100 thoughts on “Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

  1. Leave your dog's at home, they don't need to go every where with you. This lady was lucky she wasn't serious hurt, or killed and that driver's saw her SUV, and stopped, this could have ended badly.

  2. Reporter: So what made you think driving a car was ok?

    Dog: bark bark, woof. Bark woof bark bark.

    Reporter: Thank you for your time.😁

  3. Lmao Idk how I find this funny but the dog probably learnt from the show paw patrol and in the future: Dogs Driving Cars

  4. Me sees thumnail

    Dog: ima and this girls whole careere

    Woman: stops care

    Dog: oh c'mon

    Me: 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  5. Cop: "So how did your car crash ?"

    Woman: "it was my Chihuahua"

    Cop: "excuse me, ma'am we done play games her-"

    Looks at Chihuahua and see that he's black

    Cop: "ight your pooch is under arrest for violating the road safety law"

  6. So she was going to pump gas while her car was running??? Because you cant get into reverse when the car is off!!! Unless the dog was smart enough to find the gear release

  7. wait did the car "crash" into something or does the word "crash" mean that it went into reverse into a highway?

  8. So the dog pressed on the brake and moved the shifter into reverse? 🤔
    Most talented dog award goes to him !!! 🏆

  9. I don't even think that this is possible unless you put gas with the car running? Either way it's she had to have done something wrong

  10. She needs to send that video to America's funniest home videos! In her case, America's funniest public videos! She just might win 10 thousand dollars cash! Haha! 😅

  11. First off that’s a new model suv it’s no way that, that car would go in reverse if you had put in park…. Her ass just didn’t put it in park!!🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. She needs to stop blaming it on her dog LOL she left it in neutral instead of Park…. there's no way the dog could be press the brake and move the shifter at the same… it's a safety feature built into vehicles

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