2015 Superbike Showdown: Ducati 1299 Panigale S v. BMW S1000RR v. Yamaha R1 v. Kawasaki Ninja H2

2015 Superbike Showdown: Ducati 1299 Panigale S v. BMW S1000RR v. Yamaha R1 v. Kawasaki Ninja H2

We’re here at Silverstone with some of the
world’s best 1000cc superbikes we’ve got the S1000RR, we’ve got the new 1299S Ducati, we’ve got the new Yamaha R1 and, as
a wildcard, we’ve got Kawasaki’s supercharged H2. [MUSIC] MARC>>So we had fun on these four bikes at Silverstone
yesterday, now we’re at Bruntingthorpe. We’ve datalogged them. Bruce, back to Silverstone. What were your impressions.? BRUCE>>We had a great day yesterday. Three
of these bikes are pure sports bikes and the other one sort of emerged as maybe not as
good in the sporty arena as the others but it was still fun. Managing all of the power that the H2
has got was an experience in its own right. The R1 sticks out in my mind as something that
is right at the cutting edge. It’s got all of the electronics that you can tailor to
suit your riding needs. The Beemer’s good but against the Yamaha it feels just a little
bit dated, just certain areas of it. MARC>>And the Ducati, what about that? BRUCE>>It performs so well. The characteristic
of the engine , it’s what’s needed for certain areas of the track. But there you’ve got the demands needed to get the best out of that it drains me, physically and mentally, but in an enjoyable way. MICHAEL>>On that Ducati, you can’t help but smile and think ‘ah, this is something else’ just with the sound of the thing as well. And the
Kawasaki… it’s almost removed from that category where the other three are. Incredible straight line speed. Incredible acceleration. Not so much around the corners for me. MARC>>I did the launch of the 1299
and I absolutely loved the thing. I can’t help looking at it and admiring it. For me,
its the one I want to take home because I get such a kick out of riding it but actually
the Yamaha… Man, that’s a bike! I just love riding that thing. If I was going to put a
watch on me, I think I’d be fastest on the Yamaha for sure. You can take the mickey with
the electronics. The chassis is amazing. Little bit soft for me, maybe, but the more I ride
it the more I love it. The BMW is great, but its starting to feel a bit old fashioned to
me now. Still fantastic bike though. I mean, look there’s not much between any of these. And then the Kawasaki, that’s just absolute madness. Everyone needs to ride one, I wouldn’t
recommend you do it on a track but man, you’ve got to feel that horsepower! So Bruce, the Kawasaki kind of came into its own here at Bruntingthorpe? BRUCE>>You know what? I’ve been performance testing bikes for the past 20 years and this is the quickest street bike I have ever tested, its
getting It takes you to 180 miles an hour in just
over 15 seconds from a standing start. It will do a 9.9 standing quarter straight out
of the box. MARC>>That’s like drag bike stuff from a few
years ago? BRUCE>>It’s incredble. It’s phenomenal. MICHAEL>>And it’s stable at that kind of speed. BRUCE>>You know, there’s a lot of power there,
over 200 horsepower, but none of that corrupts its straightline stability and you feel in
control, so even somebody who wasn’t that experienced in launching and doing naught to max runs,
they could have a good go on it. I’m sure. MARC>>So, ultimately, given the keys now
which one are you going to take home? BRUCE>>Do you know what? In a dark corner of
my mind, there’s the H2. It’s mad. It sounds like it’s possessed. MARC>>It’s ugly though! Isn’t it? BRUCE>>Yeah. I dunno if I could live with
that. I don’t know. MICHAEL>>You know, if you turn up at any bike
meet with that Ninja, or with the Ducati for that matter, you are going to have people
flocking around. I’m not so sure about the R1 or the S1000. Because people have seen them. They
are not quite standoutish. MARC>>Again, the R1. I don’t think it’s a
pretty thing, but what a ride! And that noise really is something special. But I can’t help
thinking that Ducati is. That’s your porn star, you know. The one you really want to
ride! And look at. BRUCE>>I give up with you! I’ll just take
the R1.Because that delivers what I need. MICHAEL>>The R1 is the complete package… [MUSIC]

97 thoughts on “2015 Superbike Showdown: Ducati 1299 Panigale S v. BMW S1000RR v. Yamaha R1 v. Kawasaki Ninja H2

  1. I keep hearing the 2015 BMW is right up there with the R1, but i guess these guys didn't think so…

    I'd love to see the same people/bikes tested on the street as well.

  2. for one thing the ninja is my personal favorite the bmw was horrible and the ducatti and r1 were pretty good

  3. tested the 1299 Panigale on last sunday in Franciacorta circuit Italy was really incredible how 205CV can be so smooth  and strong in the same time was too easy to drive really a big jump a head.

  4. These days comparing sport-bikes in each class usually results in splitting hairs, and you can't really say one is better than the other. It just comes down to individual preference; some people just like the looks better, or the power curve better, or the ride quality better etc. You won't go wrong with any of them cos they are all superb. We are indeed spoiled in this day-and-age; I remember when a 70 hp motorcycle was a superbike and the handling was scary past 100 mph. But really the horsepower is getting over the top; 200+ hp is just plain scary on two wheels even with electronics.

  5. Ducati is going in right direction with the design. but now it is going to suffer the drawbacks of that L-twin engine. They cannot increase the displacement every time with the new bike. Hope to see a v4 or L-4 in future ducati superbikes.

  6. KTM do not make the rc8 for the streets, They have a problem with a bike qiwh 200 hp on the road. KTM will lost a lot of money. With no 1000cc road bike.

  7. I'll take the H2 any day. Ugly? Who says is ugly?! That black chrome paint job is just insane and in a straight line (which is quite a big part of road riding) will smoke absolutely anything out there. If you only want to go for looks, then take the Panigale. The BMW is probably the best all-round bike here. As for the R1, it is probably the best track bike, but the problem is it is under-powered.

  8. Liter bike compilation should not include any nonsense like 1300cc chick magnet, for exact same reason Aprilia can't join ether. And Kawa is only good for competition on the straight run.
    It's between r1 and bimer let's admit the truth

  9. Nobody can really comment on the H2 performance  or ride qualitys unless u have riden one,they are tottaly different beast.I have done 4,500 ks on mine and love it more and more as time goes on.

  10. I think it's good that they can't decide as they all like different things from a bike.
    For me is the H2 all day long. A.k.a the king of the road bar none! 🙂

  11. the bmw feels old fashioned comment made me laugh, and upping the panigale 300cc and putting a supercharged bike in there seems kind of stupid i wouldnt count the h2 as a superbike more of a hyperbike like its zx12r cousin only 2 true superbikes there are the r1 and bmw

  12. If your looking for pure speed then the H2 is the one for you no doubt about it but if your looking for looks then I'd say the BMW s1000rr but it's down to personal preference for looks I think, bare in mind the H2 is the only one of these bikes to do 1/4 in under 10 seconds

  13. No mention of how the Ducati is slower, way more expensive, still has hot seat problem, etc etc etc…

    R1 looks very similar to the Ducati, but is better all around, and much cheaper.

    The fact that Ducati had to go to 1300 cc to remain relevant to the 1000cc bikes shows how poor a bike Ducati really is. And that hot seat problem that has plagued Ducati for years remains unfixed, and makes them horrible for cruising.

    R1 and S1000RR are the clear winners here.

  14. He says he's there with the world's best 1000cc superbikes, But as per usual the Ducati is 200cc larger. It'san 1199cc, not 1000.

  15. Ducati is not even 1000cc.. It's a cheater bike because Ducati can't make more power from 1000cc.. unlike other manufacturers… It's not even reliable and it would break down in less than a year… It shouldn't even be allowed to WSBK anymore because the engine is too big.. not sure why they still allow it. Probably they are paying or sucking off other people's penis and balls.

  16. New rsv4 is missing, i thing the panigale is the most sexiest thing in two wheels, and the sound of the h2 is audio porn

  17. what is the price of all the bikes tested? The lessor priced bikes should be modified to meet the most expensive to make it an even comparison.

  18. Oh joy I'm the luckiest man around I picked my h2 up 2 days ago..I've had everything from s1000rr to the beast 1290 and holy shit absafukinloutley no bike had ever frightened me in my life but the H2..I live in England and was a cold 130 ride back from the dealer bey every mile made me smile…..

  19. i hv never cn ebr 1190 rx being compared much with other super bikes the company became bankrupt but still its the american superbike

  20. H2 only makes about 200 hp while the BMW does as well. What all this about "Oh you've got to feel that power" seriously. It's the H2R that makes more than 300hp, yes the H2 is supercharged but it still makes the same hp as the BMW.

  21. Bottom line. If you have the cash, and you want the best performing and best looking sport bike out there? …. get the Panigale.

  22. specialists? 4 retards more like it. 1299 will toast your nuts from rear header, R1 looks like the character from Ice Age, H2 only looks ugly if you put it next to 1299, and how the Fuck BMW is dated with top of the line techs? fucktards in my opinion. all very sexy and performs extremely well for intended design

  23. If I wanted the fastest and most comfort I would buy the S1000RR, if I wanted to have the best track lap time I would buy the R1, if I wanted to have a drag racing spaceship I would get the H2. What I did get is the 1299S because it's the one that makes me smile when I see it and ride it; also boils my thighs but that's ok. Get the one that makes you smile the most they are all amazing bikes. Cheers 🍻

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