Brazil: This motorbike runs on WATER!

Brazil: This motorbike runs on WATER!

The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes out of the exhaust is water vapour. This is different from gasoline, which the result is carbon monoxide.

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  1. Not a new idea, but unfortunately that engine doesn't pump out enough electricity to sustain the electrolysis and drive, unless he has developed a new drive circuit where others have failed, he also seems to still have the petrol tank fitted (just saying).

  2. If I were this guy I would put the blueprints on-line if any body threated my life it would post to as much emails as I knew

  3. lol h2+0.5 O2-> H2O+ Q ! so u want to H20+???-> H2 + 0.5 O2
    and then ………………..
    ??? from power electricity right ?? the efficiency is…..

  4. I am banging my head against the table right now. Turning water to hydrogen and again to water is terribly inefficient. A simple electric motor is just so many times more efficient due to the possible 90% efficiency. Doing this you heat the water during electrolysis and heat the water during combustion. The efficiency can only be around 10% at best since the better combustion engines reach around 40% and separating molecules is also terribly inefficient.
    If the conspiracy I see mentioned here is true, why does not he just reconnect the exhaust to his fuel tank?

  5. The comment section of this video is a fucking cancer….

    This motobike don't run on water, it run on gasoline + Hydrogen thanks to a HHO Generator that convert the water on hydrogen with electricity (It's called electrolysis). The hydrogen is an extremly explosive gas that help the combustion of the gasoline.

    But anyway, he will still need gasoline to move its motorbike, the hydrogen will only help to reduce its consumption.

  6. OMFG, I can't believe RT was this gullible. If you believe that you can freely turn water into a fuel than you're an absolute moron. Hydrolysis takes a LOT of energy to create enough hydrogen for combustion. Either the rear compartment above the wheel is filled with batteries or with fuel. If it's batteries, than you'd still be way better off just using the batteries to power an electric motor rather than converting water into hydrogen, it's very inefficient.

  7. As has been pointed out, separating hydrogen from oxygen will take more energy than you get from recombining the hydrogen and oxygen. This is just physics 101.

  8. Ótimo trabalho! É bom ver que em nosso país há pessoas com idéias fantásticas para melhorar o meio onde vivemos. O que falta, infelizmente, é incentivo do governo.

  9. Stanley Meyer did the same thing in the U.S., and it got him murdered. Research Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell technology (I don't mean go to Wikipedia, they lie too much). Stanley was a scientist and an engineer that created a car than ran off of water. Not just purfied water, but rain water, river water, and even salt water. He drove this car from Las Vegas to New York using around 22-26 gallons of water. The Arabs wanted to buy his patent to this technology and offered him more than a billion dollars. He didn't do it and the Arabs warned him that he would be killed by the U.S. powers that be, and that the American people would not stand behind him. They were right. Not long after that… Stanley Meyer was poisoned to death.

  10. Not long before the Oil Cartel buys him out or the other alternative is : R.I.P ( inventor commits suicide and or an accident with the help of oil companies goons LOL) We the public will not see this on the streets not in 50 years from 2017 governments make just too much tax $$$ from oil

  11. tbh it doesnt run fully on water. the energy itself comes from the battery which is required for the electrolysis, which makes hydrogen out of the water.

  12. Greek inventor Petros Zografos has patents and proven technology. Currently he is under protection of Greek government security services. The Greek minister of defence has said he will only release the use of technology for use on submarines. The cost of power production can never be free but it's very cheap with estimates at 3 cents (euro) per kWh but no reference to scale.

  13. Hello uploader. Very much interested in HHO subject. This bike is runned by battery actually. Is the battery being charged by the engine dynamo while its running? Also how if the battery is charged by some solar plates and some small wind turbine power generator? In this way i think the battery will be charged in 3 different ways and roll much more. 😬. Please comment back on my comment. Thanks

  14. im sure hydrogen fuels are the future, not all these comp,icated hybrid engines. We need more of these inventive engineers:-):-):-)

  15. It DOES NOT run on water. YOU MASSIVE MORONS. It runs on HYDROGEN.

    HHO is a complete scam. The power input is more than the power output. Simple science.

  16. Mais um idiota tentando fazer o processo de hidrólise sua invenção. Isso esta muitooo longe de ser uma revolução. O processo de hidrólise demanda uma alta corrente que nenhuma bateria poderia suportar por muitos quilometros. Como tem jornalista desinformado.

  17. There is many diesel engines working on 2ltr of diesel and few liters of water/100km in Poland. Also some farmers does 100% biodiesel in backyard. There is no need for crude oil when you have water , wind and solar energy all over the globe. We pay for dirty oil and inhale its fumes.

  18. It was not established by govt and corporates company if they allowed this kind of technology they will loose their market what they earned huge amount from people. So it will be only on progress level not will come in market in case it may even come to market they will spread negative ads will go to the people.

  19. water can produce hydrogen using DC electricity and by adding some chemicals to improve the water from conducting electrolysis

  20. Nice try, RUSSIA! You expect us to believe this bike runs on water. "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government" SNEAKY, BUT WE CAUGHT YOU!!!!

  21. What if, we could take fusion to produce electricity, which then would power the hho "generator"
    It wouldn't be free, but it could be interesting

  22. in order to mass produce it he needs money, obvs himself doesn't have and obviously not a single wealthy person will invest in him since he ll be boycotted by the "order" of today which they wont ever allow such things!

  23. Here's how it works. Inventor designs something, inventor demonstrates invention, inventor is murdered. or disappears, everyone blames corporations. Here's a new idea, inventor invents, inventor shuts his/her mouth, inventor gives away for free until it hits saturation point, inventor lives happily ever after as corporations to late to stop it.

  24. Strange that his bike still needs a sparkplug and his engine sounds exactly like good a regular gas one.
    And one car battery can't produce enough hydrogen to support the combustion.

  25. give us all the blueprints of this motor, and we will give all the people in the world free possibility to make his own water motor, that would be great

  26. Just put an electric motor and connect it to the battery instead of this stupid design.. 1. This shit works only until the battery gets empty.. Don't buy gasoline, just new battery every few months and electricity from the grid to charge it all the time..2. Oil companies blahblahblah.. I wonder how oil companies and internal combustion engine companies escaped the coal companies a century and a half ago.. Why they didn't kill Otto, Diesel, Clerk, Lenoir, etc?..3. Why the hell powerful nations with oil dependency want to keep this dependency?. Brazil doesn't need oil, they produce ethanol.(wonder how evil oil companies accepted that)4. Learn some chemistry and physics for yourselves instead of copy other peoples' stupidness..

  27. All you conspiracy theorists saying big oil has kept this from us are wrong, yes you can make a internal combustion engine run on water, in fact it's not that hard, the only problem is that the amount of energy it takes to split the molecules of water into oxygen and hydrogen is the same amount of energy you will get out by combusting the flammable gas that is produced, simple chemistry.

  28. It’s not running entirely on water, that system is running entirely of his alternator which only has a few amps to spare after running the rest of the bike. So he may be producing 2-3% of his fuel in hydrogen. Which is a great catalyst to the gasoline, and cleans your emissions quite a bit but he’s not getting more then a 10-20% mph increase tops.

  29. Not impossible, but likely fake. He would need a huge battery to perform the electrolysis in the necessary amount to feed the engine and he would also need a large compressor to concentrate the hydrogen gas quick enough and he would need a gas bladder for interim-storage or a high pressure tank. He would also need high pressure fuel lines.

    Hydrogen combustion is definitely an interesting technology and there are many solutions to the many problems that come with that technology. Problem is, the prices for oil and rare earth minerals (electrical systems, both battery or fuel-cell driven need them badly) are not high enough for "the market" to justify the cost, yet.

  30. best thing this hero can do is put it all down on paper, make a thousand copies and get them out on the internet and to every one who can carry the new water fuel torch

  31. Ah yes, English language nonsense promoted by Russia Today for people without a good grasp of high school physics.

  32. Rien ne prouve dans cette vidéo que l'eau soit utilisée comme combustible. Il faudrait une vue éclatée des pièces de la moto pour voir si un autre réservoir n'est pas caché.

  33. QUIT SAYING WATER POWERED. It's hydrogen powered. The hydrogen is created from the water with a hydrogen generator kit and sent through the air intake into the combustion chamber.

  34. Baking soda and water. The baking soda electrolisizes the water. then he flips a button that send a neg+pos charge from the batter to the water, which then start breaking up the water molecules and releasing the Hydrogen, which is then sucked into the Carburetor.

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