Benelli TNT 25 vs KTM Duke 200 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam

Benelli TNT 25 vs KTM Duke 200 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam

Hello guys, we have two of the best, affordable,
performance street-fighters with us today, it is the cheapest KTM bike in India, the
Duke 200 and the cheapest Benelli bike in India, the TNT 25. Now both these motorcycles
have a lot in common, they also come with very rich hardware but among the two, which
is the one you should pick, we will find out today. Benelli seems to have taken heavy inspiration
from KTM in the design of the TNT 25 as the headlight is similar to the one on the Duke
while many elements remind one of the KTM. Both bikes have an exposed trellis frame with
upside down forks, split seats and wide tyres. The console on the KTM is more loaded and
is all digital while the analogue digital unit on the Benelli is easier to read but
feels a bit dated. Now the Benelli TNT 25 seems superior than
the KTM 200 on paper because this motorcycle has more displacement, it has more power and
it has more torque. But the Duke 200 is much more lighter, making it quicker in the 0-100
km/hr sprint. The Duke 200 is not only faster, it is also
more refined with lesser vibrations. The KTM motor is more urgent while the Benelli is
tamed in comparison. The shorter gearing makes the Duke 200 a much more fun bike to ride
fast but the Benelli engine sounds way better. The KTM gearbox offers smoother shifts and
the Duke 200 is more frugal but the Benelli has a much bigger fuel tank, giving it a higher
touring range. Even though the underpinnings are similar,
the Benelli is no match for the KTM’s sharp handling. The TNT 25 does have better tyres
but isn’t as nimble as the Duke which is very agile. The ride quality isn’t great on the
KTM but the Benelli excels on this front, offering better seating comfort too. Braking
performance is better on the Duke 200 with the lever offering way better feel. The Benelli TNT 25 is a good motorcycle, it
offers a lot of comfort, it also sounds very nice but in front of the KTM Duke 200, it
does lack in certain areas, like performance and handling. Now the Duke also offers much
more value for your money, making it the easy winner in today’s shootout. But if you are
the kind of person who wants even more value for your money, then you should be getting
one of these, the Pulsar RS 200. It comes with projector headlights, there is an option
of ABS, it’s a full-faired motorcycle, offering you even more value for money than the KTM
Duke 200. Thank you so much for watching, make sure
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100 thoughts on “Benelli TNT 25 vs KTM Duke 200 – Comparison Review | MotorBeam

  1. please consider quality while comparing to make reviews more relevant or you will be declaring bajaj a winner compared to bmw

  2. 2012 duke had a lot of issues like coolant leaking engine oil leaking suspension seal leaking, I hope they might have solved those issues till now, i am planing to buy one in jan but i am confused between r15 and duke 200, 80% said go for duke. I hope all issues have been cleared till now.

  3. hi motorbeam plz tell me abt which bike u priority is going to office in city and weekend touring…and wht abt pillion seat in ktm duke 200..its seems small i think..reply plz bro…

  4. hey guys, i have a budget of 1.5 to 2 lakhs and want a daily commuting as well as bit of a tourer for those sunday morning rides.please help, i am thinking of the duke 390.

  5. You are throwing away a Italian motorcycle in front of Bajaj
    "Jo ye kar sakta usko #PLUTO pe rehna chahiye"

    Definitely go for TNT25..!!

  6. is there any problems with KTM RC 200?because iam going to take it in few days ?another thing is it has constant milage or it will decrease?

  7. both are useless junks. go for dominor400 . bajaj is superior to both of them in any/every parameter. bajaj dominor has fastest pickup and best headlamp. so bajaj wins.

  8. Yeah I own all the three bikes and I regret buying tnt and ktm as they are verrrrrrrrrrrry sluggish as compared to Dominor400. Also their headlights are very dim.

  9. at the end of the day….china ka maal china ka hi rhega…and if i am spending my hard earned money on one of these…no matter what…the biggest turn down is….benelli china kaa maal h….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. This review isn't helpful… Benelli offers much better handling and it also has very good chassis and body as compared to duke which has a lighter chassis and on a single crash it might blow up into prices…and again where comes RS200 in between…it neither has a good chassis…nor good power…nor bigger fuel tank…neither seems attractive and even doesn't have brand and good resale value…

  11. Some one Please give an Engineering Reason Why TNT25 Costs so much more then Duke? (Hardware to Hardware comparison Not Performance numbers) .. Reason for this Question is, Is it the hardware/Robustness? or Am I simply paying cost/Tax of CKD? This helps me decide which one to buy.

  12. So biased..i listen to user that used both of this machine..and most of them state that the Benelli tnt 25 offers a lot more value for money…

  13. MB is a secreto employed of Bajaj haha xD if u read from right to left it is BM (Bajaj Motors) so funny xD , im playing to buy Bebeli tnt 25 or his big sus 302 r , yea the R one xD.

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