Cane Creek Upgrades on the Bronson

Cane Creek Upgrades on the Bronson

Today’s the big day. I finally made a choice for some upgrades. Many of you brought up Cane Creek in the comments. So I pulled the trigger and called up my boy Slowey to get the ball rolling. Cane Creek offers a variety of things including cranks, bearings, forks, shocks, seatposts, and more including a discount code: steadyspin I’m coming in after hours to see what they have hooped for me. Slowey is manager of Rider Engagement as well as the 2018 Downhill Southeast Single Crown Champ, in case you need to check his paperwork. The dude can out ride you, don’t worry. Let’s hop inside and get this party started. The first of two upgrades is going to be the Hellbender bottom bracket. The cups are CNC cut from a 6000 series aluminum, as well as the dust covers and spindle spacers. We have our new bottom bracket that we’re going live with that just happened. This is literally shipment number one that we’ve grabbed. And it’s the Hellbender bottom bracket and the real cool thing with these hellbender bb’s is the new neo bearing that’s inside them. And so they use a matrix polymer which is impregnated with oil, so as you’re actually spinning these cranks, they’ll, and the bottom bracket and the bearings, the lubrication is continuous and constant, and so degradation over time is non-existent and the cool thing about that matrix is that as you, you know, go and ride and splash through mud and rocks and everything, there’s no space between the balls to get any dirt in, so you can literally take a pressure washer to this bottom bracket. And it’s going to be fine. With this partnership, Cane Creek is offering my followers a special steady spin discount code as a thank you for your support. Use the code and get the savings. Thank you again for the support. Without you guys, the channel wouldn’t be where it is today. For the second upgrade, we’re going with cranks and a front chainring. We did a limited production run with Absolute Black. So this is an oval chainring, a 30 tooth. And they did this custom ti color right for us to match our wings. So super light. Super efficient. Wow, this thing is ridiculously light. Yeah, and it makes pedaling a little bit more efficient there, it’s cool. That is crazy light. Yeah, the idea behind that oval is that when you’re pedaling over the top, right, it gives you leverage on the chain just for the power stroke And then when it’s the other pedal you’re coming down and that’s why it’s got that crazy look to it. Then, of course it mounts up to our 3 bolt x-sync chainring system there, which is pretty standard in the industry. Yeah, right on. Mountain bike standards, our favorite topic to talk about. Maybe I could shed a few pounds but I also could get a sweet set of titanium cranks, never worry about losing power transfer or bending them. Compared to carbon cranks, they have half the flex under load. While Slowey finishes up the install, let’s sneak about the facility and look around. Here we got Jarrod, got Colin, Brian, Mr. See, Jojo Grimes, Black Attack Nate, no brakes Nate, and the Sandman, he’s the product manager. We got Dirty D. There’s me and then Joe and Ian, Craigerator, Rufus Greggy, Sara, Tim, and Pete Luke and Brent Let’s get back in there and check out these installed parts in all their wonder. Oooo, I’m really excited about this oval thing. So I have a bad knee, and they say this is really good to, um It’s like that movie with Sylvester Stallone, Over the Top. He’s going over the top – boom, he’s going over the top again, boom. Alright, so looks like they’ve got the new drive hooked in there. The bike looks amazing. Everything looks super smooth. I just saved somewhere around a little over a quarter pound of weight, just in this upgrade right here. We’ll have better power transfer, better reaction time, smoother, stiffer, and more agile on the trail, knowing I can count on these parts. You said full drive train. All we did was put the crank and bottom bracket on. So do you think I need to replace the drivetrain? Yeah. Yeah, don’t come back to our shop until you have that thing set up. Aw man, now these guys are killing me, but you know what, it’s alright I got a drivetrain in mind. What I want you guys to do is like, comment, share and look below for your Cane Creek discount code for steadyspin. When you go purchase something from those guys, you can use steadyspin as a discount code. Where am I gonna get a drive train from? Let’s go to Cranksgiving and test out these ee wings. Well, it’s raining a little bit, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s dual slalom and it’s the great equalizer. Everybody’s gonna be sliding around, everybody’s gonna be trying to avoid their rear brakes and the turns are gonna be muddy fish bowls and it is what it is. Okay, I’m going back on what I said. These conditions are crazy muddy. First ride on these parts would be a shame to get into such a slop like this. The brave riders today had a blast and haven’t seen this many smiles in the rain for a long time. Sharing the joy of the sport with others is why I love it the most. I still want to put in work on these cranks So we are headed to the Kevin jump I started building at Berm Peak. It’s janky and not gonna be easy to clear. After this case, my chain is shot. But Seth has a surprise for me for the digging I have put in on his trails. I wonder what he has for me. Stay tuned for the next upgrade video on the brand new prime 9 box one Seth claims it’s Kevin proof. We are going to see with the prime 9 vs. enduro challenge.

35 thoughts on “Cane Creek Upgrades on the Bronson

  1. Sweet, congratulations, lovely. I too have been using absolute black oval, my knees love it.😂
    I use the Cane Creek preloader, but on my Race Face Alas cranks, they are quite stiff, but not light.

  2. My new Build has BOX One X-Wide 11 speed, with 11-50T, and 32T oval.but I need to stock up on longer chains, cus I had to add 7 links to a 144 chain. I went for 11 speed cus I use all of the gears in between.

  3. to make my new bike even more expensive, turn it too the max, I would have to get Cane Creek titanium cranks, get TrickStuff Maxima, with Carbon master cylinder covers, get titanium axles, bolts, carbon rims, and Onyx hubs, most expensive Sram Eagle chain or KMC DLC chain did I for get something?😂

  4. Just heading out to the local woods here in the UK and I think our mud looks just like yours without the dual slalom 🙂

  5. That's one sloppy mess, can't wait to hear about that Prime 9, I might go for one of those over another Advent 9 speed.

  6. Great upgrade! Those cranks are definitely on my short list, and I love the fact that Cane Creek offers a Veterans discount!

  7. Holy hell Steady that is sick AF. Only thing I am not a fan of is the chrome or silver look. Thanx for the video!

  8. That is one sweet bottom bracket and crank set-up. I think you'll love the Absolute Black chainring. I'm loving mine. I noticed a slight difference in pedaling at first, but after 5-10 minutes it just seems normal. Talk about a mudfest. Looked liked too much fun to me. And thank god you left the nipple in the edit! Keep doing you, bud. Good stuff!

  9. Shaggy in Knoxville put a set of those cranks on his Nomad and they are baller for sure. How do you like that ring? Did you shed any weight on the Bronson?

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