Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Penta Penguin Character Revel and Gameplay Demo at E3 2019

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Penta Penguin Character Revel and Gameplay Demo at E3 2019

that's right crash is back and to reveal a special character from the Activision production team is Andy country Andy and participate in a live demo of CTR we've got bougie and Willy Rex hello what's up guys welcome to e3 okay you'll be a lot battle here but first of all Andy I heard that there is a little something that fans have been asking for in CTR which they weren't sure was gonna happen or not mhm you're here to confirm something show something I am here to confirm something that people have been asking for if the biggest announcer the b3 happens right now the biggest announcement yes alright so here we go controller yeah it's good to go okay here we go it's good so now we're gonna go into local arcade yes and we're getting closer yeah we're getting closer drum roll please penta penguin hand tuck is back the one character everyone thought didn't exist is here okay to give you a little bit information about Penta Penta penguin in case you don't know is this character was a secret character in the original Crash Team Racing and it was largely unfinished okay so it actually has vo lines that aren't even actual vo Alliance and when you unlock the character if I was penguin j1 rather than actually having a real voice wow I do now penguin has a real voice penguin has a real voice okay Penta is very similar to Peru and holer in terms of the characters stats okay and the one thing that we didn't do this time around is that Pinto used to be the best character in the entire game yes we had to balance Penta okay Penta was too good the pitch isn't a little less bad bad act penguin but still still the game all right so a Penta will be just unlockable when you get the game yep right out it right out of day one fantastic all right well that's exciting news so Penta in the game and now let's have a battle in CTR boogie and Willy Rex YouTube head-to-head here we go you guys are gonna play in this and the games coming pretty soon or guys right yes it's coming out on June 21st 21st right around they play a couple weeks away are you guys ready for a battle if you've selected your characters what are we you guys can randomize yeah you can you can choose any character you want you can even pick Penta oh wow someone's go what is the best one fat character oh no let's see you know what let's give her a shot that's right we wanted thank you all right Willy Rex vs boogie you only see it here onionskin 73 head-to-head in CTR who's your money on wow I'm not sure on this one I have yeah I feel like like Willy right we'll see you think Jeff knows I'm terrible video games I like him a lot we're about to find out right I can't pick because I know go Spain I know details from talking to these guys are lower so it would be cheating if I you know about the history of them yeah I just I feel like Billy Rex he's got too much of a smile he likes me he knows who he's about to go down yeah something slides going on here we shall see no one of course looks great now when we revealed its new words I was just so blown away with the the animation even though the characters never in the quality it's like there's just so much fun there sorry alright here we go one of my favorite aspects are the aim that you know how much detail you can see in the environment it's just everywhere you turn there's movements there's water there's animated characters in the background these guys run before or no no they didn't so this is all live before trying everybody should every handicap we position here we go right all right CPR live here with you guys planned all through that's it again you guys have acted with such a great job but you know the reverse of crash here well the games that everyone wanted to see oh yeah unbelievable put the put a wild game house and the whole thing is built their own go made to feel exactly like the original but without significantly more personality and a ton of extra content yeah Penta Penta is in the lead wow I think you forgot to nerve head to head ya know where we love her oh no it's gonna cost to boogie it is Willy racks movin quick now one thing that fans might not remember about the world oh crash team racing whoa so it is resound it is a challenging game and what's gonna set you apart from being able to play this is your ability to manage the boost system yo you drift into a corner and you can boost up to three times so they either individually controlling and I'm really excited to see a lot of fans while hands on it and see how good they can get there you go online multiplayer right we have online multiplayer we have all the original modes battle modes time trials everything it's all under the hood alright last lap here oh my god spun out Willie Rex trying to come from behind here I think he can do it big so no bomb looking like I look I bet wrong never bet against boogie I guess no forget it bone did you predict were you pretty bougie hey so your free chat with them I did all right nice job second place second second hey better than sex alright thank you guys go get Willie Andy great to see you man they've got much more YouTube live at e3

37 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Penta Penguin Character Revel and Gameplay Demo at E3 2019

  1. Penta was the fastest character in the original game, max of everything, actual stats from the video are really bad. At least 1-2 characters need to be the best and avaiable only after 100% adventure or time trial or so on..

  2. The point of having gamers play a game they had 20 years to play and clearly never did at all?
    No one even drift boosted accidentally.

  3. What you guys didn't notice is that, He DID enter the cheat code (Look closely at his hand 0:37).

    After he enter the code, he get the trophy "Is everyone here?".

    And the "Penguin Yay 1" sound played.

  4. SIMILAR STATS???? wttttf look at it!! It's the exact opposite. LOW TURN FOR PENTA?? WTF

    Edit: Don't comment "he probably meant Same as in the same amount of stats" please. .

  5. "Penta was the best character in the original game, so we had to tone him down."

    Then you and your team completely missed the damn point.

  6. Alguien me puede decir que diantres hacía willyrex ahi? XD
    Can someone tell me what the heck is willyrex doing there?

  7. They left in the ability to squash players by landing on them like @ 4:27!

    OMG I was hoping they wouldn't forget that detail.

  8. I feel like they kind of missed the point of Penta Penguin in CTR. It would be like if a Ratchet and Clank game has a RYNO that was balanced like all the other guns. The whole point is that it’s unbalanced

  9. I kind of wish that all characters stats could be modified. I mean at the end of the day, everyone will eventually move to the advanced characters, and the beginner characters will be left behind.

  10. We already know Penta Pinguin was in the list of characters… We expected a more powerful reveal like Spyro.

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