2019 Yamaha MT-10 | First Ride | Review

2019 Yamaha MT-10 | First Ride | Review

[Music] [Music] hi guys nothing to prove here today’s a beautiful day because any day one could be out and about on two wheels it is a beautiful gorgeous day and today I’m having a lot of fun on the Mt 10 yeah Yamaha entry top-of-the-line in the MT series you know you go to the MT oh three oh seven oh nine and this also on the MT 10 fun bike very similar to my Super Duke R as far as economically speaking I did like the low down torque and power that this delivered okay before we go into the numbers and all that we’ll get into that and go up close and personal in 4k with this bad boy I hope you guys you stick around and enjoy this [Music] all right guys let’s get right in to the ergonomics of this bike as you can see in the ride by here it’s a pretty much sitting straight up posture with a seat height of 825 millimeters and as you can see the seat two foot peg ratio is pretty good it’s very Super Duke R risk and also the writing position is pretty much Super Duke R as almost straight up as compared to the other two three bikes well so I would put this in the Super Duke R in the same category as far as economics it’s very easy very relaxed very a lot more room than in the BMW s1000 R and especially the tawan oh okay now let’s get up close and personal in 4k with this bike and let’s go over some of the number shall we let’s hit record there we go and let’s take a look at this beautiful bike I do like this color scheme for 2019 the red or the orange rims so to speak if we back up and get over here into the Sun there we go oh yeah that looks pretty good I like that I do like this colors although I think if I got this bike I would get the all black you can get the all black or also the Yamaha blue unless you’re in the u.s. you can’t get the blue okay let’s get into the motor you guys know I like talking about the motor it’s 160 ponies right at 11 v which is good it’s way up there in the roof band and a hundred and eleven Newton meters of torque which is kind of the lowest in this group so yeah as far as power it’s kind of the lowest but coming from a super duke rider and owner for the last three years this was not lacking in that power on paper this looks like huh you know the other bikes will really uh perform it but when you come down to it on the street it really wasn’t that bad I didn’t notice it much I did notice it a little bit under power less power than the Super Duke R but not a lot KYB Forks fully adjustable 120 millimetres of suspension travel almost as good as the WPS on the Super Duke R except it didn’t have that wwp dive when you hit the brakes and let’s talk about the brakes for piston sintered pads on 320 ml discs very good very responsive no complaints for the street I imagine that on the track here you may have a little bit of fade over time with these with these particular brakes but in reality and the street no problem I did like the feel is a little vague at first but it came on the that was like the first second then the second second you’re like ah okay now I’m getting some good feedback so good job on the front brakes and suspension the KY B’s are underneath there go way up and in there and then you have the Nissan to piston rears on 220 discs on the back here and yes a 190 wide rear tire and yeah I’m the first one to ride take this out thank you Shrieve ER for letting me take this out today brand news oh no it had 1 kilo meter on it when I took off today you can see right up here it’s prepared to take your luggage for the tour package so there’s two packages you can get from this model up you can go tour you add 500 or you can go to the SP which you’re adding 2 grand from this and then the SP will be more competitive in my humble opinion with your Super Duke ours us $1000 on your Tuan toast let’s take a look at the tail here it’s okay yeah it’s polarizing the seat here is enough if your passenger is only a hundred pounds fuel tank here is one thing that I would suggest Yamaha give us a bigger fuel tank this is only 17 litres and in this class you get the worst fuel economy you’re at right at 8 liters per 100 kilometers which is right at around was right around 30 miles per gallon basically is what this is so maybe a 20 liter gas tank would be better because I don’t know your range on this will probably be about 200 kilometres and unless you’re acting like a hooligan at all it might only be a hundred okay as we come up here to the – standard controls everywhere else as we come up to the – here it’s the old LCD display yeah it looks like I need gas there I’m in traction control number two I like to number two the best it seemed to fit me and go you can go 1 2 or 3 and off you could actually turn it off you know 3 being rain mode but this 2 right here I want to talk about that that is where you control this here and you can do this as a 1 2 or 3 and you can adjust it right on the fly as you’re riding and that’s addressing the throttle response it’s not changing the traction control the mapping no no this is just purely throttle response one was in my home opinion more for track days number two is for the street and number three would be more like for when you want to be really lazy and gentle or in rain mode or in really cold weather 3 was a little too gentle for me one was a little abrupt on and off and 2 was the Goldilocks zone that’s what it feels like with me this display Yamaha I hope you update it next year when zero five standards come into effect because I know that the BMW s1000 R is going to get the new TFT next year so I hope you do too Yamaha put the new TFT put a new TFT on here all right now let me give up and let’s see how this 210 kilograms of weight translates into feel with this power let’s get on down a row bull I am impressed Yamaha good job I’m the best overall although I do like all fourth the script right naked and I would buy it any of them any of the four but as far as comfort Super Duke R comes first than this hands down if you guys want a comfortable street bike naked that is loads of fun who this fits the bill and cheap 14 grand here in Europe and Germany and in the US what is at 12 12 and a half no problems I’d buy this in a heartbeat recommend by let’s talk about the powertrain I love this cross plane crank this v8 sound when an inline four and that’s on that sound although there is a little bit of gear whine noise if she could hear that tor is just amazing to me it’s only 111 at its peak but I wonder what it is way down here between 3 & 4 group and it’s just awesome I love the field so as far as powertrain engine and transmission and the way that they work together to thumbs way way up that two thumbs good job Yamaha Bobo okay now the Chasse yeah it might be good job I think I would leave the settings as is right now are no problem I think there this is where it comes from the factory and I’m with about 82 kilos well with all my gear and stuff and probably pushing 90 kilos chassé two thumbs because these these brakes absolutely no complaint and the dip is insignificant and the feedback just using two fingers when I was a big bug to sympathize two fingers is easy like this it’s just very relaxed riding and the rear brake racetrack oh yeah whatsoever this thing you can throw this thing just handles those colors with buttery smooth suspension buttery smooth brakes two thumbs on the chest Bombo and that sound mom let’s go down you can’t complain about that sound you’re getting a v8 sound out of an inline four with this cross plane Craig another good good job see that sound just makes me laugh that’s all it does just makes me want to laugh a beautiful day a beautiful bike and don’t get any better than those guys doesn’t all right guys after riding this bike today I really got a feel for what Yamaha was aiming this at comfort power performance is what this is aimed at and your your naked style your super naked does this belong in the super naked class oh yeah and then some is it underpowered on paper it’s underpowered on paper I would say that only for paper on the street I really didn’t notice it okay maybe a little bit of torque down low especially against the Super Duke R but they I would say this has more low-end grunt than the BMW s1000 R you know you BMW guys are gonna go huh I’m just being honest and you guys know I’m honest I get it it’s my humble opinion so there you’re getting two thumbs up from a Yamaha on a bike that is very well done refined fit finish especially for the money the money that you pay for this this is lots of a lot of value very I don’t know why Yamaha you don’t sell more of these in Germany it’s it’s a very good bang for the buck although the BMW s1000 R is just a little bit more than this and if you have to go buy look at that point and what you want because the looks on this machine they can be a little polarizing maybe that’s why they don’t sell here so much in Germany but I do know these things sell like hotcakes in the US and North America so I don’t know why but listen to your local guys around here in Germany give this bike a shot take it out for a test ride I was surprised this it was the first time I’ve ever been on the mt-10 so and I liked it there you guys have my opinion on this bike for what it’s worth take it for a spin it’s worth every penny that you spend on this bike I loved it the only thing if you want a TFT screen maybe wait till next year when Yamaha hopefully Omaha will update the TFT next year I think they will would they do the gyro five changeover alright guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review as always guys number one and most important ride safe that’s the most important thing and number two ride like there’s nothing to prove cheers guys [Music] [Music]

58 thoughts on “2019 Yamaha MT-10 | First Ride | Review

  1. I really enjoy the content, but as much as I appreciate all the work you put in those reviews, you should, in my opinion, focus a bit on negative sides of the bikes you are reviewing – and there are some. For example in your review of BMW R1250R you didn’t mention it doesn’t have rear mudguard and all the filth gets thrown up right at the rear suspension. Things like that might be worth your while to mention. Love the visuals, love the relaxed style, keep up the good work and keep riding like there is Nothing to Prove! (kudos for the BEST channel name in the world)

  2. This is a nice bike, BUT the fuel consumption is very poor. You will be stopping first at the fuel station if you have one of these. I think this is the only reason not to buy this bike, oh, and perhaps if you prefer a TFT screen which rivals have but which cost more money.

  3. Enjoying the videos! Do they sell the SP model in Germany? Ohlins and tft. I think it's only the US that doesn't get the SP.

  4. Great video as allways. Sir, if I may ask I would love to see your review on the Suzuki Boulevard M1800R. Thanks

  5. Are the colored stripes on the tires a type of manufacturing code? I know some tires are called antenna tires but it is groove to dissipate static electricity.

    By the pass the grey poupon, practicing by upper class chitty chat.😊

  6. I've had my MT10 for three years. I still think it taicks most boxes. I ride mostly now two up with my wife on the back. I elongated the rear pegs because they are too short for any distance riding. We did 275 kilometer round trip today and had a blast. Riding solo it's as fun as you describe. What sold it for me was the way it tips into a tight corner, ready to pull like a rocket out of the corner. No nasty surprises just big smile ones. Even had the front wheel up in 5th gear once, hilarious. Glad you enjoyed your test. For me it's a crazy machine or a docile enjoy the ride machine.

  7. Good review. Love my blue 2018 Yamaha MT-10. What machine. Yamaha did very good job with this bike for the price and the sound is so intoxicating. Yes the fuel tank could be bigger but at my age (59) after a 125 miles I'm ready for a stretch anyway.

  8. Ive had my CBR 600 for almost 3 years now and damnit do I want an MT 10. I was planning on this summer but now I want to wait for the TFT :'(

  9. As usual a great review for connoisseurs. Slow intimate and precise. I changed my 1090 ktm a few months ago for a mt10 SP. what a bike. Tft screen by the way. And the semi electronic ohlins suspensions are butter when needed and so rigorous when required. One of the best bikes I ever owned. Please give me a tip for driving with it as you do??! 60kmh all the way, on my side it’s more above 200. The crossplane is begging for 😁. Again thanks for your perfect reviews

  10. I just don't like how the MT-10 looks. as a matter of fact when I think about it I don't like any MT from Yamaha.
    All awesome fun bikes but the looks just doesn't click with me.
    They all have this Gimmicky-Transformers look without grace and sex appeal..

  11. My last bike was the SuperDuke and, I've replaced it with this. I find it more fluid and relaxed – definitely lighter in weight. I dart in and out of traffic with ease and I LOVE how I can change the power characteristics to suit my mood. I've never had a motorcycle that drank fuel like this one, even my Tuonos but, I've never had a bike that fit my temperament so well.

  12. Ive owned it 4 months now. You dont get tired off this bike anytime soon. It got so much personality with that awsome CP4 engine that sounds like a old school muscle car (esp after changing the exhaust). Awsome chassi and wery comfy. Only negative is the range ( reserv around 200km).

  13. New to your channel and content. I like what I've seen so far. I've had a chance to test ride this bike and enjoyed every minute of it!

  14. Nice Review! This MT-10 and the Triumph Street Triple RS are on my radar. Nice past review of the Triumph ST. Just wondered about your riding jeans. Could you share the brand and model? I like the option of the zipper vents. Don't see too many brands/models that offer that.

  15. Not a lot of people know but the MT10 has THE QUICKEST 0-60mph of ANY production bike in history . When people say they didn't notice the power being down it's becaue the MT10 cross plane crank performed at the same levels of the othe supernakeds with less hp.
    I've had crossplane R1's and loved them but my favorite bike for sure was my FZ10 (MT10) I had the battleship grey/fluorescent yellow combo. Loved it! Also get rid of the cat and it sounds epic!!!

  16. Let me add, I bought mine at the launch before ever seeing one in person, bought it sight unseen from a Yamaha KTM dealer in California (I live in utah US) the preview reviews of the FZ10, MT10 when all the prosffessionals and emagazines agreed with that comment I knew there was no reason to NOT buy and I saved $8,500 US over my other choice the superduke R. Now I know it's not quiteeee am SDR, BUT a bike that competes SO closely to the worlds best hypernakeds at a bike u can get half the price of the SDR and Tuono Factory . I'm not kidding you msrp in the US was $12,999,…BUT nearing the launch i searched for the best price on a new one (which they all were being ore launch) I found Thousand Oaks Powersports in California, one of the most reputable dealers in the US apparently /and I can attest to that!! They were amaizint! Anyway they ordered 12 FZ10 's at launch, 9. In grey and 3 in black , to their shock they had nearly no deposits by the launch and being a top dealer they were worried about loosing dealer allotment if they ordered 12 and sold 1 , so they listed 2 of the grey and yellows brand new at $9,200!!!!! NEW 0 miles, out the door price!!!!!! I saves nearly $5,000 when ALL was said and done. I got a Loan for $9k , insurance is dirt cheap, it's such a blast to ride, think is a wheelie monster , all the power is low and modeange, shorter wheelbase than R1 so more nimble; it's Jsut hella fun and man,..$9,000 new!!?????you can not possible beat that!!!! A lot of areas are still being slow to adopt the no brainer super nakedness that are as fast as superbikes but comfortable and maybe all the torque low for fun riding, SO capitalize on the Morons that don't get it yet and but one, I'll never go back to sueprsport after my MT10 , no reason, quicker, more comfortable, different than all the sport bikes out there, cruise control , I can ride it accross the Us at any time and not worry or be i pain, it's such an amazing bike!!!

  17. For those wondering, I had mine 2 years put 8,000 miles on it and had not ONE issues, problem or need for the dealer, yamaha and espcsicllt the crossplane 4 is bombproof.

  18. I have the 2017 US model and I don't think its all that, with all the performance problems it has. I still own the bike because it's the second most comfortable I have ever had, the XT660X was the most comfy, but I can't lie about it's performance. The issues I have with the bike are:
    Gas/range, it is a hard thing to deal with, because you know you can't travel far on the bike and since I live in Southern Nevada it is a major problem for me.

    Brakes, I owned 2004 R1, 2001 R6, 2017 XSR 900 and 2008 XT660X and the brakes on the FZ/MT-10 are the worst brake I have ever experienced on a motorcycle period. I have to ride this bike like I'm driving an 4×4 truck, I brake early and keep a distance. I never rode that way in my life. The brake just zap confidence when riding especially in traffic.

    Tires for me they are slipper as hell, but I'm used to Dunlops. I can't get any confidence with these tires every time I take a roundabout the bike slides if I'm 5 to 10 miles over the limit.

    Wind blast, anything over 70 mile per hour becomes a fight and is tiring especially if you ride with gear. Getting old I guess!

    Speed, too me this bike is slow! I mean for all the hype it is slow, but I do ride with traction control 2 because if the tires and brakes I guess. I love the XSR and all my Yamaha's prior, but this bike makes me want to sell it. I know how to ride a motorcycle, done trackdays and all that stuff but, this bike just sucks in my opinion!

    I like the looks, sound, leg room, slipper clutch, display, suspension, LCD lights, and my comfort seat! Bought the sintered brake pads, and heated grips, but haven't installed them as of yet. Trying to find a good wind screen that doesn't take away from the the look and will get some dunlop Q3 tires and I think that will get the bike to where I will love it again!

  19. You say underpowered I’ve owned 2018 superduke r and mt10 sp i’m not surprised you think it’s underpowered do you ride your KTM like that 🐓😂

  20. I'm going crazy trying to decide between this bike and the super duke r! I don't commute on my bike (fz-07) but use it only for fun rides in the twisties so looking for the bike that will give the most thrills. In your opinion after riding both which bike would you say has the most fun factor? Also which bike do you think is best for a shorter rider? I'm about 5'7 or 175cm.

  21. Advice needed. I currently own a Triumph Speed Twin, but I'm wanting to do more long trips. The Speed Twin doesn't have cruise control or decent wind protection, so I'm considering a sport touring type bike. The ones that I'm looking at are the MT 10(Touring Package), BMW R 1250 RS, and the KTM Super Duke 1290 GT. Which would you chose? Thanks, Justin

  22. I have a 2018. Love it. It needs nothing. Put TC in 2 (so it will still wheelie), throttle in 3 so that it is not abrupt, and have fun. A few suspension adjustments and it is super fun on track, at the stock settings, it is great on the street. Super comfy, great wind protection for a naked, good brakes, wheelies like crazy, sounds awesome. Even good stock tires. Only glitch doesn't really bother me since I only ride for recreation – and that is the MPG. I get about 27-28. But I know for some that might be a problem.

  23. As always a great review and honest assessment 🙂 Could I ask if there are any tee shirts available to buy with your logo on?

  24. ハーイ、スコット ワーナー!




  25. Great review man! The weather is still crap so I am sitting here watching a review of the very bike I have in my garage 😀 Good thing about this winter being mild is that there is no gravel anywhere!
    Anyway I had 2017 mt09 and loved it, sold it after 20000kms, got a black 2019 mt10, clocked almost 17000km in one season and love it even more. It's a fantastic all arounder and for the first time in my life I want to keep a bike for as long as it works <3

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