5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

Hey guys Cristian here, and yes I’m back. So there are many cars out there that continuously
fool people into thinking they are very expensive to buy. But the truth is, a lot of those cars are
actually pretty affordable, as in like cheap. Today I’ll show you 5 perfect examples. And if this video gets 5K likes, I may consider
creating a part 2. So right before I get into the 5 cars I want
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that’s join honey.com/vehiclevirals. Now kets get on with the video. First car on the list is the Mercedes CLA
250. To most people, a Mercedes is a Mercedes,
which is why many may classify the CLA 250 as an expensive car to buy. Well this specific model, that’s not quite
the case, consider it an entry entry level mercedes, that’s right, I used the word
entry twice. This car’s sole purpose was to target younger
buyers while having a low enough price point to compete with low class cars from other
manufacturers. Actually was a pretty smart idea. Get you into their ecosystem at a lower than
usual price point and next thing you know it, you’ve upgraded into an actual C class. Of course the CLA 250 has some comprises for
a Mercedes that once carried a brand new sticker price of around 30K. Instead of a RWD system like most Mercedes,
this car is FWD. In fact it was the first FWD Mercedes offered
in the United States when it first released for the 2014 model year. IDK a FWD Mercedes, eh just doesn’t sound
right just like FWD BMW, yet they both offer models like that. The CLA 250’s interior is another giveaway
that corners were cut to accommodate a lower price point, It doesn’t look bad, it’s
just that the materials and refinement you’d normally find in a Mercedes aren’t quite
there, but that is expected. Ride quality has been described as a bit too
harsh for car with Mercedes Badge by many auto journalists and the performance numbers
you get out of the powerplant isn’t really that exciting, well at least for car enthusiasts.. It’ a 2L 4 cylinder turbo engine that produces
208HP and 258lb-ft of torque. Combine that power with the overall car weight
of around 3300lbs and A 0-60mph sprint happens in 6.5 seconds. Here’s the thing, the CLA 250 is not a bad
car to own, it definitely has its positives. The exterior design looks absolutely stuning
in my opinion. It has the right touch of sportiness and looks
much more expensive than what they sell for. Gas mileage is a plus factor as well courtesy
of the 2L engine. 26MPG city and 38MPG highway which is very
impressive if you ask me. And it comes equipped with a dual clutch system,
which is a big surprise for a car of this price point. You can easily find them used for around 11K
and ones with lower miles for around 12K. You’ll end up with a relatively quick and
efficient car with a premium badge. You won’t get air suspension or massaging
seats but you still get the Mercedes badge that’ll have many thinking you paid much
more for the car. Second car is the Chrysler 300. While this car here won’t trick any car
enthusiasts into thinking it’s more expensive than what it actually is, non car people now
that is a different story. The unmistakable front end sort of represents
something it’s not. A Rolls Royce? Or maybe a Bentley. Or even both. And I don’t think that was done by accident. The Chrysler 300 has always sold very well
over the years for a reason, By making this model look more high end than what it really
is, it’s been able to survive in the market for as long as it has. It’s been around since 2005 then receiving
an update in 2011 and now it’s only one out of 3 cars offered chrysler on their website. I’ve personally driven a 300 many times,
I mean who hasn’t? Every time I was in a situation that i needed
a rental car, Entreprise always provided me with one of these. First thing you notice about the 300 is that
it’s a big car. You can see it and you can definitely feel
it when you’re driving. It has a bit of a boat feeling, but the positive
of it being a large car is the amount of space you get inside. You can easily fit adults of all sizes in
the front and in the rear. Imagine that, roomy rear seats, something
that seems like a dying feature nowadays due to sloping exterior lines. Road trips are comfortable, the ride is smooth
and very quiet. As far as power goes, the 300 comes equipped
with 3.6L V6 that produces 292HP and 260lb-ft of torque which is more than enough for most
people. Sometimes you snag a steal and find a 300
S or 300 C that comes equipped with the more capable hemi powerplant. A 5.7L V8 that produces 363HP and 394lb-ft. But if you go that route just prepare for
fuel efficiency to take a major hit. Overall if your looking for a cheap way to
get into luxury well the Chrysler 300 can be a good choice. It’s packed with a ton of features you’d
normally wouldn’t get for the price, the muscular exterior design resembles an executive
level car and if you debage it, you may fool a bunch of people when out on the road. Reliability wise, eh it’s not that good. people always say you’ll never forget your
first chrysler because for most it’s normally their last because of how unreliable than
can be. Which is probably why you can probably find
them for cheap second hand. I was able to find 2015 models for around
a little under and a little over 10K. Third car on the list is the Genesis G70. Okay so this car here is not necessarily cheap
in price but hear me out. It definitely looks much more expensive than
what it goes for even if it is an extension of the Hyundai brand. Let’s call it attainable or affordable rather
than cheap. The genesis badge alone fools just about anyone
that it’s some sort of an exotic brand cough cough bentley, and all the features that come
equipped rival those found on more popular german luxury cars like the BMW 3 series,
Mercedes C class and Audi A4. And unlike those cars which are commonly seen
on the road, the G70 can probably attracts much more attention. I mean Genesis in general doesn’t have much
brand awareness among the general population. They only offer 3 cars at the moment and no
SUVs or trucks. They are the G70 which is all new for the
Genesis brand, the G80 which was formerly known as the Hyundai Genesis and the G90 which
was known as the Equus. The G70 is a sweet looking car in my opinion
and where you can really see it’s prestige is on the front end with that massive grill,
very unique bumper design and that very distinctive badge. The interior is equally as impressive, quality
materials used throughout and laid out nicely. As far as performance goes you can get the
G70 in two different variants. A 2L turbo version that produces 252HP and
260lb-ft. Or a 3.3L twin turbo V6 that produces 365HP
and 376lb-ft, it’s the same one used in the Kia Stinger GT, fun fact the entire G70
uses the same platform at the Stinger, which is why looking at it from the side you can
see some resemblance. The G70 just focuses a bit more on luxury
while the Stinger GT leans more towards sportiness. But don’t get me wrong, the G70 can be sporty
as well especially if you have one with the sport package installed which includes brembo
brakes, a sportier exhaust, 19inch wheels wrapped in pilot sport 4s michelin tires and
even a traditional 6 speed manual transmission. You heard me right, a traditional 6 speed. Gotta love what the Koreans are doing with
their cars, once known for cheap and rather unreliable cars, now are actually producing
some quality ones. I think Hyundai did a good move by serating
Genesis as it’s own brand in 2015 because let’s be honest badges matter to people
more than they should. You can find a Genesis G70 for around 29K
and while that may sound like a lot to many people, on the road it can pass off for a
car that is worth twice that price. 4th cheap car on the list is the Maserati
Ghibli. Now this one is a real shocker. We are talking about a car that has depreciated
by more than 75% in just 2-3 years. That honestly has to be a record. And even though the Ghibli is considered an
entry level Maserati, it still has a starting price of around 71K. And now you can find them for well under 20K
second hand! Of course there is a reason for that. High Maintenance cost and poor reliability! It’s sad because many people already know
this about Maserati cars which is why you can easily find them at such a low price. Funny story, A buddy of mine went to go look
at one recently. 2015 with around 50K miles selling for just
25K. Keep in mind he was driving a Toyota Camry
at the time. I told him don’t do it, unless they offer
him a good deal on an extended warranty either that or that the dealer can prove that all
the major services have been performed. To make a long story short, he didn’t listen
to a word I said and purchased the car on his terms. 2 days later, guys two days later, the engine
light was bright as hell, followed by the brake light, the car started to misfire and
shake, the pads were low, the rotors were warped and now my friend has pay 10K out of
pocket to fix everything. That’s almost half of what he paid for the
car! Anyways let’s talk about some positives
about the Ghibli.This a businessman car, Driving one of these will get you lots of attention
and compliments, I mean after all it is a Maserati even if it is an entry level one. Very few cars at this price point can attract
as much attention. Another positive thing that really stands
out about the Ghibli is the exhaust note. Maserati absolutely perfected this on their
cars. I guess you can partially give credit to Ferrari
for assisting them with the engine. The base version one and the S Q4 variant
are turbocharged V6 engines, the lower spec one produces 345HP and 369lb-ft while the
S one produces 406HP and 404lb-ft. If you want others to believe you just received
a promotion at work well then get a Ghibli, but remember you’ll be taking a risk when
it comes to reliability. But hey some would rather gamble to have a
more exciting car. Like me! 5th and final car is the Cadillac ATS. first
launched in 2012 as a smaller and more affordable and some would say a more fun size alternative
to the CTS. Sadly it didn’t get much attention though
because of the big spotlight the CTS had on it. Auto journalist loved the ATS for the most
part, especially when they had a chance to drive the AST-V. So why didn’t it sell well? Let’s put it like this, Cadillac aimed directly
at BMW’s 3 series playing field a market that is so exclusive and hard to compete in. On top of that it seems like Cadillac in general
has been tanking over the years and they simply aren’t what they used to be. Their push to gain the trust and attention
of younger buyers seems like a failure. Many still think Cadillac cars are only driven
by older people. Reliability is also a concern. They are among one of the autobrands that
always tend to place towards the very bottom of most dependability lists mainly due to
bad electric failures. I’ve personally like cadillac. I was a big fan of the Escalade growing up,
and I’m also a fan the bodystyling of the CTS and ATS The lines and angles are so unique
and they really do separate themselves from what seems like copy paste designs used throughout
the luxury segment. There are many engine variants available from
2012 through 2019, but the ATS’s I was able to find for hte most affordable price from
years 2015 was the 2L 4cyl turbo variation. It produces 272HP and 295lb-ft of torque making
it a pretty capable car performance wise. Best part is that you can find them for around
16K which is more than 50% less than what their sticker prices once were. Cadillac discontinued them back in 2018 so
you won’t find them new anymore, but why go new when you can save all that money getting
them used. Remember guys 5k likes and I’ll create a part
2. As always thanks for watching, till next time.

100 thoughts on “5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

  1. You forgot the Jag F-Type, easily the best sportscar in the world with 695HP after a 10 min $750 tune and 30 min $200 pulley. They go for around $35,000 with under 20K miles and the 2014s (the first MY) can still be under factory 7Y/100K CPO warranty.

  2. Mercedes CLA = Luxus Car ? Lol, at germany the CLA ist a compact Class Car like VW Golf, Opel Astra or BMW 1. Of Course its more expensive than a Astra, but its still a compact class. Luxus start at E or S Class, not at A, B or C Class

  3. Yeah these cars are "cheap" but maintenance and reliability issues aren't worth it. Especially European cars which are the most unreliable ones. Japanese cars are the most reliable ones so when in doubt, get a Civic Type R, Mazda 6 or a Subaru Impreza WRX which are all classics. Miatas and the new NSX looks good too.

    I will admit the Kia Stinger and Genesis G70 are impressive, let's see if they are reliable

  4. Are you serious? you compare the shittiest car "Chrysler" to Genesis G70? the least reliable which will be discontinued this year to G70 one of the most reliable car out there!!!

  5. Bring the maserati for maintenance. Just as with the m5 v10.🤑🤑🤑 I am no fan of american cars, but that 300C looks great.

  6. The Koreans, which "were" known to produce cheap and unreliable cars. Now that badge goes to the Germans, they produce cheap and unreliable cars at a very high price.

  7. Very affordable used sleepers. And the bees will not be the same when they saw that honey websites. BTW, might as well make a part 2 Christian😁

  8. ya .lol..i love cadillacs myself. but everytime i went threw a car wash. the windows would role down in the car wash..lol….FORD F150 4×4 now not a problem with my truck….

  9. The trick is they might not be expensive to buy…but to fix is another completely different story. If you don't make $100k a year walk away from anything Italian…except meatballs.

  10. I'm sick of this bs..YES u can by a luxury car quite cheap..The running costs & parts etc are ALWAYS much more expensive..simple as..& END OF!..now this 1 eyed fool can shut up.

  11. It's better to get a Quattroporte from 08, 09, 10, or 11 than the Ghibli. They're older but more reliable if they've been maintained.

  12. Should make a video 5cars that we thought expensive but actually cheaper to own taking account the MAINTENANCE also. Not just the seling price.

  13. I’ve got my Ghibli 2017 in 2017 and fully loaded. I have put 33000 miles on it and so far I’ve done $2000 worth of servicing on it including $900 in tires. Maserati is attraction getter and an amazing vehicle. People who say otherwise have never been in one.

  14. I have a 2015 Maserati Ghibli SQ4, I bought it with 20k miles for 23.5K, I have put nearly 20K miles on mine, and the only thing I have done was change the oil twice, and now I needed Rotors (Pads are good) but I went and upgraded to ceramic brembo rotors and pads. This car is my daily commuter, and when I say I beat the hell outta this thing I do. I drive in Manual Sport Mode all the time and live in 1st 2nd 3rd. I bought the car from the original owner, only serviced at Ferrari Dealer, I'll tell you its more reliable and enjoyable to drive than my fully built Forester STI. My Ghibli is also chipped and has upgraded air intake. If you dont know how to work on cars, any car is going to be expensive, especially if you take to the dealer. All people talk negative on the Ghibli and truly this car has been a pleasure and enjoyable ride, not to mention I get more attention in my ghibli than built Forester STI. My Forester STI build has gone through 3 motors, the brembo brakes run about the same I paid for the Ghibli's, I mean people talk smack but drive a prius. It's worth 23.5k to me. I can easily work on mechanical – electrical issues is the worry. But who cares, I bought a Maserati for 23.5k and it still has less than 45K miles. If you maintain your car and treat it well – you will be fine. If you take your BMW, AMG, Blah blah blah to the dealer you are looking at $$$$.

  15. The Ghibli isnt even that unreliable, infact the notion that Maserati's as a whole are unreliable is a myth. Your friend got shafted and bought a terrible car. Maserati Ghiblis, Quattroportes and Gran Turismo's are remarkably simple cars in terms of their engineering, not atall on par with a BMW or Audi. Source: i work with and sell these cars very frequently, totalling several dozen of each model at this point. Maserati as a brand was the lowest claimed car on the warranty that we offer for consecutive years. The highest being Land rover. The Ghibli is a queen of depreciation and a insane car for the money, just make sure you BUY A GOOD ONE!

  16. I’m trying to buy a car but I’m undecided on what two bmw is better I have been looking at the bmw 135i and the 335i I’m looking for reliability out of the two and potential in tuning also want a fast fun car but I’m not to familiar with bmw brand

  17. This is Awful advice lol! A cheap maserati is cheap because it'll fall apart without pricey mandatory repairs every 5 minutes. A mercedes ditto. And a GM-Cadillac…you should just set fire to your money. Get the civic and take all the money you save on repairs and save it for the day when you can afford a real luxury car – which you'll lease and offload before it falls apart

  18. Unless you are leasing don't touch those crappers. Stick to the Honda or Toyota proven dependability and reliability. 👍

  19. I bought a Ghibli….brand new for much less than it was advertised. You just need to look carefully and know how to deal with dealers. No pressure. No regrets about this car. Everyone looks at my car wherever I go because it looks AMAZING.

  20. The Mercedes CLA is based on a Renault platform and its engine and transmission is also made by Renault…..and French cars are like cancer in the automotive world……also maseratis are ALSO known for poor welds on the chassis causing them to steer out of control and crash, plus they are known for catching fire as well….so YES they are cheap for a reason

  21. They're cheap cause they're shit. The price goes down on used market because they're overpriced to begin with. Genesis is prob the only decent one

  22. I've seen more broken down Maserati Ghibli's on the side of the road, than I've seen for sale at used car dealerships. I think they just take these cars straight to the junk yards when people trade them in lol

  23. I think thet the Lancia Thema would be a better choice than the Chrysler 300, it's the exact same car but with better interiors.

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