43 thoughts on “AVENGERS Game Trailer Square Enix (E3 2019) PS4/Xbox One/PC

  1. Model wise , hulk is the only one that looks legit smh..my man iron man looks like he came straight from the toy section at Wal-Mart

  2. Why can't they just copy the MCU design ???? Captain America uniform looks awful, Thor's chest plate design resembles aluminium plates and hulk aaah they tried to make him look similar to MCU version but still why not copy whole MCU design rather than a tease. Really they should have gone for MCU design because that would have been the perfect homage to the avengers this generation loves and adore.

  3. The game play looks really cool, I would have rather our hero's resemble their counter parts in the MCU with their actual voices but if we can forget about that for this game I think it will be good

  4. Clever choice designed the characters not based on real actors nowadays, but felt like resident evil characters & injustice characters far more superior in term of graphic especially face expression! This felt like weird face

  5. I like the approach that that they with not relating it to the MCU and following the Marvel Comics. But, Characters of the game look like Android Models.

  6. This game looks shit, and the pathetic fangirl screaming makes me want to remove my genitals with a rusted spoon.

  7. character design should be customisable, but very strict as well. not entirely cosmetic, but we should at least be able to make them look like their movie counterparts. because holy fuck their designs here are complete dogshitz

  8. Widow looks like a transgender woman very Manley look to her as I say below looks like they you used a standard generic Male and forgot widow is a female

  9. Should of used the actor likeness I dont like the look of black widow or thor hoping that they will do mcu skins and captin human model look like the generic human Male template model you can down load for free and a second look widow banner and captain America all look like the same human model was use to make them and tried turn the human Male in to a female but it's not worked

  10. • Character designs are just bad
    • There's no hawkeye
    • Not sure if the plot is gonna be better
    • It wouldn't turn out half as good as spider-man(probably)

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