99 thoughts on “Cafe Racer (2015 Top 30 Best Motorcycles)

  1. I knew that the Honda CX500 was going to be in either First or Second place!!! I want a CX500 so bad now man lol…Seriously! Or I would also like to find one of those BMWs as well, One with a Boxer Engine… I think the one I like is the R80…. I think. The sound that the Boxer Engines and the Honda CX500 VTwin Engines puts out is just Superb!! You dont even need Exaust on these Motors, Just leave them Straight piped and they will do the talkin!

  2. Beautiful stuff but cafe-racers are supposed to be designed to race and most of them are simply as unusable as any chopper…

  3. These are not motorcycles, they are pure expression of art and inteligent design. It made me emotional and almost made me cry in some cases. It's the most pure love for motorcycling.

  4. son bonitas estacionadas…pero vas a mas de 30 y te llenas todo de tierra….y si pasas por charcos se ensucia toda incluyendolo a uno.

  5. only one question i want to ask you WHERE IS TRIUMPH ISN'T THAT an injustice as you didn't give that machine a glance. I want the reason why you didn't select Triumph.

  6. All the bmw cafe racers have the boxer engine? its not possible another type of engine? i dont like so much thats protuberances at the both sides of the motorcycle

  7. Fantastic collection, I feel even the ones left out are winners ! How can you even vote , they are all beautiful art.. thanks for sharing..

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdA7sHKVyOk – http://namsonlam.com/san-pham/44/mai-xep.html
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  9. • Nice bikes. Good to see a wide variety of modifications
    • The narrator is actually a robot?
    • What is that soundtrack? it's really nice.

  10. i'm working on a VF750 interceptor cafe racer project now, and cant help but wonder, where do people put their Regulators, batteries, CDI and stuff under the seat?i mean i noticed in all the pictures that the spot under the seat is vacant, so where do they put everything else?

  11. Also on your comment about motorcycles being nearly works of art…by definition a work of art can be made only to be observed so any functional purpose such as being used to ride automatically disqualifies it from being art. Only a technical point but interesting none the less. Some awesome bikes 🙂

  12. I'm a huge fan of cafe racers but some of these are the ugliest bikes ive ever seen. Seriously what the fuck is up woth number 27?!

  13. I used to own a cx500 it was fantastically comfortable to ride, it looked like a right dog mind you but it went pretty well

  14. Do you think a suzuki vanvan would be a good base for a budget cafe racer? New seat, fenders, clip ons and a good paint job would probably be enough..

  15. This is a really cool video. I think that the honda cx 500 was may favorite build. Some of the honorable mentions where pretty sweet as well. Great video!!

  16. Behold, another "class" of motorcycle destined to pollute our roads…the long lost Cafe Racer. The very site "Racer TV" not surprisingly shows not a one of these machines actually racing, as in, on a track. The term "cafe racer" was one of individuals modifying stock machines , into their vision of what a race-bike should be, stripped down, supposed to lighten the weight…with dubious results (5lbs)…
    So, we have a new style to deal with…not a one here will turn a tire in the rain, the odometer doomed to not gain miles ridden…only ridden from Bike-Show to Bike-Show, covered in tarps when the weather turns. Legions of so-called designers coming out of the wood-work, determined to make "their mark"…trying to attract attention.
    How to spot one of these atrocities…look for the single slab-seat, the old-style upholstery, the absurdly thin padding. Next, the disappearing tail-section, adroitly chopped off at approximately the centerline of the rear axle…never mind the missing rear fender, who cares about the rocks, debris or God forgive, the rain-water spewing off the tire…seemingly purposely aimed at your backside…but this really won't happen because the machine will never see rain.
    Then we have the "classic" obsolete tire sizes…still available from tiny manufacturers catering to this crowd…add to this the obsolete tread pattern & you have a machine that would be hard pressed to equal the performance of the stock machine….but who cares?…it looks cool doesn't?….who cares that it will crash if pushed? it's all about the looks right?
    I could go on & on about the commonalities of this genre….just don't expect to see them actually on the road, especially "after the season"…just at the bigger shows. No doubt these will occupy garages around the World for the bulk of the year, taken out to parade around in, then stuffed back in their natural habitat. So, along with the Harleys perpetually parked in the garages everywhere, owned by the RUBs' of the World…it will have a stable-mate, the Cafe-Racer.

  17. pretentious hipster drivel. Essential parts appear to be crap seat, riding position, drum brakes and hopeless but cheap engines.. Nicely made custom parts though. Style over content/ability…

  18. Esta moda de las café racer…en el mejor de los casos revive viejas glorias y las salva del olvido, en el peor; acaba con el carisma de muchos modelos épicos y esto será un problema a la hora de conseguir una unidad entera para poder ser restaurada en el futuro, por ejemplo las Sr de Yamaha. No hay mejor revival vintage o clásico que RESTAURAR UNA VIEJA GLORIA A SU ESTADO ORIGINAL respetando su diseño técnico y funcionalidad. Esta moda en la gran mayoría de los casos es un "quiero y no sé o no puedo.."..dejad en paz las viejas glorias y seguir con el patatuning que es su analogía directa. #salvemoslasmiticassrdoscientoscincuentadecuatrogilipollasquelasestandemacrando.

  19. I think too many people misunderstand the concept of a Cafe Racer and think a customised bike with a chopped saddle and fancy frame work constitutes a Cafe Racer. Firstly the bike must be carefully chosen and a boxer BMW and Honda CX500 misses the point by a mile. Hookie, Old Empire's Honda and Kawasaki and also The Spark of the Racer got it right. Those are Cafe Racers.

  20. In my opinion as an motorcycle enthusiast, there should be no discrimination, like making a machine number 1 or deciding the top 30. I think there shouldnot be any ranking, as each of them is a work of art and something like that cannot be judged by marks or ranks…..

  21. nett aber warum bauen so viele Biker eine BMW um ?
    Dieser Motor ist so mit das hässlichste was der Motorradmarkt je hergab.
    Robust aber pottenhässlich !!

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