Amazing POV – downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

Amazing POV – downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

Ok guys, this is the start-gate of the world’s
gnarliest street race. We’re about to descend 800 metres into the
favela. This’ll be fun. Ready, bro? Okay, so that’s the first step down into…
the fast step section here, coming to this bit absolutely lit. Blind-dropping to there. Smash a big left, right arrow on the church
roof. Dropping into a fast step section. Really hard braking down here.
To a tight right. Straight into a tight left off a drop. Can
here the crowd absolutely crazy down here. Look at the water on the steps, only making
braking a lot harder right now. Into more wood sections. More wet wood here
to brake on. This corner is just full of mud and trash, really hard to ride.
Took a little obstacle of wood. Bit of a sprint to get on. Can see how tight this is right
now. Lots of martials pointing which way to go.
Smash a tight left, look at how steep this wood step section is.
Coming into one of the gnarliest step sections. Huge drop on the outside, so you don’t want
to get that wrong. Bit of a sneaky line there. Smashing down
more steps, really hard to brake on this wood section, so you really got to kill it.
Bit of a party going on there. It’s all on off-camera right! Nice.
Bit of a fan club of girls there, like it! Always good to have ladies present.
Bit of help from the crowd there with the direction. See the step sections. Super low,
you’ve got to duck down here. Can here the crowd absolutely crazy down here.
More steps. Light’s kind of good as well. Think we’re
nearly there though. More gnarly steps section. Max is doing a one-hander. We got a crowd
here. We’ve got to stop driving to the finish.

100 thoughts on “Amazing POV – downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

  1. 🙂 again, the difference between me and you is I have lived and breathed their existance, are you so bitter because your parents are telling you to move out of their basement?

  2. Wish i could have a MTB when I tried to escape from the favela to catch the helicopter when the militia chased me in MW2 🙂

  3. when I raced downhill I always wore a empty backpack or camelback over my spine protector on practice runs. I found that when you crash hard the back pack will help prevent sharp rocks/sticks/other crap from puncturing your back.

  4. uuh…them..obviously
    but still, no one in their right mind would do that, which just proves one point, they have no common sense

  5. I think the thought process was more: "Where can we find a really extreme place to host our race? The places we have now are kind of easy."

  6. If you think you can better why aren't you in this race? Where's your video? Oh, you don't have any? Then shut the fuck up kid.

  7. Não vivemos na merda aqui, apenas estamos começando a estruturar tudo. É como se estivesse surgindo um outro país, mas fica muito difícil tendo que emprestar dinheiro para seu país excelente, temos problemas como qualquer outro lugar, mas afinal quem não tem?
    creio que seu país esteja tudo em ordem não precisa de nada?
    Por que se tiver precisando de algo pode ter certeza que o seu país vai correr pra cá novamente pedindo ajuda, sim pra esse país que vive na merda!

  8. Por que se quer que eu escreva em inglês, não tenho problema algum eu sei muito bem! Só que diferente de alguns não sou paga pau de americano!!! sou Brasileiro e tenho orgulho da minha linguá!

  9. Porque o video é em inglês, porque todos estão escrevendo em inglês, porque o inglês é uma linguagem praticamente universal e quase todo o mundo entende. É muito patriotismo de terceiro-mundo ficar com "AIN, SOU BRASILEIRO, VOU ESCREVER EM PORTUGUÊS" no meio de gente só escrevendo em inglês. Ninguém tem obrigação de saber inglês, mas querer impor a sua linguagem por causa de patriotismo fútil é uma besteira enorme. E o inglês não nasceu nos EUA, se por acaso você não sabe.

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  11. u know nothing. bet ur 1 of those pathetic chavs who goes round on a scooter and thinks he knows everything.

  12. It's amazing how many people on here are so much better than gee atherton-generally known as one of the worlds best and even posting 2nd on the rampage event…..I guess they are too busy telling YouTube how good they are to actually go and compete though

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