get 20 from that time when I hit the the guy with the stuck driving cars I reckon that's that's s yeah that's know oh yes you see that I made the jump I love this actually flowing water in here by the way you'll notice all right so if I can get this I can that's like 20 straight up dammit and I right yes No all right now we're actually Irwin lads actually gonna win look at that oh my goodness yes got one down nope fail oh it's gonna practice this track over and over and over again I want to get I want to get there then platinum relic better be fun all right I'm so bad at relic dresses as you're gonna see in the top 20 parts of the LP I am genuinely horrible at them there we go that's done through minute 27 not a great time not a bad time just decent alright the French Bandicoot was second only two seconds behind me there's a challenge there for zento they go local race completion that's the first challenge that's the other challenge got like 50 coins alright so I'm not I haven't unlocked the next part of the gauge yet but we'll leave it there thank you very much for watching guys hope you enjoy the video and I will see you in the next one good bye

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  1. I prefer papu papu as a speed character, but tiny is fine also…Also i don't get what's the point of these local CTR challenges, there's no achievements on xbox unless it's a secret one. Anyways great video, cheers.

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