55 thoughts on “92 MPH Yamaha GP1800 by Boosting Performance

  1. $13,000+?$ & voided warranty. I would have just flashed the ecu & called it a day. Bet it's pretty bad ass though!

  2. dang i can't imagine running 92 i had an 05 honda aquatrax 12x and it was fast out the box top speed 62 i would love to blow speed boats away

  3. So badass man, love watching stuff like this, seems to get better with small engines. Thanks for the awesome video!!

  4. Killer……Reminded me off back in '96 when I had my two-stroke, 1100 triple,  wave raider. I would smoke everything stock on the water… That beast ran !

  5. Hello, I am a Yamaha fan and next year, in the month of June I want to buy the Yamaha GP 1800, I have read many good things about this watercraf and it is the one that gives you the best riding sensations on the water. I would like to know if it is also valid for whitewater and waves. I live in a coastal city, in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a very salty sea so the watercraft float more and can run more than even in any ocean, but it is very important to sweeten the engine at the end of the season of use and enjoyment.

    Tell them that they have informed me that the lower part of the hull, where the water grid is, over time cracks. I would like to know if you know this problem and if so, when you think you can repair it, for the production of GP 1800 of 2018 that has already started or for the year 2019.

    A greeting

  6. I had a gp1200 that run 82 from the factory. Also had a slightly built 97 wave raider 1100 triple that would run 78mph. Seems like there should be way more speed with all the work they done !

  7. Seems CRAZY to do this on a new model… but at same time… CRAZY not to… 92mph on a ski…. i have a slight boner… Ya im that guy who watches Cigarette boats hoping one day….. to hear the music….. MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY…. as a jet ski comes by…. lol

  8. Solid set up. Bet it could hit 100 if dropped weight and less drag. Next time no music when the engine is running please

  9. Seems like it costs alot to go fast on water fuck my snowmobile 800cc two stroke 155 hp would go 120 mph

  10. WTF i just bought The 2019 GP1800R my cousin beats me in hes 300 SeaDoo. 😡🤬 Yamaha told me The GP is way fater…smh

  11. Hey I would like to know how much it would cost for you guys to do that on my gp1800 I have a stage1+ and would like to do what you guys did on this build

  12. I have a 2015 fx cruiser sho… I’ve been happy with it until lately since I’ve started riding with some old friends of mine who all have Honda’s… Although their’s are more of a sport model and considerably smaller than mine, mine will run neck and neck with theirs. But being the only Yamaha in a group of Hondas, they still talk a lotta shit. Is there any small modification I can do to just get a few mph more outta mine, so I can shut‘ em up? Please help!

  13. Aloha From Hawaii! I'd like to contact you regarding boosting my 2019 Yamaha VX LIMITED Waverunner. I'm not looking for 92 MPH, just better power and speed then I'm getting now, especiall after installing my Jet Ski Collars. I've noticed a huge lost in power, or speed. I'd like some advise or tips on how I can achive more power or speed. Thanks guys, and amazing work!

  14. Remember the days when 2 stroke watercraft ruled? We used to start them in my buddies’ driveway while on the trailer. Driver to the ramp 10 minutes away and load them in the water. 😂 they never overheated or stalled. What were we thinking?

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