Лепестковый клапан KTM на Минск ММВЗ. Фрезеровка корпуса [EN] Reed valve housing

Лепестковый клапан KTM на Минск ММВЗ. Фрезеровка корпуса [EN] Reed valve housing

Hi, guys, this is Sid. In the beginning of this video I want to recommend you a young channel It’s called Mech technologies. Happy engineer. Video lessons On this channel you will find education videos for engineers, told easy and simply How to read a drawing, limits and fits, metrology gearing, machining technologies labour protection and much more.
If all life you’re technician in the spirit and you’re interested in science and technology video if you want to learn and develop as an engineer open the mind and deepen theoretical knowledge subscribe immediately! Links in the description and on the main page. So, today catch is such die stocks big guys how much here 55 65 apparently it’s twisted in a machine bent… and such a live center, pipe nose Morse #5 needs to disassemble, to clean up This one I’ve bought Looks good but it’s from storing grease dried needs to take apart, clean and cram grease Because K had no a normal center dull nosed and with #4 taper So he got heavy duty center here #5 Y Another one acquisition K got a handwheel problem The key and slot were smashed It’s held by the screw tightened strong The new slot is needed The question is how to turn? And I bought temporally handwheels They could be installed but I don’t like ’em Looks cheap and sloppy Old one at least is chrome plated These ones will be installed temporally But they has to be modified first There needs to bore hole and to slot key so we will slot on the lathe soon keyseat One can be installed on 676 this one don’t fit there needs to make a jaw clutch Yes, looks disgusting of cause Well, will see where it goes to Today on my operating table is a pot (cylinder) from sport Minsk We’re gonna install a reed valve on it Such valves are installed in the intake port of 2-stroke engines they improve fuel economy, gain horsepower and rise efficiency Amazing, reed valves even are in the human heart As you can see it’s a very needful and helpful thing Will install this valve factory made from little known firm KTM Our aim is to make kinda housing or spacer To fit this valve to Minsk cylinder It’s pretty large, massive. Original mountings don’t fit at all, it’s installed then via gaskets From the side view it’s triangular, cone form Gonna make from duralumin, fortunately was found such a big blank Otherwise we had to cast it ourself There will be much milling machining, a bit of turning The part is not very accurate The tolerances will be +/-1 mm except mounting holes Anyway in order to imagine what exactly needs to make let’s create a 3D-model make a blueprint, not in standard but just for myself So, I’ve designed such a model The initial blank will be a round about 100mm OD As you can see the hole is made by step milling Ideally this central hole have to be with smooth tilted walls smoothly tapered It would decrease turbulence and air resistance But since it is just prototype and gonna be modified I’m gonna do just stepped hole The housing has 5 threaded holes M6 for very valve, and 4 through holes for housing fastening Let’s see in translucent view Here is a drawing with sizes if you need it’s made automatically by Solidworks it has lots of trash unwanted but the main sizes of part are presented First of all is to adjust blank sizes to original sizes and to faces be parallel most convenient is to do this on the lathe Part manufacturing will be the same sequence that is 3D model design so let’s rewind these steps, the history and get started from round blank let’s begin machining and in the first step making the square from round that is milling 4 flat perpendicular walls Measuring with a high gage of vise base and blank hight their difference is a value of allowance To get right angle we’re straightening the blank with a machinist square Almost whole detail we’ll mill to the marking-out For this part this accuracy is quite enough Surface machined by such face mill is coming out fire Next stage is milling a stepped hole With such acute angles we can’t make the hole on milling machine that’s why in the 3D model is needed to show mill end radii The hole represent itself 3 pockets and side walls must be flat milling gonna begin from the central hole with pretty big end mills depth of cut will be 4-8 mm How much machine rigidity allows Marking-out I make even not with scriber but just thin marker You can mark out even in minus to leave finish machining allowance I draw radii too basically you can not draw them ’cause you can get nothing else then radii when end mills machining finish passes have to do with end mills less diameter to these corners could fit. I’m drilling through hole for mills enter Because common end mills cannot plunge in or need continuous traverse like on CNC Let’s get started with high performance rough end mill When milling to the marking-out chips very disturb At first I tried to blow it away With electrical air blower but soon I refuse from it ’cause chips fly around for a few meters so I began to clean up it by vacuum If I had electronic scales, DRO it was easier to work by them but without it’s simpler to draw one more line and continue milling to the marking-out The last step is at pretty desent depth I have no such long end mills so I got to flip the part over and re-fasten Changed the end mill to the ordinary one with common sharpening A collet chuck in fact decrease much overall rigidity In this way the end mill is installed in spindle and eat like hell! Domestic vacuum barely manage with such chip volume It’s time to consider installing industrial Cyclone Like that surface looks after rough pass Now I’m gonna do finish one and basically the milling of this pipe will be done Drilling mounting holes and cutting thread M6 What’s left is to mill this upper platform or shelf, shoulder It is necessary to move this housing up but there a cylinder cooling fin enterference When there is no enogh space to chip exit and its untimely removing could occur this Chip is pulled under end mill beneath and side it wrap around end mill and become very hard like built-up edge, and mill gets kicked, and it spoil surface so I have to make pair skim cuts to fix that spoilage. Well, even finish passes didn’t fix these scuffing fortunately this is not critical this surface not working and invisible so I don’t care about it, let’s try on valve insert into housing. Make sure all is OK trying on to the cylinder and now gonna drill mounting holes and spotfacing for allen head screws gonna do by common end mills. Like such brutally I have set up cylinder on table Only the plate weights about 20 kilos That’s what’s come out, it’s how reed valve on the cylinder looks like And many of you perhaps thought why rough surfaces is left? It’s not easy to answer Say, that is designer decision. Tribute to soviet principle of price reducing when not working surfaces just stupidly wasn’t machined! and in that form went on sale. But to be serious this housing is still a prototype, and soon will be modified. Maybe not, cuz there is no more stable than temporal On this spot, the machining fans can rest and others who wants to hang out with us more be tuned and check out our new toy. With no EN subtitles

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