23 thoughts on “Batmobile & TRON bike: Massive supercar collection seized from African dictator’s son

  1. I don't know which one is better, seizures or sanctions, either way I get everything that you have no matter what you had, and their's not a thing that you can do about it, simply because I write the laws, and print the money of course

  2. On the one hand it shows just where so called "aid" or overseas development money is being spent and it gets you angry. On the other hand though, if you could get one piece of sci-fi memorabilia and you had the money for it…What would you go for?. Lightsaber or a Klingon batleth wins out for me…oh and a real transporter from "Star Trek" or a proper "Stargate"…the places you could go eh?.

  3. You get dictators in all colours, this guy is clearly a middle man! While we are watching him some other dictator just stole half the planet & killed millions of people with a signature!

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