Biker Destination / Cathouse Spring Fling / Eureka Springs AR

Biker Destination / Cathouse Spring Fling / Eureka Springs AR

your fear of not Oviraptor I play Judy [Applause] welcome to the Spring Fling 2018 that's some good at this video stuff maybe so we are in Eureka Springs Arkansas one of my favorite little towns in all of America it's just one of those little towns full of character that's right we're gonna show you everything that is the cat's house and if you haven't heard of the cat house I've got a few videos out there on it and it's for good reason this place is a lot of fun one of my favorite hangouts and well I think we're just going to go ahead and share it with you great riding great partying great food good people great people let's see the cat house make that money Oh you can see I get it to focus behind me there lots and lots of bikes there's also rooms at the kennels enough to get one of them whenever you say here let's take a look balcony that overlooks everything not a bad balcony its third storey ish and you got a great view the bar is right underneath this TV ceiling fan gold ceiling which is amazing to me I'm super excited about it and this is kind of a living area of the room it's very very very swanky I would say like antique Victorian it's what you expect to get us to look like the best part about this room at least for our stay and maybe you'll get lucky enough if you stay here too is the morning let's take a look at how we got well heck we were just getting out of the shower take a look at our morning baby I believe we have breakfast room service there's nothing like a little good food in them see this is what we're talking about y'all look at this it looks great mimosas baby did you order those maybe wait a minute oh thank you so much yeah thank you rock'n'roll and coffee I see the coffee hiding back there that's an important aspect of this whole thing should we eat baby or even beautiful while eating I'm telling you [Laughter] the cathouse you always do it right you know I think the reality is Jeff is a lot like me he has a lot of fun when there's somebody very very hard-working guys we always talk about that where's yeah let's beat your one can we do out of meat just like it's true what they say behind every successful man is a very hardworking so this is the beautiful Angela Jeff Telles really goes down the house I'll be honest with you folks man this is where they run zakat on sandals and do a great job so when you get to the cathouse you can say hi to Jeff if you want but really miss Angela living free movies alright man how many how many years you're spending the army seven a half years how many tours more for tour so I want to thank this man for my freedom that's what's up is something to be proud of the cat host lounge 2018 the winner the best Bloody Mary so baby the Spring Fling is definitely all about motorcycles and beautiful roads but it's also about good food the food in Eureka Springs tips up now we had some killer burgers for lunch take a look but now it's time for your favorite we may be foodies a little bit know I couldn't keep this body if I was a foodie baby she's figure I got I know right so we're gonna go get your favorite food which is what Mexican of course let's get some Mexican ha and there it is amigos cool little buildings when you're in Eureka Springs there's two places to get Mexican one amigos – we love our Mexican food there was like a salsa contest at la familia yesterday and that restaurant here amigos bean sauce queso more salsa what's your favorite let me know down the comments below I think more people are gonna like me so than anything we'll see what it's not it's all about the consistency oh my god I just ordered I said I don't care what you bring me just bring me what you're most proud of in your restaurant you showed up all right guys we have right here our amigos can torito's right ladies that's really really good esta cosa mom's recipe yes that's always modulus Maria and then we have a chicken in which we ate by our suppliers my god we've been eating good since the moment we woke up today I think we got a new favorite Mexican restaurant in town y'all get to y'all get to Eureka Springs you've got to try this place now that we got fuel in our bellies back to the park looks like they're picking it up this definitely may be the best Spring Fling ever definitely I think I agree

32 thoughts on “Biker Destination / Cathouse Spring Fling / Eureka Springs AR

  1. Keep the videos coming man! I work for Eureka Springs Fire Department, there are a few of us firefighters that ride, stop in and say hey!!!

  2. Maybe it’s cause I’m Canadian but that burger was raw lol. Burgers shouldn’t be an option for rare lol. Same as steaks shouldn’t have an option beyond medium

  3. time you're in Eureka..come see me at my store… would be great to meet you both…13 spring street.

  4. Remember also Eureka Springs has a sound law and it is enforced I know I live here, and several of my outside friends have found it out the hard way. Don't forget to ride the Pig while your here but be safe, and the guy who asked me about the Pug and Grub that thing is gone, and no great loss, it's now an Auto-Zone. Enjoy and Ride safe…

  5. Things I’m gonna do when I’ll come to the US:
    1) take the USMLE and get a job as a doctor
    2) buy an Harley
    3) ride to Eureka Springs
    4) fucking enjoy being American

  6. Damn,looks like your havin too much fun ! Subbed and looking forward to your videos ! All the best to you and yours adam !

  7. Eureka Springs totally rocks. Excellent cuisine, wonderful roads to drive or ride on, many unique shops. Just a fun place to visit. Enjoyed the vid. Thanks. Cathouse accommodations looked righteous. Glad y’all had such a marvelous time

  8. Looks relaxing, if thats what your into, ….toatal RUB fest, high dollar bikes means wannabe bikers, 8 dollar drinks, 20 dollar lunch. And all the latest Harley gear you can strap on.

  9. Omg this is so lame.  Sunglasses, veneers and enough selfie shots to qualify as a teenage girl.
    "Just getting out the shower."  – puts sunglasses on right away for cool recording –
    "This is what we're talking about.  Cathouse does it right."  Yeah that $1.50 worth of eggs and toast was fit for kings lol

  10. Lived in Little Rock, Arkansas for 6 years in the 90's… Best years of my life. Been to Eureka Springs twice had a great time. Respect for what you do Adam all the way from Kuwait

  11. Eureka springs one of the most beautiful places on earth!! Can tell the little lady is southern by her accent. From Eureka springs?

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