41 thoughts on “Bike Week Daytona, Leesburg "BIKER CHICKS" RULE! 10 Solid Minutes

  1. Lmao yuppies trying to be edgy so they buy a bike and the idiots with flip flops and sandals in while riding obviously don't know much

  2. The fat cop on the automatic roll a round should stop using that thing and walk some more. Gross.

  3. What's going on, you guys since the best, living your dream Amerika First, greetings from Germany, living your dreams, which great women, who Streamt me to you?

  4. at least the chicks are ridding something better than a Harley Davidson they like to have some power between there legs.not a gutless turd.

  5. Seeing the US from a European perspective, i must say America is fascinating and wonderfully weird in so many different ways.

  6. 0 33 уебки в уебковых уебках хахахахахахахахах………….

  7. Miami & New York plus Texas must be the place to move to. the girls be out & about in 👙 & with hardly nothing at all. Well Florida anyway. I'm sure even were they work like Starbucks.

  8. What's the deal with these chicks on the stretched out sport bikes, some kind of clit envy thing or ? Fuck I must be really getting old because the bikes look as stupid as their over exagerated fake tits! Here's to missing the 70's I suppose, before chicks and motocycles were made out of a bunch of plastic crap all glued together with a credit card.

  9. oh look another harley baggers that looks just like the last 500. and well look at that a busa with a 300 tire AND a swing arm. wow!!!

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