Adding new car to Endless Car Chase Template

Adding new car to Endless Car Chase Template

The fastest way to create a new car is to duplicate (Ctrl+D) an existing one and modify it Rename the car prefab and then drag it into the scene so we can modify it The car model is made up of a Chassis and Wheels. In our case we have 4 wheels but you can have more/less First we want to change the model of the car to a model we got from Simple Racer by Synty Studios Select the Chassis model and replace the mesh with the new car’s chassis Next select each of the wheels and replace the wheel mesh with the new one You can use a single mesh for all the wheel objects or match them exactly to the model FR, FL, etc Next let’s clear the old materials so we can add the Simple Racer material to the new car Drag the new material to the meshes of the chassis and wheels Now move and rescale the chassis to fit the wheels better In this case we should also rotate the wheel objects by 180 on the right side of the car We can also tweak the positions (and scale) of the wheel holders to fit the new car better Apply the changes we made to the car, and delete it as we no longer need to edit it in the scene Now let’s add the car to the shop so we can unlock and use it In the shop you can see all the cars that we can use Increase the number of slots in the shop and drag the Racer prefab to the new empty slot Set the price to something we can afford, and let’s test the game awesome! You can also edit the attributes of the new car to make it behave differently Increase its health and damage, speed and rotation speed, the way it drifts, etc

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