Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain

Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain

48 thoughts on “Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain

  1. I remember when I thought is wasn’t worth it buying sprockets with a new chain. Then I learned the hard way lol

  2. Should you use a long chain or short chain?. The longer the chain the more slack you have and less stress on the chain about an inch and a half of slacks

  3. Thank you maniac all this time I was putting the chain master link wrong. Wondering why is it popping out. I used a non o-ring chain. The chain does move but it's on steel bearings the bearings were getting ripped off the chain. O-ring chains seem much better less strain on the chain

  4. Not as good as it gets but it'll do a job. Not safe for highway speeds but good enough for offroad. The reason it's not a good chain is, that chain will stretch alot sooner than a d.i.d. chain, the pin guards are going to fall off and not after alot of use either, also it's an o ring chain not an x ring and the reason that's bad is because the o ring has more friction than an x ring and will make you slower and blow out sooner leaving you with a dry rubbing chain that will snap. However you dont need high quality stuff for off roading. Highway riding involves higher speeds at much longer intervals.

  5. If people use only their common sense they will not commit those mistake and it will not waste 6:23 min of their life. by the way try to use pliers to place the master link lock instead of using screw driver and a hummer.

  6. He wouldn’t have a problem if he went with a quality chain and sprockets set
    And the insulation procedure is very bad

  7. Hey u have a quick question if anybody could help. I recently bought a 2007 KTM 250 XC and i was wondering if you are able to adapt a electric start in it?

  8. I only run sealed chain on my bikes. They dont seem to require constant adjustment after a small initial stretch. I am currently looking for a manufacturer that makes tool steel front sprockets, and have yet to find an alternative to steel for a long-lasting rear sprocket for a 500.

  9. I just got a D.I.D VX2 x-ring chain for $64 off eBay ($150?!🤔), plenty more people selling them for about that price too, get reputable high-quality parts that last longer less time working on bike more time riding 👍

  10. It's not my loss in the long run. I'm not concerned on how it's made so much as the materials being used to make it; from the grade of steel down to orings and masterlink and clip. There's a reason why it's 40 dollars. You get what you pay for though. Guarantee your chain will be a throw away after a couple of days on the track.

  11. Thanks a lot my friend for the technical info…but slow slowly take your time, we are here to watch your video…thank you very much for the info.

  12. I just got a uni o-ring for mine too, I had to go with OEM sprockets thought, because the Honda shop could only get cheap ones and I don't want to get a cheap aluminum sprocket.
    I wanted to go 14-40/41 (something like that, cant remember now) but had to stick with 15-41…
    I stick with steel, not alloys!

  13. First mistake, buying cheap chinesium crap!

    Not worth swapping sprockets???
    Well, if you buy a decent chain, you dont want it to be wrecked on your worn sprockets. Plonker!

  14. Also use triflo Teflon oil on your chain because when you use sticky chain lube that won’t fling off and add dirt it makes a file and wears shit out fast

  15. Biggest mistake people make when they replace their chain.. the way you put in your new chain is the biggest mistake and i wonder if the sprocket you use matched the thickness of your new chain since the old chain is thinner than the new one. Having a chain that can slide left and right on a sprocket is a disaster waiting to happen.

  16. Just for the record it is easier and faster to change the chain by taking the master and attach the new and old one together. Then with the bike in neutral just pull the chain through. ps.. i hate those kind of chains with the clips on them….. i dont trust them.

  17. Wow that chain looks super crappy, looks like it had about 4 kinks from stiff o rings that were probably factory made too tight which will always be that way and damage itself more over time. Say what you like, you get what you pay for. Also its ALWAYS good practice to do chain and sprockets at the same time. You greased the pins wrong there is no grease on the actual pin as it presses on. Those master links are very crappy compared to press rivet links. d.i.d chain's and JT sprockets – 3 times the price but id rather know my bike has the best, you are betting your life on it. If you are doing the job yourself you are already saving money so just pay a bit more for decent components.

  18. So what was the "Biggest mistake people make when they Replace the Motorcycle Chain?" I must have missed it. I like your philosophy about bike parts though. Good job.

  19. Cheap chain…lol…yeah right. Maybe for a 250cc go cheap. And no changing of the sprockets is a bad idea too. On a litre bike you definitely dont want to go cheap. When you change the chain, change both sprockets also to prevent premature wear or damage to the new chain. No slack in the chain…maybe in your bike, but in a litre you want to havr about an inch play in the chain. Prefer what you will, but suggest always changing chain and both sprockets.

  20. That new chain had a lot of stiff links. Stiff links is one of the main reasons for replacing a chain. Stiff links will cause your sprockets to wear out sooner and they can lead to chain link breaking. Very poor quality and somewhat dangerous!

    If the chain is worn out then so is the link! Always use a new one it every time you renew the chain or use the one that comes with the new chain. For the cost of a new one, is it realy worth the risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a cheap replaceable part?

  22. ISO 9001 isn't directly quality. ISO is an organization; 9001 is a classification — it has to do with HOW you run the company (paperwork, hiring practices etc). The only measure of product quality is that it's an expensive organization to join, so cheap companies with low-quality products are less likely to be ISO.

  23. An old chain can also be used to cut wood….not for practical purposes, of course, but might be helpful in certain situations.

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