Crash Team Racing: INSANE Thunder Struck Short Cut!! - Illegal

Crash Team Racing: INSANE Thunder Struck Short Cut!! – Illegal

a crazy new shortcut has been discovered for a thunderstruck let's talk about it what's up guys Canadian Gaea here and I am back to show you a recently discovered shortcut that I'm gonna deem as illegal if you don't know what that means here's a quick breakdown see there's regular shortcuts that the developers intended then there are some shortcuts that maybe the developers didn't intend but leave it in because you know it only trims a second or two but this shortcut I'm about to show you trims over a minute off the original time and is ridiculously broken so it is likely that be NOx will patch this soon before I start I want to say thank you to Eric Omar Rivera for sending me this over Twitter I am unsure if he is the one who discovered this shortcut but he was the one who tweeted at me talking about this without him I would not have been able to make this video so let's take a look at the shortcut it happens right at the starting gate of thunderstruck wrong way wait did you guys see that that is nuts this shortcut literally chops over half the track out now at first the game things that you are going the wrong way and then puts you in eighth but then once it gets itself figured out it places you in first but you can get an item box before the game realizes what place you are in and get an absolutely amazing item like a mask or even a clock and you can really bring the hammer down on the competition now let's break down where to jump if you jump too far to the left you will hit the depth zone when you start you want to be looking for the sweet spot which is right here in between the two large stones the Death Zone is wonky here so sometimes a little bit to the left or to the right and you will die so don't worry if you die a few times while doing this because it takes practice I tend to shift more to the right after the initial jump however now this is another thing I'd like to mention you can actually screw up when coming back on the next lap and not actually cross the finish line for the game that register it has a lap so if you don't cross it properly you will still be considered in the first lap so you have to make sure that you at least cross the finish line a little bit to register a new lap once that happens turn and hit the shortcut again the sweet spot that I mentioned earlier crosses the finish line so try to hit that again another major issue is that if you jumped too far to the right away from the sweet spot you might have actually ruined yourself for the race it might seem like you did the bug but you actually just shot yourself in the foot for some reason you will be considered an 8 but it will not update and when you go to cross the gate it actually won't update that you did an entire lap so you just burned around 30 seconds if you're not careful now I already beat all of oxides goats but I decided to hop into a time trial and see how fast I could be entropy and oxide I was able to complete the stage in a minute and 25 seconds less than half the time of oxides ghosts so I believe this is 100% in an illegal shortcut and be Knox is likely gonna patch it if this becomes patched I will add in the description and the title of the video that it is patched but as of July 2nd of 2019 it still works by the way a huge shout-out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I appreciate your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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