Angry neighbor hates my mini bike

Angry neighbor hates my mini bike

hey guys and I just cleaned off the bike and ghetto rig this fender up with like a zip tie so that kind of clear so I don't have to deal with flinging mud up onto the gas tank again cuz I got dirt in the gas tank but it'll be fine so I'm just gonna tighten down the two screws real quick we'll take it on a quick test ride I'm not gonna go muddin or anything again that sucked and it wasn't fun what was kind of fun except I had no back tire and and then it was it was slinging mud and all the way like this entire thing you can maybe see this entire thing was just mud it's all crusty and scratched the tank up not that it was good before but mint I was thinking of doing some overcomplicated thing with making that bracket longer to go back to the bolt but just screw it to see zip ties I mean why not like this one so I don't even care so much that I'm not even going to cut the tail on it I might later but I'm not doing it right now so I filled it up with gas maybe a little bit of water too I don't know it depends on how depends on how good the tank cap the gas cap seals I sprayed this thing down I wasn't really caring so much I probably spread guest on the muffler something here straight water so bad on even okay a thumbs broken here mmm okay yeah that's what that is it's just exhausting blasting off the fender and probably battling of it too but I don't know why it things still running like crap just falls on space soon as you read it did that earlier spinning hallway something's broken with this thing yeah maybe it did get stuff in the tank I mean I know there's a lot of stuff in the tank but I think there might actually be an obstruction now mmm wonderful smell gasoline it was even better than the smell of gasoline when it gets in your eye that's really fun if I blow this thing up honestly this thing's already kind of hacked as it is oh that was covering up the intake that oops I stuck that this piece of gaff tape to hold the intake air cover on he was covering up the air box cover he was covering up the intake I bet that would do it I'm sure that's not the only thing that's wrong with this but I'm hoping that'll fix it yeah [Laughter] and this thing sounds like poo falling on his face did that again though can I help you yeah the only time I've ever ridden this was like two years ago when we first got it in the winter like I know it's like Christmas two years ago we were riding this a ton but that that stopped pretty quick okay cuz I got yeah yeah I wouldn't do that it's just a mini way it's fine well I've been riding it around I mean I've been riding it around for two years and I've never gotten in trouble once with the okay no but I've talked to that it's okay I talked to the police yeah and I ride four-wheelers around here all the time – okay no I've driven by police cars and they haven't they don't care it's it's small-town stuff they don't care it's that's not what they told me when I've seen other vehicles come by why can't you just let some kids have fun dude you know what why don't you just do what you're supposed to do and follow the law [Applause]

43 thoughts on “Angry neighbor hates my mini bike

  1. Aaaaand my video has been demonetized. Do you think there was anything in this video that was not suitable for most advertisers or viewers? Get your crap together YouTube.

  2. Stfu old man dont u have some birds to feed… like the f out of here what is wrong with half of the world today I wouldav drove off…🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Follow the law? I bet that ancient fucker has never read any law word for word in his long miserable life.

  4. Stupid old cunt. Just mad because he’ll be dead soon. Please keep riding to annoy this grumpy old fuck.

    Yours sincerely,
    A guy in the UK

  5. haha the old jew man is lucky he diden't meet me i would have told that old fuck boy to shove the cop's and his phone right up his ASS the i would start my mini bike up and do a burn out in his god dam face fuck him punk ass jew boy he might try to take your booty beware he looks like a cho-moe lil man !!!!lol

  6. Don’t let guys like that get to you. I’m 42 years old and was on a BICYCLE ride with my teenage son a while back and had a guy who looked about like your guy scold me like I was a little boy for riding bikes on a hill behind his house that was not his property. We weren’t bothering a soul. Blah blah blah “the law states..” blah blah blah “obey the rules”

  7. Yah i had a YZ 80 and i gotta say i cannot stand neihbors that ride up and down the street on off road bikes and even worse speeding on a loud mini or quadrunner nothing worse than trying to relax in my living room and listen to that. Take it to a field or area were you know your supposed to be dont argue your being annoying

  8. I want one but honestly have no idea I'd I'd get pulled over. I CAN'T get oulled.over. lol I'll drive my motor bicycle till I find out more

  9. Just treat people how you want to be treated. Say something nice b considerate. If thy neighbor still doesn't want to b cool after you were a good person to him. Snap, tell them to suck your dick bitch n leave. At that point they have two choices. Stfu. Or try n do something. Peace n love people. I never start anything w people while riding mfs around shoot or run you off the road. Better to just see what's up. Pull over and talk like reasonable adults that we are.

  10. Most ordinances don't allow mini bikes. This man only has that on the kid, but a loud exhaust???? Does he not know that 99.99% of vehicles on the road have combustion engines? They all make noise. Some have better exhausts than others, and these 1 cylinder bikes are no louder than the lawn mowers everyone uses. He is just being a prick. Next time, use a riding mower.

  11. I have a minibike and I love taking it around the city I live in. However, if the sign clearly says no motorized vehicles then go drive it somewhere else in the city bro. Also it was kinda unnecessary to drive it on the grass and straight through the volleyball court when there was a perfectly good paved trail 20 feet away. Ive never been pulled over on my minibike but I also respect parks and property.

  12. You ride the mini on the street then your breaking the law and he has every right to complain! I own a mini bike as well as a street bike and quad and two dirtbikes! I'm 53 yrs old so listen up- if your gonna ride stupid then your going to get in trouble sometimes! It doesn't matter that you havn't been busted yet-keep pissing off old folks and it's a matter of time! The cop in your nabe lied to you bud! It IS illegal to ride any vehicle on the street without registration and tags or light's! So stop being a smartass and fly right!

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