Here we go Wow TSG Maxheadrum gaming if you didn’t know We are going to the power plant to rob it! We’re on jet skis. That’s the update, baby! I’m with Edison Carter and Maxedrum jr We’re taking off over to the power plant and are also gonna test Which vehicle will get you back to the volcano base the fastest? To make you the most money from this update.. who’s opening it up you did. Okay. It’s open! Here we go, oh Gosh now do not touch the green stuff, bro Okay, we made it No, that’s the old one that’s the outside one Good job. So this is the puzzle guys. Thank gosh I got an easy one… I think Ohhhhh Got the puzzle. Alll right I’m leaving We’ll see who gets there first. Whoever gets there first, I’m going to do…. You still got do it. We’re gonna know cuz you do it by yourself I’m trying to get back with torpedo. You guys tell me. Oh, no, I’m not doing good! That doesn’t count. It does count. Okay getting back with torpedo and Gas, however is the fastest that’s the test Go through the tunnel. I’m gonna go through the city. Nooo, why is it doing that to me! No, no, we don’t know no we’re not racing cuz we’re running out of its whoever makes the most money That’s how you know, who’s the fastest, Ohhhhh Gosh, but I’m like so squirrely Whoever has the most money that they made is the one that got there the fastest. That’s how we know the law of deduction Yeah, me too I think there’s like a glitch Gosh bless this That’s good We did we’re just sued who’s there the fastest Come on man, ah, I ohhhkaay I got 5520 How much did you make? Okay, so I made $20 more than him, he had a helicopter I had the torpedo and I hate and I ran into a ton of problems It looks like you ran into some problems too – oh My voice sorry guys, I’m a deejay during the weekend and I have to talk my voice is cached Okay, so guys Ok, so this is the winners here 4600 by TSG Maxhedrum, that’s me. Wait a minute. I made more than that! Oh But that’s because I have VIP. So guys, I actually lost, let me explain what happened I have VIP so I make more money every robbery Anyway, I thought I won but I didn’t I’m looking here at the server. It says that I made $4,600 by taking the torpedo with lots of crashes Edison Carter he decided to take the heli just a regular police Heli, not the army le he made $5,500 Maxhedrum jr. took the volt bike, is that what you took? You took the volt bike.. but he crashed into a lot of things I crashed too 4550 so the winner is Edison Carter by a thousand dollars! Traveling by air is by far the fastest way to make money. Okay, we each give him $10,000 I didn’t tell you guys but. Previously our rules were whoever made the most we’d give him $10,000. It’s only fair He said he’s the best Let’s Rob it again I I think we could do better. I Think we can do better. I Think I could do better Right I’m going to space Later guys This is this is map expansion, okay. I’m not going to space. I’m just joking. I’m not going to space Whoa, that was a cool bounce. So I heard there’s a glitch that you can get out of your Jeep if you spawn the Jeep You get out and get back in get out get back in and the Jeep starts floating higher and higher I swear watch Are you doing it really? There you go!! Okay, let’s watch you do it oh You got to just keep doing it and doing it Isn’t that awesome why won’t mine move at all Maybe the wheels I have make it not jump. Whoah check that out! oh! You got hydraulics So guys I’ve taken the military helicopter this time to try to rob it Military bait. Oh you forgot is an expansion. So go up by the museum Is that you flying? Yeah, I see you. Oh! Ok smokestacks are on I’m gonna put mine right in the front Okay guys ready you know what to do Okay that’s a good idea thank you so you go up here you click it click it This is the puzzle. So this has to go all the way around Wait for Edison, it closes after a second so, hold on. Where you at Edison, yay there he is K do it so Down, oops that was ummm. Dumb Okay, don’t telll us yet, so we get in and then jump this and then the conveyor belt starts! Okay, sounds scary dude, you almost killed me. Okay, here we go! What mines almost done for myself what? That? Bye, we’ll see who gets it first What wait wait wait, we will wait. Wait what? What what’s going on Got it! No, no I got it, I’m on 6,300 right now. Here we go But remember my doesn’t count because I have VIP so we have to look at the chat What did I just do? I took the long way guys I feel like I’m driving so slow, what did I just do? Like I feel like this thing is going like at a snail’s pace Did you have the uranium on your back, okay Okay, so let’s look 5650 and what and what did you take? You got a glitch on his well look Maxhedrum jr. I took the army heli I got 5,300 with the army help What did you yeah, no, no, I’m talking about without VIP. So I got 5,300 without VIP taking army. Heli You what did you take this time? He took the normal heli he got 5150 only $150 difference Edison. What do you say you got? And what did you take and what did you take Wow, it looks like guys it’s almost like every vehicle is looking really Well Edison won that one, but we didn’t really see let’s go back into one more time. Not yet, let’s do one more time Alright guys, so looks like army heli is no different than the regular heli Everything’s about that. Everything is about the same like no matter what you do you are about 5600 to 5100 no matter what you do Ok smoke stacks are smoking Okay, max juniors doin’ it Ok ready Got a little donut just in case We can all do it at the same time. Yeah, just go by it What if I do it you think I’d be better at these puzzles, but I’m not There got it, okay I’m taking off I’m gonna do the army. Heli again. I think I could do better Hold on I’m gonna get there. I gotta get there gotta get there I’m gonna go over the city this time 5,000 see I’m still come on run run run Okay, I made 5450 that time And what did you use The normal heli is coming through faster unless my route wasn’t fast So definitely Lamborghini taking the roads is not the fastest That’s okay he was trying it Okay So Maxhedrum jr. made four thousand three hundred fifty dollars. I Made five thousand four hundred and fifty. I’m only $50 less than Edison Edison. Here’s your ten grand That’s nice, okay. All right, I’m gonna take a jet ski over Don’t worry Buddy, this reminds me of like going through the caverns over I used to go to this really cool spot Oh Lake Powell. So back in the day There’s a lake called Lake Powell. This is like when you go jet skiing through Lake Powell It’s just awesome. You don’t have to pay the winner now now we’re just gonna test Okay, that’s fine Edison you want to do it again together, yeah cuz I want to watch your route I’m gonna I’m gonna go with you. Okay? So this one I just want to go with you to see where you go Okay, let’s go it’s ready Edison Meet me in the back. I’m gonna do the thing Okay, it’s ready jump on it No Im gonna die! Okay, if you get it before me I’ll just go and you just go I don’t want to watch you’re route Okay I’m coming with you. I’m coming with you. Oh No, I do that every time where are you wait wait wait You’re supposed to wait Yeah, I’m right here I Know just show me the route. You’re gonna take okay Okay, let’s watch your route cuz you Let’s just watch your route you go over the museum By far the fastest, so would you rob that just goes straight over the museum? That was my problem I was taking crazy routes over the city. I Was taking route on the land Okay, so this makes sense Good job. Good job. Good job little man Yeah let’s do it again. Look at this underwater, they raise the water level if you couldn’t tell Trying to now you can just hide in the water, that’s cool. Okay, there are jet skis I’m swimming woah I’m like doing like a front stroke… that’s cool. We’re here he’s getting on a jet ski. Cause you have to still set it up. You’re gonna show us a cool place? okay race of jet skis Race a jet skis at night is scary. We need headlights Badimo headlights Headlights on the jet ski Yes, okay, so how do we do this come over here Here we go race! oh gosh Bet you when they really do that update and everyone you hit will probably like light up or something The bouncy balls tough what if I get out and just pushing oh look, that’s way better Bouncy ball beats me up! This is called the beat up ball. Look, I’m on it. You just run if you get on top of it you run very fast Look check it out ready It’s way fast Ahhh Maxhedrum Jr jumped on top and I died. Ball scare me beach balls Beach balls I Literally was jumped at but I was Yeah Arman says, oh we forgot to do the UFO. I think you are right! That is the only one we didn’t try No, no, we’re not done we’re gonna race the UFO What are you trying, what do you want me to do? There’s Arman, what’s up Arman! Ohh no now we’re having problems. Let’s go in here. Hold on guys we’re already here so.. go on in Okay I’ll get you it here jump on in. Oh, yeah, I think Arman is right. This is fast. I Think the UFO is gonna be the one that gets you back the fastest to make me the most money Now he’s never done this before so.. Let him drive the UFO k Yes Yeah. Yes, you’ve Drive. So guys Arman’s up there. He’s gonna get the new one and he’s gonna test out See how much money he makes Oh God. He already got it. He’s a pro. I’m telling you. Okay, here he goes following him He’s going back He is already in and out his I’m telling you this dude is the one that taught me most of this stuff as well. So, let’s see He’s racing it! It feels like it’s kind of goning slow, but I don’t know I feel like they all slow down like all vehicles slow down, getting back there. Let’s see what he get’s! Feel let’s see see, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see What did ohhh it didn’t work! what! So guys arman was right He got a glitch in it, but he is (bye) you got a glitch but it was Definitely the winner UFO UFO is definitely the winner. Oh Yeah, so ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls, I don’t know what’s happening Maxhedrum Jr. is the class clown Okay All right guys, so we had a good day today. We tested out the jet skis we test it out the robbery with a bunch of different vehicles to see how Fast it takes to get there with different vehicles. You could take a it You could probably take a water route and you’ll probably get there really close if you take the jet ski yeah Yeah, he was spraying the door when I was trying to get out and I died in the acid so if you’re a cop and you want to kill everybody in the new If you want to kill everybody in the new power plant Just spray the front door and we’ll all die inside Nah not cool bad boy not cool bad boy Well, that’s gonna do it today guys and gals I hope you had a good time Edison Carter, what are you doing Oh, he’s out a little bike. I’m getting sprayed by water. I Hope you guys learned a few things or lost a few brain cells. Either way. We had a lot of fun today We’ll see you guys real soon same time same place. Hope you had a good one TSG Maxheadrum gaming susssscribe Why do I say sussscribe it’s suBscribe subscribe hit the bell notifications or notties! Later guys see you real soon PEACE!!!!


  1. Thanks for watching today! Long video, just trying to figure the best method to make the most money for the Factory robbery. Watch the video and see if you have any better ideas! Help us out and post it below! Thanks for watching and hit the subscribe button while you at it woooooo!!! -Max

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