2019 Blackline Trail Clothing | GMBN Tech Unboxing

2019 Blackline Trail Clothing | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Today we’re taking a look
at some brand new technical riding clothing from Nukeproof and I have both women’s and men’s specific gear here. Now the best thing of
all is we’re giving away two full sets of women’s
clothing and two full sets of men’s clothing, but
you have to stay tuned to find out a bit more about them. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the features. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] This is the Blackline range is the premium trail riding
clothing from Nukeproof and in both the men’s and women’s options, there are shorts and our
jerseys available in both short and long sleeve options. First up, let’s take a
look at the women’s stuff. Okay so first I would
take a look at the women’s Blackline jersey if we still a long sleeve
and short sleeve options. There’s five sizes
available ranging from small through to double XL and there’s three colors
available in each. All of which are quite lifestyle
related, color code them in with your bikes or you can just chop and
choose as you prefer. Fabric wise, they’re actually derived from a coffee based material. Now the cool thing about this is that naturally has antibacterial
properties on it, which means it’s going to
resist that dreaded trail funk for a lot longer. Another upside of this
coffee derived fabric is a fact is naturally UV resistant and also dries two hundred percent faster than regular cotton. So much better than just
running a regular T-shirt. Now the jerseys are actually
packed with a whole bunch of tech features while still managing to look
just like a regular tech T. So for starters the back is slightly lower than the front just aid that fit when you’re on the bike itself and there’s really cool panels in these two. So the armpits themselves
are made of a stretch of ventilated fabric, which also wraps around
to the back of the jersey so really good for getting
heat away after drying up that sweat on the fly. There’s also little zipper pocket on the side here, which you could use for an MP3 player or something like that because there’s a headphone
port within there, of course it also good for a car key or something else nice and compact. Overall stitching is
really good triple stitch is just a really nicely made jersey. For the long sleeve option, it’s got a slightly different neck opposed to the around that
you got a short sleeve obviously looks a bit more
like a race jersey compared to the more casual styling of the short sleeve option and it’s got nice long
sleeves to make sure that I run up too much
when you’re in a saddle. Now with the women’s shorts, there’s two color options available petrol blue as you can see here or classic black with
yellow detailing on them. And the short’s are made from a
polyester elastin blend on them and they’ve got what I
think is the optimum amount of stretch to them. Some shorts are bit lighter and a half what I think too much stretch and it can snack on the saddle. These seem to have it just
right but I feel tough and durable whilst at it. Now the cross stitching
is triple stitch on these so you can be really tough and durable for all of that several time you going to have on them, and there’s a whole bunch
of other cool features. So there’s twin pocket on this with tough YKK zippers. Now unlike some other brands
that use the finest zips, you’ve got the really chunky ones. They’re not effective and not perfect for mountain biking. There was a mesh lined so you don’t have to get
too hot on the inside there. Now something in particular is
quite cool about these shorts is they managed to look
quite casual despite the fact the technical you could use these as
a fairly casual short thanks to the fact that
have belt loops on them and I’ve got a regular
looking double popper fly with a YKK zipper, all it’s good. When you look at the inside, it’s a bit more tech. Silicon grippers on both sides to make sure they stay firmly
in place in that ride around and you got a nice wicking material on the back there just
to absorb any sweat. There’s also internal cinches with a hook and loop closures you can adjust the waist if you don’t want to run a belt with them. Then that’s a really nice touch. On the back of the short there is a single zippered pocket, same thing applies this a
nice tough, thick YKK zip. It’s got new proof details
on it which looks good, again a mesh inside there. Not so many pockets you
might use when you’re riding but for casual you use of putting a wallet in something like that is ideal. Now as far as the cut goes they’re definitely more on the casual side but again they’re very
fitted around the waist for quite loose in the
legs so is comfortable and it’s going to draw in a lot of air. Now depending on your height they’re going to sit
either on your knee pads or a little bit lower. And one last thing to mention is the fabric itself is DWR coated. Now was this does not mean there waterproof shorts, it does mean it helps repel water and more importantly helps
avoid soaking up the water which leads to heavy saggy shorts and of course, that’s going to happen in mountain biking so that’s a good feature. Now with a man’s is a fairly similar range on a slightly different options. So it’s a long sleeve jersey and a short sleeve jersey
just like the women’s. The cut is the same basis
except is cut around man. There’s five different sizes from small through to double XL and in both the short
sleeve and the long sleeve, there’s three different color options. The designs are very slightly different although the color palette is the same. So you can match if you
have a riding partner of the opposite sex and I think that look really smart. Feature wise and the same they have the
same trusty YKK zippers got same antibacterial
coating and UV protection, good stuff. When it comes to the shorts there’s three options available in colors there’s trusty black, there’s petrol blue and there khaki like
a half on display here and they have the exact same features only they’ll cut for men. That means they’re available in the same five sizes a little bit bigger ranging from small through to double XL and I’ve got all the same
features a DWR coating on them and they from the same
elastin and polyester blend. They’ve got the trusty YKK
zips don’t clog up the mud and the nice extra features
like that waistband, you have the choice of
running a belt with, really smart looking kit. Now more importantly for you guys, we are giving away two full sets of men’s gear and the women’s gear. So you can choose between short sleeve, long sleeve, the sizing and the color options for you. If you want to enter that competition, click the link below this video and you will find out very
soon who’s going to win them. Good luck. If you want to see some
more cool Nukeproof stuff, Click over here. If you want to see my
new proof mega bike check and don’t forget if you
like Nukeproof stuff, give us a thumbs up.

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  6. Don’t know if they changed material but the ones I have from last year (Xmas presse from octogenarian mum) are really nice, comfy and durable (with the exception of mesh pockets ) weirdly first thing my mum said was “they are so nicely cut you could wear those for casual” …

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