1st Spoken MotoVlog Part 1, 1º Moto Vlog Falado,KTM Duke 125 Laranjinha ABS Motorbike,Braga,Portugal

1st Spoken MotoVlog Part 1, 1º Moto Vlog Falado,KTM Duke 125 Laranjinha ABS Motorbike,Braga,Portugal

The microphone of Chinese Store… I am a born defender of KTM! Look…this guy does not know who has priority…then we go! Now, let’s speed a little! I’m enjoying this YouTube experience! I’m almost reaching 700 subscribers! Look Counter-Steering…will you make a video about the Counter-Steering! I will take you for a place where I have one of my intros Let’s hear a bit the motorbike! To everyone that makes MotoVlog I want to ask special care… And then guys?! I am testing a microphone of a Chinese Store… He is on my face side, just to try it! I’m so distracted that I’m going in fifth gear! You see this bike, the road is rising slightly! Well…see what this bike can handle! I am a born defender of KTM…ehehehe Look at this beautiful noise…oh oh Takae care Young boy!!! That’s it man… Today, we are going throw the middle of the city! From time to time I make this path with bike…always going up… This is going to Braga Railway Station It’s a beautiful building, you will see it… But this is always going up….strenght! For those who are a little fat like me…I weight 80 kgs! I should be least 3 or 4 liters less! Come on guys, come on! And so, since I was asked several times to make a MotoVlog I mean…I do MotoVlog but it is not talked, is not it?…If that can be considered one MotoVlog…or does? Depends on the tastes, some people like to do only video, other guys just like to speak, others speak and arrange situations… There are very things! Then,we also have the problem of language is in Portuguese covering many countries, is not it ?, PALOPs Brazilian brothers are also very addicted to MotoVlog… I’m starting to get a lot of friends there! Let’s pass this guys, that’s what the bikes are for… Oh boy…you’re seeing me? Madam you could pass please! Look…this one does not know who has priority…then we go! Here is the station building, I forgot to show you… You see it?!?! Slightly…LOL Now here’s something that all crosswalks must and should have…this LIGHTING! At night we helps a lot! The amount of people being run over! It’s impressive! Health spending… and all the family troubles that go out there!!! Let us note that many people also abuse of the crosswalks! Pedestrians often seems to me that they want to be or like to be run over! Now let’s speed again a little! Today I’m not wearing jacket because it’s hot… but this is not recommended at all! If we fall…asphalt is hard !!! Come on boy! Gave up? It’s ok! Hey there! Hey there! What goes on inside this truck?!?! Hmmmm? Very weird! Let’s open the visor to see how the sound behaves. He want to go to the same place as me, I should leave here, I’m here failing… but as this is a small roundabout…we can facilitate a bit. It seems to me that sound with open visor looks like a bit weird! Then we’ll see! Close the visor… The sound is more muffled is not? Then we see how it gets better! Here’s the scooter fellow…friend! Let’s pass this guy, he has broken brakes! I can tell you that I’m enjoying this YouTube experience! I started…or!, I already have YouTube account for many years… And I started posting videos…but about a year, or maybe in September last year, in September 2014 I thought…eh man, How about making some videos for people see? and I, who like these new technologies, I like to do this, I like to invest my time on it I know nothing BUT I learning in terms of video editing, in behavioral terms with other YouTube users…doing my networking… And I’m get going! I’m almost reaching 700 subscribers, whom I thank you! My big Thanks… aaah…it is not easy! It is not easy…or better, has much to say about them! One day I will invest some time to explain everything I do! So? Brake, Brake, Brake, Brake!…I wiil go throw here today! As I was saying… I will do a video to explain everything I do and everything that needs to be done and for sure there are many other things that I do not know! So that the YouTube channel prosper and be healthy, that has many views, that’s what we want, we want to make quality videos, that people like to see…who identify themselfs! And the channel is growing gradually. Usually, from my job to my home I spent about 12 minutes.

00:09:54.060 –>00:09:58.531
In the morning I take longer, the route is almost the same! but in the morning I think I’ll slow down, I think it takes me a little longer in the morning. By late afternoon it takes me about 12 minutes, though I stop to buy bread… and I’m always riding calmly, but when I want to speed…I speed! Let’s give here a little speed…well! Look! Counter-steering! I will make a video about Counter-steering! It is a very important technique. A lot of people DO NOT KNOW that Counter-Steering exists…BUT intuitively they practice it !!! I will now take you to a place, this here is the highway, I will now take you to a place where I have one of my INTROS…which is a tunnel, a small tunnel! Gives a funny sound… Here is he! Beware of the sand! Let’s hear a bit the bike! Braap Braap !!! LOL! Its gross and loud!!!!! Now, this road entry is a bit dangerous…very dangerous! This side it’s OK. We can go now, right, here we go. To everyone that makes MotoVlog, I want to ask special care because while we are talking about there is always a tendency not to notice all aspects of the road… all aspects of signaling, other vehicles, etc… We have to open our eyes! I do not know if this fellow saw me but… We have to open your eyes to these situations so… I stop here in Montalegrense cake shop…sorry for advertising! I frequent this house since I’ve been at the University!… Since I finished the university 25 years ago…20 years ago! Do not miss the second part that is also funny!

24 thoughts on “1st Spoken MotoVlog Part 1, 1º Moto Vlog Falado,KTM Duke 125 Laranjinha ABS Motorbike,Braga,Portugal

  1. Gostei bastante do motoVlog tenho apenas uma recomendação penso que a câmara deveria estar posicionada de outra maneira parece um pouco de lado, de resto gostei bastante do Vlog e o microfone parece-me bem porreiro. Parabéns continue a mostrar as belas paisagens do norte do pais 🙂 Abraço

  2. Não tem como não defender a KTM, aqui na minha cidade ainda não temos lojas da marca, mas eu sou fã dela também e essa laranjinha é linda… ficou legal falando… :)) parabéns

  3. aqui @2:18m passaste para a rua que vai dar a casa do meu pai, ou seja a minha casa 🙂
    virar a direita 🙂
    abraços 🙂

  4. Ficou muito bem, afinal os chineses vendem bons microfones…
    Se a ideia é continuares, por mim está aprovado 😉
    Forte abraço!

  5. Tens de me dizer a que chineses vais! 😛 (Também tenho de arranjar um micro). Não consegui ver a parte 2… Diz que é privado… alguém teve esse problema? Beijinhos! OneGirl

  6. Linhos, queria dar uma dica, posso?
    Não sei como funciona a sua câmera, mas existe algum suporte que deixe ela um pouco mais para frente? Assim veríamos menos o capacete e mais as imagens da câmera. Acho que seria show!
    Quando ao microfone, o áudio ficou ótimo, esses chineses são danados!

    Me passe depois sua morada, vou enviar uns adesivos da Joaninha pra você!

  7. Continua com o bom trabalho! Estou a viver a uns onze mil quilometros de Portugal e o teu vlog ajuda a matar saudades. Os vlogs do mundo inteiro sao a minha companhia enquanto estou a trabalhar e sabe tao bem ouvir vlogs na minha lingua materna…

  8. Está bem iniciado, gostei! Cuidado nunca é demais, ainda mais falando e filmando. Só acertar a câmera, seguindo as indicações de nossos amigos e pronto! Um abraço companheiro!

  9. É raro conseguir manter o raciocínio quando chego a rotundas ou cruzamentos para que me possa concentrar em não fazer asneira ou não entrar na asneira dos outros.

    Guardas o som num dispositivo à parte ou ligas directamente à camera?

  10. Cara, excelente vídeo! Não te preocupes quanto à câmera. Está ótima. Particularmente prefiro a câmera centralizada, mas não vejo o menor problema ai. Uma pergunta: O que quer dizer "malta"?

    Abraços, irmão.

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