Aşk Bir Rüya l  Final Bölümü

Aşk Bir Rüya l Final Bölümü

Thapki Pyaar with the name of a dream dream love
What will happen in the Final section. I will explain to you in this video, friends.
Let’s move on to the final episode.Tina, Samara is wrong forgive her and her sister
She will tell her to marry Bani. Also Tina To Bani you loved Samar more than me and
Samar’s marriage saying you deserve it he will ask him to accept his offer.
Tina told Samar that her sister was away from her. will indicate that he should not allow.
He will propose to Bani and on this issue She will say that she will not force her.
That he was sad to Munna and couldn’t make him happy Sadly, Munna will tell them
Vasundhara will actually ask her to give up. Aryan Khanna, but replaces Bihan
will ask this person to leave their home and that they hurt them so much
He will say and in front of everyone ” (You Bihan You’re not Aryan Khanna) ”.
Meanwhile he will blame Tapki, but Aryan all the facts not to interfere with it
He tells that he will tell. Vasundhara told Samara police to call
Vasundara’s husband Balvinder, the police he doesn’t let them call, because Aryan’s punishment
Balvinder then the gun he takes it and points it to Aryan.
He jumps in front of Aryan and not himself Munna talks and says, “My brother
Don’t hit him, he says he’s good now. ” two brothers hug each other.Samar, Aryan
starting to think who brought it here Vasundhara again blames Tapki.
apologizes for the cut, my family and children Vasundhara slaps Tapki. Then her daughter Bani prevents it while she is going to slap the second. Bani then talks and “ my mother is innocent all
he will say it is my fault ” Bani tells all the facts and daughters
hugs each other with his mother Tapki. while Aryan doesn’t let go and Tapki
wants Aryan to marry. Tapki is happy now and he
will ask him to live for. Holding by Vasundhara, Aryan and Tapki
he takes them to the temple at home. Vasundhara now replaces Aryan instead of Bihan.
Vasundhara Tapki, the former bride, now as a daughter
Tapki in Aryan wants to marry and make her happy
He will say he will do his best. after these events, his marriage to Bihan
thinks and sees Bihan’s dream. He allows Tapki to get married.
Bihan’s dream disappears, so Tapki, Aryan marries, Happy family together happy photo
On top of that our knee ends with a happy ending. So this part ends
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  1. Bir soyleyeyimmi.Druv Thapkinin kiz kardesi ile evlenecek.Ama Tapki cok guzel ilsada ablasi o kadar da guzel degil ben ablasini hic begenmedim😕

  2. Hayırlı geceler.. Baştan sona kadar alt yazı olarak BİR GARİP AŞK izledim diğer hint dizilerini konu olarak bilsemde tam takipci değildim. Fakat bu dizi insanı içine cekiyor ve 175bölüm Duruv annesi kendi gibi gelin bulmuş Tapti ye iğne batırdıkları yiyecekle boğazı… Duruv babası bile iyi davranırken.. Oğlunu kızdan ayırdı yetmedi birde kıza zulum ediyor .. Offfffff içim doldu…

  3. bu final ona gwlenekadae izlein sizde deu tapki aşkini gorebilsek bizim için yetar sonrasi da sonra duşunelim artik ha

  4. Tapkini həyat yoldaşı çök gözəl bir insan.cok beyendim. Tapkini çök sevər və sonunda takide onu sevecek

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