Crash Team Racing: Data Mine Reveals 18 NEW Characters!

Crash Team Racing: Data Mine Reveals 18 NEW Characters!

so there was a massive data mined on CTR that may have shown off an additional 18 unannounced characters is it legit let's find out what's up guys can a guy here and I am back with a video that many of you have asked me to cover recently I released a video talking about my theories of the spiral Grand Prix when the script was completed and I was beginning to export the video I was pinged about this data line I looked at overseeing all the supposed characters to be coming to the Future in ccr and lo and behold my theory seemed to be backed up by the state of mind so I felt more confident in my video but the more I looked at the data mind the more I felt conflicted so I released my initial spiral video and spent a few days looking at this data mine so before I give my thoughts let me explain what basically happened beta M an excellent source when it comes to data mines and other game breaking content had David mind CTR and found a driver list with 18 drivers that we have not heard of yet now the drivers were all listed in his godly goop text that is hard on the eyes so I'll just list the characters for you in this date of mine we have already confirmed characters like the nitro squad in the recent Grand Prix but also baby crash baby cocoa baby tea and Spyro but as I said there are 18 more characters we have heard nothing on those characters are baby cortex baby entropy chicken stew Emperor V low nasty narc I mean all right hunter King chicken koala Kong Komodo mo embryo Nina cortex Pasadena opossum Rilla Roo ripto the sorceress von clutch and then Willy WAPA cheeks this is a huge in diverse roster I mean almost every single major character that has popped up before in the crash universe is here along with the side characters and more this seemingly is like a dream come true right well yes this roster seems to be quite impressive but I can't help but feel conflicted when it comes to specific data mines I needed clarified though beta M is a fantastic content creator and does a fantastic job at what he does I do not think he faked this data mine at all I think this is 100% legit on his end so I want people to know right away I don't think this data – fake I think it's real however though this might be a real data mine I think some of these characters are ideas as to what could come I feel like I might be confusing some people so let me just back up a little bit we know the next Grand Prix will revolve around baby tee and time travel we already know that baby crash and baby Coco are going to be in the same Grand Prix so the baby cortex and baby entropy characters makes sense we know the following Grand Prix is gonna be Spyro themed and from my previous video and looking at all the voice actors in the credits this data mine backs up the theory and likewise the video backs up the data mine but after Spyro everything goes dark we have no idea what's to come yet as nothing's been announced but something tells me that maybe these are not all the final and Lockton characters for the roster some characters stand out as obvious choices like koala Kong or embryo but some seem a little bit of a stretch in terms of racer choices like Willy Wonka cheats or even chicken stew as racers I'm not against them being in the game I just think it's a bit of a stretch that might not be the final roster either as it is possible some of these characters might just be ideas of who and what could come we also might get other characters before some of these DMI ones like a fairly requested Yaya Panda or maybe even the lab assistant we already see them littered through the world of CCR so why not another point that confuses me is the drastic misspelling of nasty nork why would it be spelt this way every other character is seemingly right in terms of spelling so why was nasties botched it kind of makes me think that this was almost a temporary list that kinda was rushed in a sense which again adds on to the fuss that part of the Dana mind is more along the lines of a temporary list idea that slipped through in the patch more than a concrete and solid roster who knows though all I'm trying to say is don't take this data mine as 100% set in stone as the characters that we are going to get however it's entirely possible that all these characters are going to come to CTR I don't doubt that in fact I believe over the half of these characters are just about guaranteed to make it into the game I just think that some of these characters are a bit of a stretch and might only be ideas that be knucks currently has it's possible that the characters can get cut or move to a different time of release I might be wrong but those are just my thoughts by the way a huge shout-out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I appreciate your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

42 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing: Data Mine Reveals 18 NEW Characters!

  1. Let’s hope that the Grand Prix featuring Von Clutch and Willy come way after other drivers like Nina and Brio.

  2. Whoawhoawhoa… that's too much for being real! I miss only Ratchet and Clank there… unlocked in some "Planet Fastoon Grand Prix".

  3. Would love to see all the characters you listed plus Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and if they want to get wild Kratos. I just want to see this game loaded up with as many characters as possible(keeping the charm it has now) as well as more variety in the stats of the racers

  4. so wait ive lost count how many characters will we have as of if all of these do come out

    god im gonna be spoiled once it comes out on pc in june 2020

  5. Ayy! It's nice to see that rilla roo is making a comeback even though some people didn't like him apparently but I liked crash bash so I'm down

  6. Shame that they didn't include Yaya Panda, a character who was introduced to the mobile versions of the Nitro Kart games ranging from 2008-2010.

  7. I think a Von Clutch's Motorworld Grand Prix will probably follow the Spyro Grand Prix, with possibly a track based on the hub world of CTTR, or adaptations of its tracks if they want to do a REALLY BIG update.

    After that, depending on when they want to end the procedural content, I think a Nitro Kart Grand Prix with an actual plot based on Nitro Kart's adventure mode (with or without a CNK adventure mode) would be the perfect way to end things off. You could bring in N. Brio, Koala Kong, Komodo Moe, Rilla Roo, even Yaya Panda as stand-ins for Oxide and N. Trance's role in the CNK story as people who brought news of Earth's racing talent to Velo's empire.

    As for Real Velo… I have an idea that if they add Emperor Velo, it's going to be a new one. Same design, but maybe a different little green man piloting the suit this time. Real Velo could turn out to be a disgraced former Emperor or something.

    also i just really want Yaya Panda, please please please she's so cute. just look at how cute and charming they made the trophy girls with their enhanced personalities, if they applied the same treatment to Yaya Panda I might just die.

  8. IMDb seems to confirm some of these characters too, as many of them have voice actors credited for their roles already. Only new ones listed are Baby Cortex, Baby N. Tropy, Gnasty Gnorc, Hunter, Koala Kong, Komodo Moe, Ripto, and the Sorceress. Koala Kong and Komodo Moe seem to suggest a rounding out of Crash villains for the next Grand Prix after Spyro, therefore soft confirming N. Brio, Koala Kong, and either Nina or…King Chicken, I guess. If this data mine is true, then that also means we might get a Tag Team Racing Grand Prix with Chick, Stew, Pasedena, Von Clutch, and Willie Wumpacheeks. This is just speculation as Emperor Velo and Rilla Roo are left out of the equation and these assumptions are based off a 5-per-prix formula (which guarantees at least one character per driving style), though I'm excited by these prospects regardless!

  9. I want:
    – Jin Kazama (Tekken)
    – Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)
    – Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7)
    – Kazuya (Tekken 7)

  10. I will get on my knees and beg them to put in Komodo Moe and Nina Cortex.

    I'd love Yaya Panda too, but I don't think she'll be happening.

  11. Speculate

    Von Clutch
    The Bird Bros evil twins
    Koala kong
    Rilla Roo
    Komodo moe

  12. This just makes Team Sonic Racing’s roster look even more underwhelming. CTR: NF utilizes the Crash IP to the fullest for its roster while TSF just lacks so many Sonic characters. CTR: NF even beats MK8’s roster and it’s all for free

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