7 More Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

7 More Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

(bell ringing) (laughing) – Woo! Whoa, right, seven more rules to break, or more rules to break
’cause I did ask you guys, have we missed out any
rules, and you guys said yes, and you left them in
the comments down below. By the looks of it, maybe I might not break some of these, but these are more rules to break, number one. (logo whooshing) Ah yes, that rings a bell. Yes, the universal sound of a bell ringing to let someone know
that you’re behind them. (bell ringing) (speaking German) (speaking German) (speaking German) Wherever you are in the
world, break this rule having a bell on your bike because you do share the trail sometimes
with other people, like hikers, and having
a bell on your bike you can let them know you’re behind them. Break it! (lively music) There’s an unwritten rule
when you’re riding an XC bike you’ve gotta be clipped in, well, (spluttering) break this rule. I’m a flat pedal kinda guy. I’m gonna put flat pedals on my XC bike and go for a ride. See ya! (laughing) Look, it’s not all about technology when it comes to riding your
bike and having some fun out there on the trail. Break that rule, ’cause
I’ve had so much fun on this bike with friends,
with Neil and Doddy. Take a look at this. Yes, so much fun. Also, another rule you should
break is 26 is not dead. If you’re just startin’
out mountain biking, you can get yourself a good bargain out there on some cool websites where you can buy some stuff like this. And definitely get you out
started and get on the trail. This cost me £300 from my local bike shop, Wight Mountain, on the Isle of Wight. Break it! (upbeat music) Ah, it’s a nice day for
riding cross country bikes. (laughing) (man whistling) – What the hell are you wearing? I said what are you wearing? You’re wearing a full-face helmet and you’re clearly riding cross country. – Well I didn’t know
that there was bespoke helmets for certain sports, thought just wearing a helmet was protection. – Well there clearly is, mate! Don’t wear a full-face, idiot. – Cross country, downhill,
enduro and dirt jumping are all different genres
of mountain biking, they come with bespoke helmets as well, but if you’ve got a full-face lid and you wanna go for a
cross country ride, wear it. As long as you’re wearing a
helmet you’re gonna be safe. Smash that rule. (“Animal” by Suffer City) Woo-hoo-hoo! This is a rule that some
of you might wanna break, and that’s wearing a full
skin suit when you’re riding your cross country bike. You might get some funny
looks but don’t care about it. Break it. Full skin suits for the win! ♪ Black treacle ♪ ♪ Out on the corner ♪ ♪ Down in the drain ♪ ♪ I need a miracle to make it go away ♪ ♪ I wanna tell you ♪ ♪ I’m outta love ♪ ♪ Somebody help me I just
wanna be your animal ♪ (dramatic music) Nah, you don’t need to dress like a pro to have fun out there on the trails. The clothes that you got
on your body is perfect. Smash that rule! Don’t dress like a pro, as
long as you got a helmet, you can have fun on the trail, see ya! (lively music) Who said you can’t ride a
gravel bike on the trail? Ha, don’t listen to them, smash that rule. Take a look at this, nice! If you wanna push the
boundaries, break this rule. Any bike, any trail. (upbeat music) So there you go, a few
more rules to break. It’s not all about the technology. You can get yourself a good
bargain and 26 is not dead, especially if you’re starting
off, you can get yourself a good bike for not a lotta money. Also it’s not all about the gear as well to go out there and have fun. Keep sayin’ it, don’t need to wear it. But it does help when it
comes to some weather issues. Anyway, if you love this sort of content don’t forget to hit
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other rules to break click over here, and if you
wanna see the challenge, the cheap bike challenge,
where all us presenters went out and did some cool
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100 thoughts on “7 More Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

  1. cant say i would use a bell, bu my hole hubs are proper loud so i drag those a few times and most people hear it .

  2. Old bikes rule spoke to me lol. Bought my 2008 -ish Santa Cruz heckled on offer up last year. Things a beast too🤘🏽🔥

  3. Is it better to wear a yellow (tour de france) jersey on a mountain bike, or the TdF polka dot/king of the mountain jersey?

  4. Looks like you had some major fun in Gloucestershire! Why is it these fantastic places only opened up after I went off to University in Nottingham? Ah well, my mum is happy because I'm 'visiting' more often. haha! Great videos, thanks Blake! xx

  5. No way any self respecting mtb'r should ever wear a body condom. It's gross and you will get beaten up and left for the bears. Only bears with no self respect would eat a human in a body suit but, they're out there. Do you really want to take your chances? Do you?

  6. Gym shirt and gym shorts are my favorite thing to wear riding. Have a fanny I’ve been getting dialed in to keep all my shit in and works great.

  7. Very inspiring, Blake! I’ve just run a MTB crosscountry event with 700 competitors. Didn’t finished in last position (almost) but with my 25y old retro bike, with glorious cantilever brakes and stuff. Bad performance (biker+bike) but it’s all about the fun, isn’t it?

  8. You can get stealth bells (like the overpriced Knog Oi) which barely look like anything and make just as much noise. The Knog is £10-£15, but you can get the same thing on ebay for about £3.

  9. Wait, stop. On that challenge you claimed it was 130 bike (and this is still too much for it), now you say it's 300??? No way!

  10. Haha, I saw someone riding a cyclocross bike on the xc trail here once, they thought it was supposed to ride xc, underestimated mountainbiking. Yeah they were hiking.
    Why do so many people have like an IQ of 30 when it comes to biking?

  11. Thank you. Finally a gmbn video that doesn't claim 26 is dead. It's really not guys

  12. personally I like to ride an old English 3 speed (which I've bult up with a few more modern components, and it's closest to a gravel bike by modern standards imo) from the streets to the gravel to the single track and back home, all with a mountain bike helmet and street clothes.

  13. 26 isn't just not dead, many people still prefer it 🙂 I personally draw a limit at 650B, 29 just feels too tall for me.

  14. i wish u could put more then just one like per vid cuz this one deserves at very least 5 likes per person watching it

  15. Every time I ring my bell, hikers thank me. I mount my bell on the bottom of the bars, so the clapper switch is right next to my thumb. No need to release grip to ring it!

  16. There's nothing worse than dressing like a pro and performing like a potato. Dress using mismatched stuff that you find useful and kill it on the trail. THAT is how to impress: show you know your gear and use them like the tools they are.
    Also, the bike should not matter when you have skill. I did a bar spin on my 8yo's bmx and now I am the "cool dad" in his troupe.

  17. Any bike any trail you say?
    Here's a challenge for you then, technical trail on a penny-farthing, then take it to the big jumps!

    "Blake died in 2019 doing some stupid internet challenge" – The news.

  18. I have a ccm, mountain bike, the suspension is okay, but it does bottom out and I don’t know if it would be okay to go on a trail, suggestions?

  19. Thank you for the full face helemt segment. I only have my moto helmet for a while and I was getting so many looks 😂

  20. Fuck yeah on the full skin suit. As a former roadie and now XC racer, there's nothing more comfortable than a full suit!

  21. Love these videos. I totally agree that you can wear a full face doing xc but I wouldn't want people to ride DH with an XC skin lid 😬

  22. Tschuldigon….🤣
    Wonder how long a Gravelbike can withstand those jumps…
    I'd like to see that tested…
    GMBN…Go for it

  23. Agreed But try this idea for Walkers & dog walkers:
    Attach a small LED red light or reflector to your backpack or belt at night. It helps cyclists & motorists to see you on trails or dark roads. Try a reflective collar on your dog as well. It saves lives.

  24. Absolutely love you guys. The vids are always super helpful and usually end up pissing myself from laughter🤘

  25. I ride with a trail bell on hiking biking trails. Come around a blind turn and a hiker is a right dab in the middle. Run into them and be sued or face plant trees and rocks. Common courtesy. How many times they hear the bell and there they are on the left or the right leaving me room to ride by.

  26. Blake i ride my bmx on the trails and some older people (im 13) told me to go get a mtb but i was as fast as all the other mountain bikers.exept i had a few crashes on trees and jumps

  27. People sometimes laugh when they see/hear the $8 bell on my carbon fiber XC racing bike. I cant tell you how many head on collisions I've avoided especially when I'm riding at full speed around blind turns. Hikers and pedestrians actually thank me as I pass.

  28. I ride flats on an old, 26”, XC bike with a bell on, wearing whatever old crap won’t get caught in the chain ring 🙂

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