2020 E Bike Tech Extravaganza | Eurobike 2019 Highlights

2020 E Bike Tech Extravaganza | Eurobike 2019 Highlights

– So, E-Mountain bikes
certainly have taken over Eurobike 2019. We’ve already looked at the motors, we’ve looked at the bikes, so
this times let’s have a look at some of the other highlights from Eurobike 2019. (upbeat music) Now Ergon have got a new
E-mountain core prime saddle. Loads of cool features on it and the main one is the soft topper. Now, why that’s important is because is when you’re riding an E-Mountain Bike, if you’re getting bounced around, my saddle is too stiff. That’s going to lead to traction loss out on the trail, especially when you’re climbing. Now there’s four main
parts to this saddle, actually there five parts if you include the ramp at the back there, which keeps you tucked
in on those steep climbs. Now traditionally seats
have got a top part, a soft top part and a
hard shell at the bottom, which the seat attaches to. Now if you make this too soft, that means you’re simply going to feel that hard base to the saddle. So this twin core technology means you’ve got a soft top part, like I mentioned earlier. You’ve got a first shell and then you’ve got the
ergonomic core there. So that’s then attached
to that hard bottom part, so there’s your four layers. Now the great thing about this is it’s not just about the
grip and the comfort, but your whole body experience. If you’re in the saddle
for quite a long time during the day you’ve got your back and you’ve got your bum to think about. So seats on E-Bikes are
absolutely critical. Shimano make a really nice
range of flat pedal shoes with different types of sole on them. You’ve got mens, you’ve got womens, you’ve got more waterproof ones than the others. Really nice, really nice shape, grippy, good range of colors. But,recently they have launched an E-Bike specific shoe. So this is designed more at the casual E-Mountain biker who wants to maybe go shopping or just does a
bit of walking as well. So there you go I think possibly the world’s first ever
E-Bike specific shoe. Let’s hear your thoughts
in the comments down below. E-Bike specific this, E-Bike specific that, but E-Bike shoes? I think that’s a step too far. Get it? Ha-ha. Oh hold on WD40, what have
they got E bike specific? Oh here you go Kettenol. Looks the Germans lube
their bikes with Kettenol. Only joking, wet and dry lube. So I’m guessing that this is dry lube and this is wet lube. What do we have here? Flexible cleaner. I guess if you want to
clean your contact points on your E-Mountain bike, this is probably a good option. Remember you don’t lube
the engine of your E-Bike you do that with motor oil. And don’t take the engine apart. Wheels need to be strong
on E-Mountain Bikes and from time to time you
might be looking for a new set. Could be looking for a set for winter or for a set to ride on the road. We get a lot of questions about tires relating to wheels as well. Now, these in the example here from DT, they range from say 387 euros per set up to carbon ones which are 2248. Now the thing with wheels
is you need to think about the types of tires you’re using on them. So that’s all to do with
the internal rim width. As you can see here, they come in 25, 30 or 35mm rim width on these DT wheels. Again which they’re E-Bike specific. So you can get something
on here preferably. Do you know what the thing with wheels is you might actually choose them depending on the hub noise. (wheels spinning) there’s that sound or
you can come over here, you’ve got this sound (wheels spinning) a lot quieter. And then you can move onto these ones, (wheels spinning) I think hubs is definitely
a personal choice. Lot’s of bikes here at Eurobike featuring the new
generation four Bosch motor. This is a company called
Swype from Germany. This is a 150mm travel bike. They’ve got two options of this bike, one with a 625 watt battery
comes in at 4299 euros, but should you choose a smaller battery, the 500 watt that comes in at
a penny short of four grand. Dotty’s always rattling on to me that I need to clean my bike more often. And I think this looks like a good place to start at Muc-Off. It looks like they’ve got
something here for every occasion. Pretty much the Boots for E-Bikes. Look I’m joking, what
about the E-Bikes specifics when it comes to these
products from Muc-Off? Well, you’ve got all weather lube. You’ve got a dry chain cleaner. Anti-corrosion defense for your leads and this, something in German. I’m only joking it’s a waterless wash. But of course the key things, the lube for the chain, now Muc-Off makes some durable chain oil which I think going back
to what I said about Dotty I probably need to get onto quite quickly. Agide from Nantes in France. So at the TQ stand, now TQ’s got one of the
most powerful E-Bike motors on the market 120 Newton meters. So one of the most powerful two, from 250 watts up to 920 watts. What’s going on here though I’ve got no idea. But something to do with counting blocks or pouring drinks. I mean is that the ultimate bartender? It has to be right? Now that was very, very clever but what I want to know
is how this machine pours a glass of beer
with the right head on it? Can you do that? – [Man] We can do it. We might have to teach it a little bit. We need a little bit more
time teaching it that. – We get a lot of questions in about tires on E-Mountain
Bikes and whether in fact to swap out your heavy duty soft compound mountain bike tires for road tires to commute to work. Now here’s some classic examples, you’ve got a gypsy, you’ve got a grifter, that’s a heavy duty tire. And a torch, now these bikes will be lighter weight they’ll be lower profile and also because a lot
of bikes are restricted to either 25 or 30 kilometers an hour depending on the country you’re in they’re going to be far easier to pedal once you get above those limits. So Johanssen from
Regensberg next to Munich cargo bikes and critical for hydration. Thanks – [Woman] You’re welcome – Now one part of Eurobike
that is growing every year is the demo area now it seems that E-Bike demo is definitely the way to be going. There’s loads of brands here actually there’s dozens of brands here from Husqvarna to Raymon to Merida. So it’s a great place to come to test not only different brands but the motors the sizes the type of spec or maybe just simply to have a look and touch the bike that you
might be buying in the future. I don’t know if I said But I’ve just done a
tour of the Mont Blanc but this seat would actually
be made for doing that it’s Super73 from California 250 watts although I think this
one might be a bit more than 250 watts. It’s got an 80 kilometer range this particular bike is 3,000 euros but they start at 1800 such good fun. Now this bike comes in two versions. You’ve got an EU version
which is 25 kilometers an hour it’s obviously road legal and if I was commuting I would definitely be
getting one of these. Also comes with a
throttle assist US version at 30 kilometers an hour. Obviously the EU version
is a pedal assist bike so you can pedal it to
work any time you like. The big question: flats or
clips on E-Mountain bike Well I do like a good flat pedal shoe but what do you guys think? Would you go for flats or
clips on E-Mountain bikes? So what about helmets on E-Bikes? You’re looking at open
face or semi open face How about the Tyrant or
the Montaro from Giro? From Halifax in England
the new Orange Phase. Now Orange are known for making
bikes with great geometry and that doesn’t change
here with this bike 160mm travel front and rear 29 inch wheel at front 27.5 in the rear. Let’s have a look at some of
the geometry numbers then. We’ve got a 488 mil reach on this bike which is great for riders
around about six foot. Obviously there’s more
sizes in the range as well It’s a Shimano steps E8000 motor with an internal 504 watt hour battery. 439mm chainstay which means it’s a really sharp handling bike and wait for these people to go past yeah you carry on, carry on. Hi, it’s fine! Reduced offset fork metric shock check out Orange Phase lovely looking bike. Now we’ve not seen many hardcore hardtails here at Eurobike but this Orange Erush
definitely is one of them. This comes now with the E7000 motor which we’ve had a great time on the past this bike weighs in at 3499 pounds Kelvin Boom! Now there’s a few things that have surprised me here at Eurobike but one thing has absolutely blown me away so there’s me thinking
it’s all Shimano and SRAM but then there’s this
company from China called Ningbo Aoyang got a 12 speed cassette here 1150 have a guess how much? Honest to god 27 US dollars. Absolutely…that’s
just blown my mind away. Yeah we’re a sophisticated
little lot at EMBN E-Bike specific jacket Amity from Turin in Italy. Conway make some cool bikes this is the Xyron 140 mil travel carbon wheels wireless shifting wireless seat post they’ve got own bar and stem It’s a fourth gen Bosch motor in here 625 watt hour battery. Four sizes 21.6 kilograms and 7999 Euros. Now that has got to be
the most comfortable rug in the whole of Eurobike and it is all about comfort. I just did the tour of Mont
Blanc I don’t know if I told you anyway, 350k. Seats are a key part of endurance or long distance riding on E-Bikes. Now this is SQlabs they
come in a range of sizes from 13 up to 16 millimeters different weights so it’s really important
to get a seat that fits you and the type of riding you do because of all the such things as the distance and of course
when you’re climbing you’re sat in the saddle you need to get your body moving around so yeah SQlabs. Moving across to Proxim now these saddles are fitted to they’re fitted to the Merida bikes which I, all right how you doing? Now these guys again,
come in a range of sizes and of course it’s tailor made for an E-Bike and the type of riding that you do on the bike. So there you go two classic
examples of seats from Italy and where’s SQlabs from? Germany…maybe. Love a good pair of glasses. What do you think of these
baby blue Aspires Brandon? – [Brandon] Very nice! – But what do you think
about these ones Brandon? The Aspire in the Clarity? – [Brandon] Very nice! Love this – So that’s it from Eurobike 2019 there’s been some amazing products here very much taken over by
the E-Bike that’s for sure. Lots of highlights super cool bikes here such as the Bianchi from Italy the Rotwild from Germany and for me I think probably two of the highlights is definitely the Everysight eyewear from a
brand from Tel Aviv in Israel which you can see all your heart rate the cadence and stuff like that plus the Revonte from Finland. Revonte guys or Revont? – [Man] Revonte – Revonte! Revonte from Finland which is the combined
motor and gearbox in one 90 newton meters as I mentioned you can either have it automatic or configured to your own settings. So that’s it if you want to
see more videos from Eurobike check out the ones which we’ve done down by here. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and also hit the bell for
any future notifications. Thanks for watching.

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  1. 'E-Bike takeover" is just sad… I was fine with them until they were 'supplemental' but now they are taking over – people are generally lazy so less effort is appealing – and I cannot overlook their environmental impact compared to regular bikes which they are replacing. But of course, money talks, consumption, and profits are more important than anything.

  2. those Everysight glasses need to come in different styles. I want the map, speed and hr but I don't want to look like Dog the Bounty Hunter for $800

  3. Thanks for this.
    Some really cool features.
    I wish Orange had a belt model ebike..similar to the Nicolai..
    Did you get to see the Riesen&Miller bikes?
    They've got a Belt drive model, with the Rolhoff hub.

  4. How about a mid drive motor set up capable of 2000w cont that will work with existing frames connected to the bottom bracket that does not cost as much as a small car…something like the GNG big block kits but with a sealed gearbox rather then a belt and for the love of god no internal controllers…and if they wanted to get fancy make it with an internal 2 or 3 speed transmission that is capable of driving from both sides so it one wants they could mount a sprocket on the left side of their wheel for e drive and maintain the bikes stock drivetrain for pedal power not having to worry is the e drive chain breaks…

  5. You missed a really big e-bike theme completely: e-bike connectors.
    How come? Are you not aware e-bikes do have connectors? The progress that is made in this field? What a company like HIGO have come up with of late? Missed their stand in the A1 hall? Right opposite the Amprio stand that you deemed more worthwhile?

  6. Great video.
    There are way too many new bikes with Bocsh motors. Unless gen4 was a total redesign with no resistance pedaling unpowered, I ain't buying. If you've ever had to pedal a Bocsh motor ebike out unpowered, you'd never buy a bike with a Bocsh motor. Brose is my first choice, followed by Shimano.

  7. Any plans for an entry-level or budget E-MTB test?
    Maybe some customer advise;
    < €2000
    €2000 – €3000
    €3000 – €4000
    > €4000
    Keep up the good work!

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