5 great bike trails near Cleveland

5 great bike trails near Cleveland

Let’s talk bike trails in the Cleveland area. First, I want to thank Century Cycles for
providing me with a fitness bike rental so that I could check out each of these trails. The Summit Bike & Hike Trail is a great place
to start. This is a beautiful 34 mile path, and you’re
looking at my favorite section right here. The Boston Ledges. The trail starts at the Alexander Road trailhead
and takes you south past Brandywine Falls along the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and
then loops all the way to Munroe Falls. This can provide you an entire day worth of
riding if you want to do round trip. There are a couple areas where you cross over
the Turnpike or go by a motel parking lot. So it’s not all nature, but most of it is. And it’s really fantastic. Now for the MVP of Ohio bike paths, the Towpath
Trail. Most of the mileage is crushed limestone like
you see here. It follows the Ohio Erie Canal and it’s 87
miles and counting. It spans 4 counties! So where should you start? I like to start at the Peninsula Depot because
you’re right in the middle of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. If you can’t decide whether to ride north
or south, I’ll recommend riding south. There’s a lot of beautiful scenery and places
to stop along the trail, whether it’s Deep Lock Quarry, the Everett Road Covered Bridge
or Beaver Marsh. And Peninsula also has Century Cycles bike
rental and a great park visitors center with snacks and supplies. It’s a beautiful town. Number Three, Valley Parkway in the Cleveland
Metroparks. This is a paved multipurpose trail. It’s part of a network of trails, over a hundred
miles of it in different parts of the Emerald Necklace. Now you can see the purple line here starting
in the Rocky River Reservation. You can ride through different Metroparks
properties all the way to the Towpath Trail in Brecksville. There are so many beautiful rides along this
stretch. Rocky River Reservation is great. You’re next to the river and away from the
hustle and bustle. If you have special needs or would like to
use a hand cycle, contact the Metroparks Outdoor Recreation and they can point you in the right
direction. Number Four is the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway. Edgewater Park is a great place to bike. Now, the trail does come away from the Lake
to take you through Ohio City, across the Detroit Superior Bridge through downtown and
then back to the lakefront. If you don’t like city riding, I’d say go
to the East 55th Marina or the East 72nd Fishing Pier next to the Lakefront Nature Preserve
and ride east. From there it’s a nice ride. It’s an urban trail with good views of Lake
Erie. And it even connects to the Harrison Dillard
Trail which goes through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. If you live in the city of Cleveland, this
is a nice place to come get away from some of the traffic you might have to deal with
normally on a roadway. And Number Five, it’s the Portage Hike and
Bike Trail between Kent and Ravenna. This trail has some city riding on each end
but the middle is all nature. I like going to Towner’s Woods Park as a starting
point. Then you can choose whether to ride east or
west. Both directions take you through forest. And there are some hiking trails along the
route too if you want to explore it further. I think if you haven’t ridden this trail before,
it’s going to be a nice surprise for you. Well worth exploring!

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  1. I like your selection. I can't wait to ride The Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway. Waiting until Spring for this one 👍🚴 See you all out there!

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