Automatic gear shifting possible for e-bikes  | SHIMANO

Automatic gear shifting possible for e-bikes | SHIMANO

Shimano STEPS CITY/TREKKING features automatic shifting. Your speed, pedal pressure and cadence
are tracked by intelligent sensors…, …that communicate with the lightweight,
compact and near-silent motor. Going uphill? The sensors measure your declining speed,
increasing pedal pressure and slower cadence… …and send a signal to the internal Di2 gear hub
to automatically shift to a lower gear. Going downhill? Whatever your riding situation,
the sensors pick it up…and your gearing adjusts automatically. All gear changes are easy to follow on the compact display. And of course you can always manually change gears. Need to suddenly break? Start Mode automatically changes to a lower gear… …so you can easily get back up to speed!

6 thoughts on “Automatic gear shifting possible for e-bikes | SHIMANO

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the question.

    Alfine 8 and nexus 8 can do automatic shifting with STEPS. This is not possible with Alfine 1 at this moment.

    Kind regards,

    Rob – Team Shimano

  2. I already ahve a bike with Steps E6000, how I can use the auto-shift? I mean, if I buy one Alfine 8 or Nexus 8 it'll work? How to install and integrate it with the motor?

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