Демпфер Scotts KTM 1290 Adventure

Демпфер Scotts KTM 1290 Adventure

Ktm 1290 Adventure is equipped with OEM linear stabilizer without adjustments We are going to replace it with adjustable Scotts stabilizer with has low and hi speed resistance The kit includes high quality CNC stabilizer with stainless fasteners and gold anodization Handlebar clamps with rubber bushing to reduce vibrashion and damp impacts in the wrist There are standard red bushings and soft blue ones Three alloy brackets to mount tower pin on the frame First, remove OEM damper, which is mounted under lower triple clamp Better to use flat wrench, because there are too less space for other tools Next remove seats, upper amd side fairings Remove handlebar now to free a bit space near the gas tank front mount OEM plastic cover should be removed Insert upper plate under the tank mount while raising it Install lower plate without tightening Replace OEM tank bolt with longer bolt from Scotts’s kit and screw it in without tightening Now you should move the upper plate forward as much as possible and align it to prevent contact of upper fairing and tower pin’s holder Bolts should be screwed on Loctite with minimal torque not to bent the upper plate Install fairings, start with side inner bolts upper fairing Next install side fairings and screw in all outer bolts Remove OEM handlebar clamps Install handlebar clamp from Scotts kit, which raises the bars 33mm and forward 13mm It makes body position more comfortable for most riders, especially standing Use loctite for all bolts Install tower pin holder on upper plate Link arm should not touch the lip or adjustable black washer It’s also should be minimum flush with tower pin Check this after installing stabilizer Install handlebar The Base Valve adjusts the amount of resistance you feel as you
turn the bars left to right (24 clicks) The High Speed Valve helps absorb large, unexpected hits,
such as hidden tree roots or a pot hole It works even when Base Valve is turned off Side bolts control the distance of damping force (sweep), from the center line out to either side until it releases Scotts recommends to change oil every two years You can buy Scotts stabilizer kit on your model at stuntexshop.ru

13 thoughts on “Демпфер Scotts KTM 1290 Adventure

  1. В таком же комплекте ставил себе на Хаску 701. Распространено заблуждение, что демпфер нужен только против воблинга. Он очень сильно влияет на управляемость и ощущение стабильности мотоцикла, без него уже не захочешь ездить

  2. был штоковый демпфер, был такой же роторный скотс, сейчас стоковый на р1, он идеален👍🏻 не нужно ничего крутить как в случае с первыми двумя, когда ты заезжаешь в город с затянутым демпфером и можешь наеб.уться, на светофоре, так как забыл ослабить.

  3. смотреть ваши обзоры и туториалы как пялиться на витрину дорогого магазина стоя на улице под дождем…греет душу )

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