Призрак (фильм)

Призрак (фильм)

Our movie film company CTV Molin Pictures Film Co. film company tomahawk supported by “movie” fund presents! Yuri, I am begging you no showing off today. We have a test flight ahead we have been working towards this for 10 years. Yur, Yuri! And what are we filming here? I did not sign up for this. I will not climb in there! Stay here, film the plane. What do you got? We caught a journalist in the 7th sector. She cut the fence, can you believe. She wants to interview you Let her sit in the office. She says that this is the facility,”GJV Detechnik”. Some frenchwoman. A frenchwoman? Listen, I have an idea. Let’s take her on board. We need the press. Are you crazy! We can not take any strangers, Yura! We have not slept in 10 years because of this project! Do you want to risk it all? In short, you pick, me or her. Of course you, Gen. Yura! What are you doing! This is a huge violation of our orders! Yura! Is it true that your plane can take off from a 100m runway? Because I think that you are just stirring up your worth. Take the helm. The Ghost Yura, return immediately to the airport! Yura, you are going to kill us all! Oh, Lenusya! Hello! I though you were at the ministry. Why is he there alone? There was nothing I could do. I am not responsible. Gardyev, you have no right to fly without a second pilot. What are you doing? We are going to get slammed with a huge fine! Lena? Your supposed to be at the Ministry. Where is the bathroom? At the end of the cockpit. Who are you talking to? Its just the music playing. French chanson. 1, 1, 2. Lena, lets’ talk at home. I am having trouble with the radio here. Oh, the radio is broken? Lena, the radio is a very unpredictable device. The radio waves sometime get distorted. Strange. I swear. Everything used to work fine. Its fine. Yura, you land the plane, and we will meet you here with the mechanics, and figure it all out. Whatever might be wrong with the radio connection and what’s wrong with the toilets. Did you touch anything in there? No. Yes. I don’t remember!! Congrats. We are falling. What do you mean falling? Yura, you are at a critical elevation. I repeat, critical elevation. Jump immediately! Count to three, then pull on this steel ring. One, two… When you jump out. What about you? There is only one, parachute. I checked critical systems. Emergency brakes….. Lena, what’s wrong I was very scared. If you knew,… what I would do for you… Today is dance, remember? I remember, but my teacher says it is not for me. Vanyachka, I have heard this garbage 9 years straight from all sorts of teachers. It’s ok. Each year you are getting better and better. Mom What love, What is this? Where sweetie, where This is your mom worrying about your safety, Vanya. And what do you tell mom? I can’t hear you Vanya, I can’t hear. Thank you Except, again everyone in class is going to laugh it up. Let them laugh, let them. And then educated and sophisticated people will “laugh it up”. Understand?Like that! Yur, let’s stay at home tonight, spend some time together. And what, we will stitch macrame together? Why not? Let’s do it tomorrow. Today, me and Gena want to celebrate a successful test flight. Perfect What creates lift energy? …..Air When a plane….. …creates high speed of air molecules, is this clear? Yes Great, now we write What’s up? In my mind, love. In my heart, war. What are your plans? Maybe movies? I don’t know. We have exams tomorrow. I am worried. I am not worried. I am born to create worry, not to worry. What is going on there? Kuznetsov, sit straight. Come on, for us! For us, Yur. Mmm, native faces. I am happy to see you colleagues. What are we celebrating? A victory in the bid. Oh very good Did you invite him? I saw him in the grave. Is it not too soon to celebrate, listen, buddies, maybe let’s not let it go to the bid, huh? Are you proposing a deal? God forbid, what’s gotten into you Good evening, your order Thank you, here is what I am offering do you remember like it went in the olden times so that the commanders do not waste their blood, the cavalry would go out, and chop each other down until someone would not fall off the horse I am actually an expert on white liquor, but with you I can battle with cognac With cognac? so flip it around. Yur, don’t do it Gen, go home, to your sons I have daughters Especially Your move maestro, I ask you My plane does not need airports take off from a playground we take off from a children’s playground But the question still stands, I have the horse, correct How many people, can fly your plane. two people you and your Genka and that’s it! It’s ok! We will train new ones! But not all at once not all at once(slurring the words), but in a couple years here Give the young people the road Your right! Of course, the future, to the youth, of course and leave the real stuff for me check mate to you game over! will we kiss? I thought so That runt My soul my love How good of you to come, how nice Gena we are changing locations, we’re going to another club No, no, no, we are changing locations to home, let’s go No, I’m not going home, I’m going to the club No Stop it, stop it, give it back, please Lena do not worry. We are not going to any nightclubs We’re going I’ll bring him home in 15 minutes Gena you answer for him with your head I’m waiting at home I will come Lena, don’t worry! Can you stop moving I’m not moving What did you drink, ah ok, I asked you man to man Quiet, quiet, quiet , give back the key return the keys, where are you going I won’t say Yur, you’re hammered Do you understand what you are doing?? Yur, don’t do it! Hello? Hello Hi Yuri, is that you? So, was it a smooth landing? I called your office, nobody knew about the accident Should we resume the interview? Oh, Yuri, you’re alive Of course I’m alive, what could happen to me Doctor! Doctor, can I ask you something Doctor! Excuse me, is the exit this way? Yes, it is that way This way? Yes, straight, straight Lena? Len, can you stop running Where are you running to Len? Len! Good day. Where do I pick up my shoes? Shoes, where do I get them, I’m not walking barefoot I understand Len! I’m barefoot! I don’t see joy in your eyes, huh, my soul Let’s do it like this, we won’t go home, straight to the office….. Are you upset at me, or what Why are we quiet, huh? Are you going to talk to me? By the way I returned from the other side This means that I am required for something here So that I can keep on making you crazy. For the record I am not excluding this. No, it is so that we can launch our little bird into the sky The general contractor does not hold me down It would be silly to have fought for so long, to die so ungratefully one week before our triumph I would not live through it Oh Gardeyev Ech Gardeyev Gardeyev, So what Gardeyev. Len I promise you After the airplane everything will change We will make a wedding, like “people” My dear Elena Sergeyevna, do you accept this excellent man to be your wedded husband I do By the power bestowed upon me by the prefecture of Moscow I name you man and wife. And let your sail of love sail over the waves of prosperity until death do us part By the way, how’s Genka? is he real worried about me? Forget it, don’t call him, I’ll talk to him It is Gena after all, he’ll be ok I’ll be in the office Bring my sneakers, and make me a coffee Close the door What? Olyachka silly I’m good enough to be your father So, what are you doing here? I was thinking, maybe it’s not worth it on a day like this, huh And what day is it today, shabbat? Are you out of your mind, are you making an orgy? Does someone hear me? Does someone see me? Yura, yura He was an amazing person He was very kind shy sometimes not very sure of himself But he was sensitive a good listener and my daughters loved him because Yuri always remember to congratulate them on all of the holidays on new year on their birthdays they used to lovingly call him our second father listen, have some respect, spit out the gum he was a real aviator who could not live without the sky maybe that’s why he left us so soon most importantly he was able to complete the most important goal in his life it was the project “Yug 1″ and in one week the whole air show will wonder at his plane Yurichka my dear I am sure you can see us and hear us now Yurka we really miss you yes Lenachka accept my condolences thank you Oh excuse me, it is not for you, my mistake how unfortunate Nu my goody you pushed up all our life and ended up going under before us all rest here quietly Lena Lena I want you to know I am always near, you can always count on me How do you mean In regards to your issue, the plane was falling after all where did you get this from I did not get it from anywhere, it is a well-known fact. Everyone is talking about it now. Listen to me, any expert can confirm that it was a controlled descent. Who are you listening to! I will think about it what do you mean ” I will think about it” In what way will you think about it, Lena! What are you all looking at?! what are you looking at?! Is something wrong? Is there something wrong with my clothes? Huh? Yes, I’m barefoot barefoot It’s very comfortable It’s hot out that’s why I’m barefoot Come on, come here Here, here, here, come on, Opa! Wait, wait, I won’t let you go, over my dead body This thing like this, Opa, our seal is going to get a ride now Hey What’s up Listen we are doing a white run here, me and boys, are you with us? Me? A humanitarian activity, in support of the dying polar bears in the Arctic dying I’d love to but I don’t have a bike what are friends for? sit down they’ll sit on my frame what’s the camera for? camera? it’s for accountability in the face of greenpeace cool we are losing the Arctic! Let’s go boys! Hi, greenpeace Hi seal Help me! Stop me please! Help me! Someone! What’s with the signal? And what? What now? What should I do now? What the heck am I here for if no one can see me? What am I and invisible man now? Give me someone, someone to talk to, anyone! Get out of the way! Watch where you’re going! Vanya Kuznetsov 8A Learn to ride then get behind the wheel Excuse me, I did not mean to kid wait up wait do you see me? I see you it’s just my brakes did not work What color is my shirt? white and my shoes? you’re barefoot my dear, no one can see me, do you understand? they buried me recently I saw it with my own eyes, they shoveled the dirt and threw the flowers do you really see me?! I have to go No wait up wait, kid, wait watch the seal did he see a ghost? kid wait! listen to me kid, let’s talk help me! It was breezy over there, I had to move seats sorry that I let myself in without an invite, I’m just used to it, its quicker Vanya! Can I come in? google’s ghosts I’m coming in don’t come any closer I’m not coming any closer, you see I’m standing here Listen I just really need to talk to you, this situation is very confusing to me as well “Online exorcism service, I’m listening to you” Hi, please help me, I am being followed by a ghost I understand. Do you get that this is a paid session? did you send me your SMS number kid this is a rip off! What are you doing! Listen to me, this is a scam! I see it and let’s start with the symptoms. Who’s ghost is it that’s following you? is it a relative, a historical figure? How often does it appear? historical figure is a match I have no idea who he is, it is some bald man. and he is always following me around. He is even here right now Watch Hello! Yes, yes I feel some emanations emanations Tell me is he going to keep on following me like this? Well, as a rule they only have nine days so much? so little? Is he real? No, of course not. How is he walking on the floor then? This is a phenomena that has not been explored completely as of yet however they do have the ability to walk within the horizontal dimension but on the ninth day this ability disappears do you have any physical contact with the being? You bet It’s “the first daysee”, firstdayzee As a rule they hunt for a clean soul to enter into, he has latched onto you Can I “unlatch” him somehow? of course The most ideal is a silver bullet But I doubt you have any firearms Knives from precious metals work well excuse me, the session is ending, will you extend the time? I have a fork! Wait, wait wait wait! Are you both nuts? What fork! Listen, emanation, why is he the only one that see’s me. Do you have someone else who is more sane Wait, stop stop stop stop stop You’re not going to stick your guests with tableware you have some basic degree of respect you’re not a guest, you are a firstdayzee ghost why are you listening to this “emanation”, I am a regular person! it’s just that nobody can see me oh yeah, then why are you so afraid? and what if it works? Vanychka, why did you put the chain up? Who’s this? Oh god! Sir are you ok? I did not mean to, I promise! Can I get you some water? Who’s not feeling well, Vañ I’m fantastic! Do you think I will kick the bucket twice? Forgive me, please Vañ, what’s going on with you? Here “Mamasha”, talk to your kid! Do you think its ok to stick a live person with a fork and then apologize to him! But your not a person Vañ, you’re scaring me Go on tell your mom that you have a ghost following you Mom, there is a ghost here do you see him? Sonny, what will we do now? We never had any problems like this. He is a normal child Yes, his stomach is weak. He’s afraid of the dark. He’s scared of heights. Especially heights But when he starts dancing he is like a god! Ivan, tell me, um…. Is he here now? Yes, no, neither Listen, this is a trap. If you say yes, you will finish out your school in a nut house He’s here God, maybe this is already hell. Why is he the only one that sees me! I had problems with friends when I was alive and now. This is not an isolated incident You see, it’s when we have trouble making friends, we start creating an “inner voice” And you will have to accept Yes, yes, yes I will take any pills you prescribe…. Please let me just write it all down, one second Mom, you will have to accept this inner voice and even go as far as entering into a conversation with it. Very well. Very well Vanychka, we will accept your inner voice and we will converse with it Mom, but I am not crazy Are you sure of it? The part of mechanics that covers the interaction of particles is called “dynamics” ok, let’s suppose I am not a person, I am your inner voice I am telling you that right after classes you are going to come with me and run an errand I am not going anywhere with you Listen to me! I will not listen to you! What’s going on Kuznetsov? You do not want to listen to me? Well how about we listen to you To the board! is the game over? Let’s go, let’s go Please tell us Kuznetsov, what is dynamics Dynamics is…. Silence! A topic of mechanics It is a part, of mechanics Very good Please present an example of the basic principles of dynamics An example… Now listen to your “inner voice” intently, and repeat after me Take the pencils and the pen Excuse me please The bottle I promise to give it back Take the candies I owe you two packs Scotch over there The seal is really swimming Now I will show you the basic principles of a hydraulic rocket Now I will show you all the basic principle of a hydraulic rocket Take the scotch Tape the pencils around the bottle The hydraulic rocket propels itself from hydraulic pressure The hydraulic rocket propels itself from reactive pressure The air pressure expels the water The air pressure expels the water forcing the object to travel in the opposite direction forcing the object to travel in the opposite direction cut with what chew on it one second what is he doing? I have no clue ready And what principle are you going to show us now? will you help me? Yes What, yes I remembered I will now demonstrate I will now demonstrate the law of the conservation of energy the law of the conservation of energy in action in action flip it two steps back A+ And bring your mom to school no, my plane does not have any competitors A pre-bid meeting is just a formality So why are we going? In case something doesn’t go as planned, you will speak on my behalf what can go wrong? I don’t know, I have a bad feeling And what if I can’t? you can just repeat like you did in Physics stop let’s try over here We all know that this year at the government bid we have two main proposals Magistral plane of K.B. Polzunov And the tested model of K.B. Gardeyev there’s so many people they aren’t people who are they? clerks, sit down over here But before we continue I want you all to acquaint yourselves with this material lovingly presented by the French news broadcaster LeNouveau LeTechnique Please Let’s watch a movie where is this recording from? who was filming this?! a complete loss of control followed by a sudden descent at 40 degrees Vañ, come on Get up, say ” the descent was controlled” young man, please sit down Vañ Vañ, speak up! security, why are you letting in strangers Say it, “the descent was controllable” Vañ, we had a deal! Vañ To hell with you, take him away! we also have an eyewitness Ms. Derville was on board during the flight Emily? First off everything was going fine We were drinking champagne and Excuse me, did I hear you correct? you were drinking champagne? Hey come on, it was just a glass and the plane suddenly down and Yuri gave me his parachute and told me to fly It is a heroic act (French) it is a man who….I am not sure how to say this we were supposed to see each other after this disaster and he called me, but he did not make it these were his last words allow me to indulge in my curiosity, how did you get on board I am a reporter, it is my job it is an excellent job I hope Yuri’s project will be continued by his friends after his passing I hope so as well In light of recent events, the commission is requiring the data off of the Black box from the “Yug 1” Of course, we will hand over everything We will not be handing over anything explain yourself As the director of the company I am officially removing us from the bidding process we will not be at the “Zhukovski” Thank you Len what are you doing, huh? What are you doing? You still have time to reconsider Elena Sergeyevna We still have a week until the Zhukovski air show Len, wait up, Len what are you doing, we gave up ten years of our lives for this project with Yuri Gena the project is shut down You don’t believe me, you don’t believe Yuri? Let’s hand over the black box! You want everyone to know how he was playing around with that french woman? Len, what are you saying Len, I swear to you nothing happened Yurka only loved you Ok, so the project is shut down, under the condition that you will not come near the black box I am leaving on vacation you are in charge enjoy eh Yurka, yurka You had your fun with the girls Listen This Gardeyev could not have just died like this they are planning something find out where they are keeping their secret what is this nothing hey let it go, are you upset about before. it’s my bad I take full credit It’s ok. Water under the bridge this is an outfit for ballroom dance, right? Yes I love ballroom dance tango, sombrero, salsa, nachos nachos? I dream of dancing my parents do not let me, they say my heart is too weak I have an outfit hanging at home sometimes I try it on do you want me to show you something? back straight chest open hands in the open on cha-cha one step to the side left hand in, right hand out got it? cha-cha one two three Vañok, I’m not getting any of this How about I film you and then I will mirror it at home come on, come on quickly ok, very good so how was it, cool? cool gorgeous, seal this is going to go to all of Facebook no, no, no please no, give it back give it back what a seal excellent performance you entertained your friends I don’t….have….friends oh yeah? did you ever try on a leopard print? you knew they were behind me and you did not say anything to me I did it to help you forgive me but you truly are a seal they’re using you and you used me too correct, and you use me, and then Polina will be with you That is…. That is…. impossible watch, forgive me for yelling at you before back at the ministry you have to see my side of it, all my life I have worked towards a goal one week before my victory, Batz a catastrophe and I’m dead, game over and the only person that can do anything about it is a real moron forgive me yeah…… that sucks that, that’s your problem you agree with everyone what was I supposed to say? I don’t know whatever comes to mind first you’re the moron hey, don’t over-do it It’s just that you’re the only one that see’s me that’s what scares me the most Vañ! is she calling me? Yes, you why are you so stiff? she is having a party today hey, what is with my literature essay one moment what are you doing her homework? don’t even think about it don’t even think say “not today”, say it how’s that? what, how? you promised me to do the literature essay I was counting on you no, I….. Girls respect not the ones who do their essay’s but the ones who don’t respect them …and so I will now remove my hand and you will joyously say my dear, I could not do it today my dear, I was not able to do it today forgive me that’s it and what now? you have an important appointment I have an important appointment I have to go and go on Vañ what Listen I have a birthday today maybe you can stop by? Remember a simple rule, you are in charge every outcome is controlled by you In the love stories can write any blasphemy, but you need to know the truth women love impudence make a wish oh seal take the tag off Hi, I congratulate you thank you listen I stopped by for a second I wanted to gift you something the gift is outside, come out for a minute and when you go, don’t even think of looking back even if you really want to as if she’s going to go even if you’re absolutely screwed if you don’t don’t dare to do it it’s important to create a mystique and where is your present? to force her to feel that you dominate and she submits let’s go far? she has to get used to doing what you say and to follow where you lead her is it much longer come on, come on my friends are waiting for me the price does not make a difference stand over here why? in reality a girl only needs one thing listen, I…. smile the feeling that all that you do is done only for her a sunset like this only happens right now only in this place and only on your birthday is this why you brought me here? it is my better photo, I’ll send it to you later it is my better photo, I’ll send it to you later that’s it we have to go, she’s hooked wait, where are you going I have to go I have to go maybe we’ll take a walk? take a walk? Vanya, don’t even think of it, don’t think of it what are you doing hey its too soon, don’t do it of course babe that’s it it’s over nothing of the sort, everything is super who does that. Just met a girl and right away going for the kiss what just met it’s my seventh year in school with her so what she is meeting you for the first time and the last her hand remembers your cheek, and that is contact and what should I do now I helped you, now it’s your turn you know I would not be so surprised if in a couple of years a man will appear in Brazil looking exactly like Yuri Gardeyev when everybody will have long forgotten “Yug 1” and no one will be looking for the money the seventh sector, somewhere here over there, climb through watch, grab the black box its a flash drive about that size, and you quietly disappear is it ok to take it? it’s my plane but you’re dead please, can you stop reminding me about that what about your friend Gena, can he take it? he can, but he won’t he made a promise a seal, kind of like you yes, we are similar code, 5-8-0-4-14 oh wow you….. developed….. this? do you like it? cool over there? here? come on, let’s go press here 8-0-3 0-7 0 0 where …..is…. the …..black box? That’s it did you think you’d find a treasure chest? take it and go what is it maybe Genka decided to drag the plan to Zhukovski my mom is waiting for me at home no, this isn’t Gena Polzunov is tugging us this bastard stole my plane what do we do now? he’s going to scrap it for parts and goodbye Zhukovski I meant with us, with me! can you drive a car? why do you…. grab the wheel no way, I’m not going anywhere sit down, do you not understand? they are hijackers witnesses kill them all batteries fuel pumps sit program the onboard computer engine on right one, hold up and left lost the phone? do you know that it costs money? first earn the phone and then lose it yourself. good job! by your left hand you have a tiller turn it left the plane goes left, turn it right the plane goes to the right you can help steer with the pedals put your right foot on the pedal to the right, left on the left push the right one in to go right push the left one in to go left braking is same as a car do you remember it all? do you know it by heart?! I am not going anywhere when you needed help in physics, I turned myself into a pancake for you! and I helped! but this is not the same as stealing a plane here, now, give me your hand do you see these levers on my command I won’t be able to! levers towards yourself on my command, get ready that’s it, levers back! how could you have lost it, I don’t get it! a riddle Your father did not lose a single thing in his life! because your father knows how to earn money! take off reverse, like that and now a bit forward, a little, like that! tiller to the right right foot, right foot! right foot means right foot Vanya! I got it! stop shouting like that, like that! that’s it! enough! enough! enough! keep it steady, not to the left not to the right, like that straight, yes, like that like that and keep on going straight maybe we can turn on the headlights? not needed now tiller to the left left, help with the left pedal a little ahead of you enough, enough enough now tiller to the right and right foot in, just a bit a bit thrust back, a little like that now straighten out, straighten get the pedals ready now get ready, gently, gently, like in a car press in with both feet and…..come on brake like that here we are, arrived and you were afraid who’s there? looks ok and what….. now nothing, we will send Genka a text that the plane is with us or I bet he will have a heart attack pretty soon you’ll give him the flash tomorrow. This way Come on Vanya come here, come! don’t be afraid! God help me, come on I am holding you, come on jump over there next come on my mom…. will kill me where have I been? all night….. in the yard we’ll get through it and where were we? studying biology at school studying biology at school look me in the eyes good, honest, eyes, good ones the subject seals seals seals seals give me the text book give give give it here while you sit now we will gander at these seals, now, now, now where are these seals where are they hiding here here I found them I found them long-eared seals, go on, please, I am listening, please go on long-eared seals…. swim through the water flapping their front fins and draw out…. somersault in big circles with their flexible bodies and their discerning habits? seals have a developed brain and give in to training well during puberty they become increasingly physically active after which they lie down on the ice and remain resting for many days without entering the water well done well done you have your mom’s genes I always knew you were brilliant I used to be exactly like you, can you believe it? can you believe I learned the entire table of elements in one night in my childhood well done, well done I’m going to give you something sweet, some tea you got lucky with your genetics really, you lucked out here some tea my beauty you eat before it gets cold Genadiyevich, they called from GVD. They are also searching. They asked you not to worry yes thank you may I go? yes of course Hi Olga and goodbye yes I did not expect that so ambitious yes who could have thought you shook me to the toe shook me down to the depth of my soul with your cunning how cunning of you you went and re-hijacked the plane so it was, you? and the timing was just right handsome! you went above and over Lena Sergeyvna’s head good job Let’s suppose you will make it to Zhukovski (I have the plane. Meet tomorrow. School 1832) ok let’s assume and how will your life improve? not a tad like you were a slave for Uncle Yura, you’ll stay a slave except now it will be for Aunt Lena but you do need to live somehow so I have an alternative option for you do you want to know which? No I do not. I though so, so I will just go ahead and say it I need a new director of operations a professional with work experience I understand of course, you might want to think it over, of course you think about it think about your daughters, think about yourself exercise your thinking and I ask you to please consider, that alcoholics do not last for long by me I am by the bathrooms. Where are you? I’m here Hi, Gena V-v-v-vanya Vanya I recognize you You got up in front of the commissioners Are you interested in aviation Not especially, Yuri is forcing me to do this Got it Vanyushka where is the plane then All of the information is on the flash drive And where is the flash drive in my back pack Excellent and what…what should I do? You do know how to land the “Yug” in Zhukovski Polzunov is going to bury it sooner or later, you know it Gena You know how to land the “Yug” in Zhukovski. You know that Polzunov is going to bury it sooner or later. Vañ of course, I don’t fly any worse than Yura Don’t worry, I will do it all. I will land it definitely. Give me the flash Cool, one minute Gena Gena, Brother, Look at it, we did it, thank you Who are you writing to? “I have the plane” Vanya run Vanya run, he’s a traitor, get out of here Sorry I have to go Hey, stay there Where do you think you’re going I have physic’s class Give here the flash drive and get out to your physic’s class Gena, what’s gotten into you, Gena, how can you do this Gena, remember about how we went to the same college together Gena remember how we were in the same college Gena me and you together were flying planes How we used to laugh at your silly hat Gena I never told you this, I didn’t know, I could not I am very grateful to you, very grateful to you You are the only one who believed in me I remember it all Gena, I remember it all I remember these three months in the academy How we sat around without any money How we ate dried fruits for three months straight that your grandma sent over from Voronezhskya I remember it all You remember it well don’t you! Now why don’t you remind yourself why we ate dried fruit for three months Because someone, and in this case you, “Captain Horseradish” Blew all of our pay on flowers and champagne Why are you silent, did you forget? How you spent all night bouncing around your girls and I went to class for you, I took all of your exams but we did build the plane, together Gena, we built it exactly, together! Together! and what did you name it? “Yug 1″! one! Yuri! Gardeyev! One! Did you even remember about me once? Is that what you call a friend? Egoist you! not a friend! You always thought only about yourself! All of it for you! Nothing for me! You’re a bastard! I’ll come back later Wait! Please let me go watch out, get out of the way! that’s it he’s gone, go back No I’m afraid Vañ, just don’t look down I already did Ok, listen to me small little steps I’m afraid that’s it to the right Hold the frame with your hand Careful, careful, well done Wait I said! Wait! Let go! Let go! Look at the seal, his flippers are glued together, looks like it’s because of you Look into my eyes, look into my eyes I’m holding you I’m holding you, pull yourself up Come one, come on, well done Listen boy, be careful, most importantly don’t drop the flash drive It’s fragile and what if it suddenly breaks That’s a bluff, the black box does not break I do break You’re a dancer, hold your balance Excuse me, thank you Vanya! Don’t goof around, come towards me, take a step Come on Vanya, gently, with little steps Vanya, I’m here, yes, look at me and listen only to me very carefull Thank you you are completely alone I am completely… Life is pointless but that is….the best part of…… you just need to….. Ivan stop…..living…. you need to die listen guy what kind of crap are you running I don’t want to die Yes, no, other Give it to me, this is all my fault Vanya can you hear me? Please don’t do this, I know it is because of me what do you mean I should have told you right away that I really like you Look very well done, the girl likes you If you’d like… we can date we can even go to the club together on Saturday at school, do you want to come? You do dance very well Of course, Polin, I’m coming right away Where? Wait up! Wait! Is he dead? Seal! Handsome! Kuznetsov, good jump! Polin, I’ll be back soon Wait up! How is the boy? The boy is fine Yura Gardeyev and the boy know where the plane is please question him Very good, everything will be alright, take him away Take a break here for now and what now, you’re seriously going to go with the seal to the dance? No of course not who are you kidding, I just had to say something I believed you good job what? What do you mean what? We got it! Who’s going to fly? I’m not here, Genka’s a traitor and me? and what about you you’re…you’re serious? of course you’re afraid of heights not really, not anymore Vañ, what did they give to you, huh? they did not give me anything God, what’s the big deal, you’ll take my fingers, you’ll press a couple buttons if needed, I’ll help you out if you need it you should have done this earlier, why the change? Polinka invited me and it feels like I was struck by lightning, as if I am a new man We’re dating now, do you get it? We are together Oh, I forgot Thank you Yurka, you helped Polina Very good, under one condition. Very easy For now no contact with Polina What do you mean, not even Skype? none at all, you are hard to get, the big prize, and most importantly the quiet seal, are you ready? ready Ok, that’s it we’re going Madame! Vanychka! Madame what is going on? Mommy is going to save you, get out of there Be so kind as to move your car please She’s my mom, it’s best not to get involved I said over my dead body Well come on, make something up. Time to grow up. Say that the boys were messing around and locked you in class Mom, the boys were joking and locked me in class. and I have dance today and I have dance class today So I climbed out on the ledge to go into the nest classroom It’s just that the last couple weeks I got so into it and did not want to miss it Is it true, you’re really into it? you got really into it? Vañka that’s very good! That’s what they mean by blood is not water I used to be just like you, you understand? In my younger days, our town did not have a dance school I had to take the tram to the next town over, 3 hours, can you imagine it? There and back there and back You see, all it takes is to find a subject whatever the conditions spring, fall, summer, snow, sun Mom, dance is my calling Nothing can get in the way of someone’s dream Say it understand, nothing Mom, dance is my calling The soft light, fiery rhythms, the dance stage Yes, yes, yes and I come out, chest open yes, yes hands in the open, back straight, leg turned and… cha-cha 1-2-3 cha-cha 1-2-3 cha-cha 1-2-3 repeat that again please, repeat it again cha-cha 1-2-3 cha-cha 1-2-3 do you hear that you stopped stuttering, love well yeah I guess good job, well done we did good, we did it all right, we have to believe in our dreams, we have to believe Vañ move it! come on! why are you stopping! I’m going god, why are they beeping Gena take care of your leg, calm down this boy talks like Gardeyev this boy spoke like Gardeyev, and what of it? I know for sure I know for sure there is something after death there is something after death so let it what’s important is that after death, nobody get’s behind the wheel of the plane and pilots it to Zhukovski you don’t plan do this, right? I do not there, now you are a respectable man Pavlovich yes this boy is Yura Ok, what’s his blood pressure? 180 over 90 180 over 90, Gena, that’s too much this is a disaster Gena During landing the speed is slower and the wing lift is not enough, and so you have to release the flaps In short there are two switches here, left and right understand? Most important is to get used to the feeling of flight I’m already used to it yeah? you jumped once and you’re used to it? no, it’s just that nothing scares me anymore Vañ none of this stuff, you’re going to ruin it all for me Please just one phone call, I promise No phone calls, let her suffer I read in a book ” those who you do not tame, will not listen often” you read all sorts of nonsense, come on stick towards you smoother, can you hold it a little smoother you can straighten it out straighten her out straighten her why are you jerking this is pointless helpless cool spirit of St.Louis KGS KGS, coordinates destined for coming into landing formation there and don’t jerk it, there there there slowly go to the left slowly we are going higher and slowly descend smoothly indicator panel in the cockpit the indicator panel presents two diamonds of KGS if both diamonds align in the center of the gauge then the plane is landing correctly there! you see how he is making a second loop that means he is landing without diamonds that is much harder my favorite place I used to come here often I used to imagine Landing in Zhukovski and through the whole field reporters are running at me I take three steps down with a steady step surrounded by flashes, reporters, shocked expressions awesome and now to sleep, tomorrow to Zhukovski Yur, why the plane? In boy scout camp I used to stare into the sky until dark the whole crew is sleeping, forest all around its dark, quiet and suddenly in the distance… first quietly then louder and louder… and it zooms over the roof and flies into the distance every night at 3:15 the same plane used to fly over us I used to flash him 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 I imagined that the pilot sat there, “a sky-person” and is waiting until Yurka Gardeyev of the 3rd regiment, will flash him a signal I would give anything in the world back then to appear in the cockpit with them you know you are the first that I am telling….. Wait up, what are you getting dressed for today is the school disco and Zhukovski? I’ll make it no you’re not going anywhere what will Polina think she’ll think that you are a brute an alpha-male come on, it’ll be only for a minute. I’ll say that I have a very important errand. I’ll be a stud. she’s waiting for me worrying probably who will she make it, without me, alone to the nightclub? No, wait for me here. We leave in one hour. my wife she truly lives in a man’s world in a male triangle for her it really is like the Bermuda triangle because in it it all disappears; socks, shirts, nerves, rest her dreams of beauty because I have only have two kids, and she counting myself has three we decided to play war a harmless war in a three bedroom apartment throwing pillows and grenades, ta-da shooting from pistols, tux-tu tux-tu shooting from bazookas getting in the gunners seat Mom, I’m going to the disco mom? I know everything Mom I… Vanychka how could you You should have come to me and told me everything, like you do to your friend because I am your one and only reliable and loyal friend you hear me? I was just afraid that you wouldn’t understand Mom understands it all, all of it Except this Mom, it’s such a silly story with this plane I did not know that I would have to…. I spoke to German Levich and he said that the entire week, the entire week, you have not visited ballroom classes this is treason Vañ Do you remember how we dreamed together, remember? Vanychka 3 years old 5 years 11 Vañ When I gave birth to you I knew, when I raised you I knew how you’d turn out to be How you would be broadcasted on TV Vanyachka, in the shimmer of all your glory Vanya Mom That’s it I’m not putting on these suits anymore No disco party Ivan I… Vanychka Vanychka don’t play hide-and-seek with your mom Mom’s genetics… Way to go seal Was it scary to jump it was nothing Can you please turn on the microphone for a couple minutes Wait a minute, one minute Thank you Polin I never though I could say this so easily Three days ago it all changed and now I am the happiest person on the planet Polina I love you Excuse me, I won’t be able to spend the whole night with you I have an important errand, it is a secret for now shall we dance? what the hell is your tower leaking, nobody needs you she said it all so you wouldn’t jump to hell you were pitied you moron let’s go? I’ll be back wait up Why the hell did you come here, we had a deal she is waiting for me she is not waiting for you listen she said it herself that she likes me she said it out of pity I heard it myself in the yard she does not need you I am… a real idiot Vañ, Vañ You’re not the idiot, I am the idiot. I am an idiot with this damn airplane, let it burn they really tricked you with this Polina, I wanted to tell you but was afraid that you would turn me down I…. hate….. …you What kind of people are you women He stepped into the unknown because of you jumped off of the fourth floor for you by the way he’s afraid of heights afraid of heights! you said one word and he jumped Stas, excuse me I have to step out come on Hello Vañ forgive me please I understand Polin I’ll be ok, do not fret You helped me one time in the yard, this time I’ll do it myself wait where are you? me? I am flying away where are you flying? I’ll be back soon, goodbye hello Vañ Vanya! flying away? What are you getting ready for? Abort we are not flying anywhere Polina is waiting for you there, I will fix everything, let’s go Vañ do you think you have a lot of time on your hands there is very little time believe me your place is there next to her, not here flaps to 1 I am not telling you anything stop it! theres a lift there! we won’t have enough room you can’t take off, stop it, what is with you flaps to 2, to 2 stick towards you, to the max come on, come on, pull up. let’s go speed is dropping Vanya your speed is dropping Vanya rudder flat I can’t level off there are buildings in front Come on, to the right, we’ll pass in between fall in to the right, let’s go more to the left go, go, go level out level out just like that! like that chasis normal flight mode rudder in flaps to zero that’s it, let’s fly in five minutes Zhukovski Vañ can we speak? the show is coming to a close and coming in is KB Polzunovs plane P308 I am grateful, grateful for this opportunity given what can you say here, the strongest wins that’s how it should be a copy of your decision however this year was not easy Imagine for yourself, you work you work and you work and you develop a product to the end and then suddenly a storyteller appears and starts to paste together fables of paper airplanes that take off from sandboxes, it makes me laugh allow me to introduce Genady Leech our newly appointed head developer he will now do that which… truly flies will you say a couple of words, no? we will land via the glide path system on the 30th runway set the frequency 110.9 the landing heading now 302 yes that’s it there are no diamonds how’s that someone disabled the KGS we won’t land, we need to go to Sheremetev I believe that the day will come when will all hear above this runway, the heavy hum of jet engines the best in the world, till this day the most technologically advanced and innovative plane “Yug 1” of Yuri Gardeyev’s company its that plane I told you that you can’t do it without the system, it won’t come out well Vañ let’s turn out to Sheremetev, we will stay alive there what do you say to turn on KGS what KGS, what KGS?! we won’t have fuel to make circles here what do I say to turn on KGS that’s mother’s genetics! go put on the headphones what is he doing. Is he a newbie? he won’t land with out the glide path system ah the system is…disconnected put in the frequency, 125.25 say it “Zhukovski tower Yug 1” by the call sign Yuri Gardeyev 1 Yuri Genady 1 I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS Where are you running? rocket train! Zhukovski tower Yuri Genady 1, I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS Yuri Genady 1, I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS Zhukovski tower hold it there! stop! Zhukovski tower Yuri Genady 1 Vanya stop it stop it, there is no one there, nobody can hear you Zhukovski tower, Yuri Genady 1 I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS Zhukovski tower Yuri Genady 1, I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS I’m coming, I’m coming Yuri Genady 1, I am requesting an emergency landing on the 30th runway, type of approach is KGS Vañ the fuel, fuel! That’s it! That’s it! we’re leaving to Sheremetev put in the frequency diamonds I see diamonds Zhukovski I see diamonds, thank you keep it in the middle head to the landing strip low thrust reverse kid were you here alone? does anything concern you? How are you feeling? ok? I’m ok are you dizzy? who was controlling the plane? all questions after the examination out of the way! out of the way! let me through! careful, let me through, get your mic out of the way Yurachka! My dear, how are you are you ok? I’m ok Yura how did you get inside this kid? by accident for long? Yura, Yura, brother, forgive me for everything Yurachka Gena I’m asking you as a friend distract the reporters Very good, right now, give me a moment Ladies and gentleman! A moment of your attention and now you can ask any questions you may want to… Yur! Yura! Yur don’t go it’s time Vanya this is the end of my haunting what will happen to you now? what’s important is to take off I’ll take it from there Wait up, wait a second How did your Cha-cha-cha go chest out let’s go, let’s go chest open, back straight, hands in the open let’s go, go on cha-cha 1-2-3 cha-cha 1-2-3 good job old guy keep on dancing thrusters flaps let’s go Polin! Sorry I took off yesterday, I had something very important to do Vañ I called you then to tell you I am very interested in seals the disappearing type, did you know Let’s go what are you stuttering again? I’m not, it’s just very cold out Live while the music plays dance like a free bird fly even if you’re not always in luck life will fly by, you won’t even see it she is a bullet, whats important is not to miss it you will always reminisce about first love with a smile just like that story with the golden fish don’t force yourself to fall in love there is no point in it, you have to let it go and it’s no use digging in your sorrows when you’ll compete be first aim for the impossible along life’s difficult and curvy path walk with your head up be brave and make mistakes be brave when you don’t know the answer and try new things don’t be afraid to live ask many questions take what life will give and ask for more in hard time’s ask for help swim on, your boat does not need to sink live on while the music plays dance on like a free bird fly on even if you are not always lucky live on while the music plays dance on fly like a free bird even if luck is not always with you

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