Bicycle Touring Provence Day 3 – Cycling Gorges du Verdon

Bicycle Touring Provence Day 3 – Cycling Gorges du Verdon

I just reached beautiful Castellane And the autumn colors are really glowing in the sun Looks like they have some kind of rescue drill in the stream here behind me Since my primary camera got beaten up last night I only got this action cam to do most of my shooting with I only have one battery for the action cam So I decided to take a little break here, and charge the batteries In the meantime eat some lunch Just made myself some porridge And I’m going to eat what’s left from yesterday I got some yoghurt as well It’s really cold out here in the Gorge I had to put my jacket on As soon as you’re out of the sun it’s getting freezing This is the benefit of being here in October as I am now Last time I was here, driving, I was here in June There was just a huge line of cars You couldn’t stop anywhere Now, there is maybe a few cars here and there. Like these ones Then it takes about five minutes until the next group of cars drive by you You feel like you almost have the place all to yourself I am now standing at a place called Point Sublime I got quite a nice view behind me here I think we have around maybe 250-300 meters down to the river bed down here I just reached this hilltop village With this little water left I have around 20 kilometers to the next town I realized that the supermarket is closed for the next two hours But then I found this Really nice mountains behind me here That’s where I came from Before that slope This is Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Which is typically considered one of the most picturesque towns here in France Up there is the Valensole Plateau And we have to climb up to it now to reach the next town called Riez Where there is a supermarket The Valensole Plateau is famous for having all the famous lavender fields, that are here in Provence It’s always got to be up or down here in the Verdon Region I think this is the fifth switchback that I’m going through I’m almost up at the top of the plateau now I think I can see the top in front of me Just as we reached the plateau we have lavender fields instantly They are not the pretty pink or purple that you are used to seeing them That’s because the bloom season is in June or July Now they just look like this Still pretty though What a nice downhill! I’m looking for a camp spot The problem is that everything is so hilly around here It’s really hard to find a flat spot I found a flat spot back there, but it feels like it’s too open I think I have found the perfect place Just about here It’s sloping a bit to the side, but I think it’s OK And it’s pretty covered from the road here There’s a big bump over to this small road I think this is it I’m sitting in the dark in my tent again Just wanted to summarize the day What a fantastic day it has been Really beautiful sights all along the way Couldn’t have asked for any better weather than this It was around 20 C all day The sun was shining and keeping me warm When you’re cycling on these roads where there can be an altitude change of about 300 meters in about 5 minutes You’re constantely taking your jacket on and off, off and on again It’s really warm at some places Especially when you’re climbing But as soon as you’re going downhill it gets a little bit chilly Especially if you’re in the shade The jacket comes on and off again all the time I finally found a nice place here to put up my tent Just west of this town called Riez While I still have you here, and you’ve made it thus far into the video I would really like to aska favor of you That is to give this video a thumbs up down below That would really help me out a lot, to get this video out to more people As usual, until next time. Have a good one!

22 thoughts on “Bicycle Touring Provence Day 3 – Cycling Gorges du Verdon

  1. Some days you wake up with a stream of rainwater running under your tent. And some days you get days like this one. The beauty of bicycle touring.

  2. Great footage Michael, nice to see the Verdon canyon in autumn colours! Cycled there last June, see

  3. Just peeked at the first 10 minutes, I'm saving the rest for tonight. Looks beautiful, and much better weather that the previous morning.

  4. Definitely one of the most scenic places you have filmed. The mountains are fantastic, with all that geologic folding. And lots of place names so that I can follow your route, thank you!

  5. A beautiful area for cycling Mikael the views are very impressive , it can be a bit time consuming looking for somewhere to camp at the end of the day though . Odd question how many teeth on your small crank for hill climbing? 
    I have just changed the small one on my CAADX to 32 as it struggled with some of the steep hills when loaded .
    You always get a thumbs up from me mate TFS atb Dave

  6. Awesome! Thank you for the memories… I saw several familiar spots where I cycled past. Also saw my hotel in Castellane where I watched the locals playing pétanque in the square. Easily a thumbs-up video!

  7. Thanks for sharing amigo, a pleasure see your videos while im not traveling, liked France to, very nice 👏

  8. Great video. Brings back fond memories of when I used to work in this area of France and more widely in south of France many years ago. Loved it, especially in spring and autumn with such vibrant colours and blue sky. Although the weather can be very stormy especially in Castellane early in the season. The Gorge du Verdon is simply breathtaking. There is a small road that goes south through a mini gorge du verdon toward Fayence which was achingly beautiful. The South of France is so beautiful. Not so keen on the bits of the video you have speeded up at the start though Mike. Thanks for posting this. Thumbs up.

  9. Fantastic, Mike. You said in your last video that this one would be better and you were right. I don't know this part of France, it's all new to me. Now I want to get my 30 year old Raleigh ready for its first tour in many years.

  10. Hey Mike! All I can say is wow. This is by far my favorite video that you've ever done. And I've seen all of them. Still trying to figure out how anyone could give
    this a thumbs down. Complete…well I'm not going to say it! Anyway again, I loved it and keep them coming. You are in superb condition to tackle those hills
    like you do. Your friend, Ken.

  11. Hey Mikael. ..another nice one…funny, as you mentioned the chill around the gorge, the next scene was in the tunnel….now add damp and dark to the equation. Again, some really nice landscape. Thanks Mikael. ..have a good one!

  12. Your secondary camera has done a superb job of giving us stunning shots of this spectacular region of France. Thanks mate for the hard work you have put in to share it with us.

  13. Hi Mike, thanks for the video, it is really great to see these roads in France which looks like it might be fun to do next summer, can you put the route that you used up?, many thanks again Paul

  14. Beautifully filmed Mikael and amazing scenery. I'd certainly like to cycle there some day. You did it at the perfect time of the year, with the lovely autumn colours, good temperatures and quiet roads. I guess it would have been a completely different experience in the height of summer. Really enjoying your films. Thanks for all your hard work bringing them to us. Best regards.

  15. Those water points are really handy. I noticed that according to Open Street Maps that there were actually 3 such drinking water points in that village. If you use a smartphone app such as Maps.Me or osmand then drinking water points should show up on the map (always check it is drinkable) you can also add any you find that are not on the map to OSM, I have added lots on my cycle travels in France but only after I have drunk the water myself. Great video.

  16. Best video to date Mike. Really well filmed to capture the essence of cycle touring and hopefully inspire more people. Never cycled there myself, but am going to put it on my list of places to go !

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