1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 7

1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 7

[Music] so exciting news we got a bunch of heim joints in the mail and a left hand thread tap for set fine joints and I picked up some solid half inch aluminum rod which all of this means we can make new tie rods measure how much I need drill and tap this rod which quits this is an old tie rod off of sendy that got stripped out on one end but we need to lock shorter so I’m just going to use it as aluminum stock to make the center section [Music] so here’s one of our new tie rods with ball joints we just ordered these off of ebay they’re super teeth just replacement parts for the Kawasaki ATV so now I just have to shorten them about that much make a sleeve and weld it [Music] after a whole bunch of time on the lathe finally have some bearing housings that I can weld to for these steering column bearings that one’s just plain it’s also press fit this one is not press fit but it happens to have a set screw in it and the reason for that is that this used to be a sprocket hub I took away a little bit of material there that was a sprocket hub from some version of Cinderella’s drivetrain and stuck it on the lathe and turned it out to fit over this bearing and then I just left the keyhole or they mean the set screw hole in there so it slips on there and you can set screw it in place so as soon as I get some mounts done a complete lower steering column [Music] [Applause] [Music] so yesterday finally got the whole front section the steering finalized with the actual parts we’re gonna be using on it and I got the steering column just barely tacked in place here with its bearings we ended up with a lot of angle and earlier I was talking about how we wouldn’t have much Ackerman it turns out I was wrong because when you if you if these two arms are vertical then you wouldn’t have a cure meant but like the more you push them out the more ackerman you get to a certain extent so not only do we have a Kerman but we have adjustable ackerman so that’s cool anyway right now I’m working on the mounts for this rear bearing here what I’m gonna do for starters is just make these brackets and tack it to the frame here and then see how removable it is because this chef doesn’t fit too tight in that bearing it’s snug but not tight so it I should be able to just unbolt the other half of steering column unbolt this bearing and then slide it out of that bearing which will save me the trouble of having to make it [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ve got this into the steering looking really good and we’ve got a solid mount here for both the differential and this steering bearing bracket they both weld straight to this sleeve so now that’s all one unit you unbolt this bulkhead here that whole thing will come off with it and then to get the shaft out you just loosen the set screws and shove the bearing back and then it’ll come up and out and then it just pops out of the the rear one here it’s just welded to the frame and it just slides out of that bearing so the whole thing’s removable just barely which means that it’s now time to work on mounting this like I said we don’t need all four these new joints and this one’s not removable so I’ll have to cut this shaft and cut this shaft and then sleeve them back together but that’s okay because that means I can change the length to whatever I need it step one is getting rid of all of this bracket tree on the steering column because I’m not gonna use any of that I’ll just weld to it with tubes or whatever does that recommended for cleaning off round things highly recommended especially of caring to you [Music] [Music] so I got this all polished up nice got all the brackets off of there thanks to the belt sander that thing how we ever survived without it but anyway I’ve got a sleeve here I don’t know if it’s what I’m gonna use but it works great for temporary to figure out the length of this and actually the link that it just happened to be that scrap of metal is pretty close yeah so it’ll be pretty simple to mount all this I can just make a subframe out of one-inch tubing that just goes you know down to here and down to here or whatever [Music] so we got foot pedal on the bench and everything’s held in place here I just counted and there’s now six you joints on this thing there’s two on this shaft two on this shaft and now two on the steering shaft which is now fully functional and I’d say that’s a solid amount of steering angle oh yeah [Music] [Music] finally after like an entire week the steering is done it’s all at least taxed together so that’s fully welded all the bearings are there all the joints are there the whole this steering column here is welded and this part is welded on and braced it has a little bit of flex with just these two here but I really like the way it looks being only supported by one side and the drive lines really in the way of putting a support on the other side plus I don’t know what I’m gonna be putting in this space the gas tank may go in here in which case the less bracing I have the better for the gas tank I think the next step is going to be fitting the body on and actually finalizing its like mounting and location not all the mounts necessarily but just something to hold it in place so that I can figure out where we can put the radiator and the rear shock mounts and we’ll start on that and then move to the front shock mounts the time has come to mount the body or at least start doing so that’s the goal for today is to get it mounted and located so that we can keep going with all the other components we’re at the point where everything we add from this point on is going to be very tightly fit into the body right now I’ve got a couple of bolts here holding the body up just right just right height [Music] so I’m working on this body support frame slider footboard perimeter piece it serves a lot of functions this bend here is at a slight angle up compared to you know this but I didn’t get it quite right the first time it’s just a really hard thing to calculate and to bend sideways on it Bend like that this better if we’re not set up to do that but I found a way to kind of do it anyway this is just kind of stick it in there sideways that wouldn’t work in all situations but for this one it does and then I can just run it up a few if I hold this end down boy oh now it’s got a little bit of an upward Bend there and that’s just to get when it’s installed here this end is already notched to fit into the spot that it fits into and then I just wanted this piece here to be angled a little more inward when this is where it sits so this goes right about there so that’s is like a frame slider sort of thing across the bottom of the body and the body can screw on to it right there and then tie it back into the chassis back there right by the suspension pivot and at the front I’ll make a bracket for it to bolt on to one of the engine mounts this notch here on the back end of this goes into a junction of three tubes it’s right at one of the points of the trellis on the frame so to get it notched all nice we have this thing which I found on Amazon called a pipe master I’ve basically never used it because most of the notches I do are just a single tube and it’s kind of not worth it or I can’t get it into the place that I needed to be but in this case it worked perfect because I just put it on the tube and then held it up to where it needs to go and just you can just slide these little teeth things around and get them to contour to whatever you’re notching to and then you slide it back a little bit mark it out and then just notch up to the marks we have some tack and going on we got the piece held up by a grinder an extra piece of tube and we’ve got some neat pedaling going on [Music] body is mounted yeah so now every time I need to take it off and put it back on it’ll go on exactly the same spot which is very helpful it’ll still need mounts [Music] am I making a piece for this or am I making a weapon I’m not sure it’s rather pointy but it fits quite nicely right there yeah you’re going with long ways against three pieces of anything at all different angles right there yeah that’s where the belt sander comes in handy versus the tubing not sure [Music] [Applause] [Music] totally cradles your foot perfectly right there there’s really no need to fill it in with anything there’s no point that your foot can fall through I mean it could fall through here but you have to be trying to do that rolling it out for its first time with steering yeah [Music] so got the other floorboard done and now we can test the steering with all the weight on it it’s not entirely fair because we’re on ice but it’s pretty nice and it has a lot of angle it does and if the camber looks weird at all that’s just because might be lean to one side of the other a ratchet strap suspension isn’t doing the trick not exactly can see kind of where the foot position is yeah this one this one here ended up just a tiny bit wider just because the side of the frame has more space with everything so your foot can kind of get wedged in there I might end up doing some little basic plates under there which would also act as a bit of splash protection but this side also has a lot more room here so you could totally put your foot through it but they’ll probably be some sort of control or other there because we need five separate controls we need clutch throttle front brake rear brake and shifter so something’s gonna have to be done with your feet so should we throw the body on and see what it looks like absolutely [Music] so this is the first time we have it this complete with the body on yeah and it even kind of feels like it has suspension it looks like it’s doing the pachow thing from cars oh yeah yeah true that’s awesome how’s your vision yeah those uh the throttle bodies do block a little bit of you that’s for sure but you can see around them you know no big deal you can see all four tires in your peripheral vision while you’re driving so that’s cool mm-hmm not often that while you’re sitting in a vehicle you can see all four of its tires a little heavier on the right side that’s where most of the transmission is on the engine and the transfer case is off to that side so try to offset that if we can but if not just dial it in with the suspension big news we started a new YouTube channel it’s called GHP c2 the link is in the description along with our first video here’s a little preview coming up soon but we wanted to start a second YouTube channel because we get so many comments from you guys asking about Ethan’s house or tree houses or you want to see some of the dirt bike trails around Idaho and we just think that that content can’t live on the grind heart channel because that is its own thing and we always want it to stay high quality really thought-out crazy builds so for everything else we’re gonna have G HPC – our first video is going to be our first day ever snow biking Ethan got a snow bike it’s super fun we took it up in the mountains right back here and that’ll be our first video we’re gonna drop some just someone interviewed us for a TV show we’re gonna drop that interview on there just to answer a lot of questions you guys have about us personally in our backgrounds on filming and building things and yeah it’s basically our platform to sit around and talk about our rogue fab bender or I marry braid grinder and show you guys every little thing about it so that’s our plan with the channel right now it’s gonna be for fun anything goes so if you want to see anything specific that you think could live on the second channel let us know it’s gh PC – link is in the description I just realized that this is the newest vehicle of any kind of ever owned by almost a decade [Music] [Music]

7 thoughts on “1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 7

  1. I find your videos very therapeutic and i enjoy it very much, its so relaxing and educational and its kept me calm and happy and i hope i get to see many more of it.

  2. Very nice fabrication but so many engineering mistakes since the first build. You could definitely have much better results (steering / handling / braking AND reliability) with same or less cost, if you only had some technical assistance from an experienced person and not trying to reinvent the wheel by wishful thinking. You could also spend some time studying racing car set-up books and get some more engineering knowledge about car dynamics.
    Please take my comment as a friendly recommendation of constructive criticism, because I sincerely want to see you get better and reach to the next level sooner.

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