26 thoughts on “Biker prevents young man from committing suicide on highway in Russia [Subtitles]

  1. He risked his own life to save another. I wouldn't say that was the smartest thing to do, but sometimes, when a person needs to be saved, even from him/herself, you have to be willing to take risks. I am surprised he spotted the man in time, when no other motorist had.

  2. There are moments in the life of each of us when we are morally “on the edge” and thoughts of suicide visit us. This is not a sign of illness or stupidity, such moments happen in the life of every person.

    At such a moment it is very important that someone who will give a helping hand (friend, brother, parents, or even just a stranger) be near.

    Living their lives inside their gadgets, people stop noticing everything that is happening around them, tearing their eyes off their gadgets and looking at the real world is a feat. And if at the same time you committed a similar act, then your life is already lived not in vain.

    Man’s strength is not in his ability to satisfy his needs, but in his ability to help others, sometimes completely strangers.

  3. Cops would have shot him 60 times in the US and then had donuts and award's ceremonies the following week. America one sick country 19,000 homicides nuff said.

  4. There are only a few meaningful things worth doing in this world, saving a human life is one of them.

  5. Great for the biker to go to that length to help save that guy. I also like how other drivers also followed and stopped. I looked it up, and it seemed a couple of people stopped to help comfort the guy. Always feels better when you have someone to talk to.

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