Awesome Dirt Bike Rebuild With My Girlfriend!

Awesome Dirt Bike Rebuild With My Girlfriend!

Here we have a 2001 XR 80 this is the
dirt bike that my girlfriend Haley bought for herself and we got to do some
fixing on it

100 thoughts on “Awesome Dirt Bike Rebuild With My Girlfriend!

  1. Hi Cameron i want to thankyou for what you have done for all of these years giving us your knowledge free of charge and because of your knowledge i have started my own business rebuilding old and abandoned pitbikes and selling them for a decent profit so thankyou so much and also congrats on getting married to hailey hope you two have a wonderful life together cent anni

  2. Awesome way to put those two epic things together in one video. The bike came out amazing, and of course congrats on your engagement. You two look like true sole mates & very happy together. Best wishes!

  3. It’s so good to see so many positive people on here, and all the best for you and hayley yous deserve all the happiness in the world ❤️

  4. Y’all adorable. I want a relationship like this. Keep up the amazing work I hope you both have an amazing future ahead of you two. God bless

  5. I hope you the best and shes a keeper plus your just an amazing person and thanks for posting these awsome videos ps. I am from Mississippi

  6. That looks amazing. Perfect color choice with the frame. They are typically chromed or black. She'll win races for sure now.

  7. I like your videos but man I don't get why u don't buy your gf a serious buy like some 125 and u keep her riding this shit

  8. It's Fiance now, common bro! lol! Just as you get used to saying Fiance it will then be wife. I just got used to saying wife after being married for 8 months lol. I still say girl friend every now and then lol.

  9. Nice build, congratulations on engagement, my wife Jessica got a xr100 4 months ago, this bike changed her life, every day she rides it , seriously I get home from the bush and shes burning around our field loving up her xr100. Over the weekend she got out and rode in the snow just for fun, it went great, I thought a few mins of the cold and she'd be back in the house, nope…. 2 hours later , frozen she came in lol.

  10. Hey cameron. Is that powder coating or anodizing your doing? Because you make it loom simple. If it is anodizing where do you buy that first protective oxide layer or whatever it is? And whats it actually called.

  11. Did she extend the shifter on the bike? On my cr80 it’s impossible for me to get my riding boot under the shifter.

  12. Im all for yall. I just had a bad marriage myself so i might refrain from watching this sequence, but other than that keep em comin!!

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